Martyr Gholam Hossein Adhami

Father’s name: Assadollah

Date of birth: May 5, 1964

Place of birth: Ferdows

Date of martyrdom: November 30, 1981

Place of martyrdom: Bostan

Burial place: Ferdows

Sending unit: Basij

The text of the will of Martyr Gholam Hossein Adhami

غلامحسین ادهمی

This is the life of Al-Mawti and our school, our footsteps and their works, and the whole thing of Ahsinah in Imam
‘s revelation.
Greetings and greetings to the service of Imam Zaman (as) and his rightful deputy, Imam Khomeini, as well as the martyred nation of Iran, and in the hope that the flag of Islam will be raised all over the world. Now that I am joining my beloved and filling him with a heart full of pain, my brothers, I will complain to some of you. My brothers, today is the day of war, it is the day of jihad, and it is obligatory on every Muslim to fight and jihad, but unfortunately some people have forgotten about Islam and do not think about the resurrection and only think of worldly possibilities by selling expensive things and collecting supplies by conspiracy and disorder. , Shouting at the weaknesses of the government and shouting day and night, oil is not oil, it is not gas, it is not gasoline, it is not oil, etc., otherwise we are at war. Yes, I will complain to you that you are accumulating, if some people are poor and hungry, you are having fun, if you have completely forgotten God, there is war and shortage, if you are shouting, I want to, have you ever thought that This action strengthens the stronghold of the hypocrites. O my Creator, now that I am wearing this holy garment and waging jihad for you, I ask you to testify to my success when it is time for me to die so that my body will be crushed. The workers come to see a 17-year-old groom and look for him
My mother, do not cry that your child was in love. Be happy that I will introduce your child to the broken side poison on the day after the resurrection. On the day after the Day of Judgment, I will tell God that I also have a heartbroken parent, so be happy and give your son’s wedding cake. Father of my soul, brothers and sisters, now that my hand has been cut off from the world, I can no longer compensate for all your hardships. I ask God to grant you success and I ask you to walk in the straight path for the rest of your life. Be this infinite blessing and support these compassionate clerics. May God register your name in the office of the parties و Finally, I ask you to shed a sheep in front of my corpse and give its meat to the oppressed. Another thing is that I owe 350 tomans to Mr. Arabi Moallem, please pay it and thank me for my promise. From Mr. Gholami, gas station 19 tomans with 6 liters coupon, then pay thanks.
I tell you, my mother and my dear family, do not grieve for me and do not cry because you know that I have always asked God for testimony and now your son has achieved his dream. Do not cry for him and if you cry you will upset my soul. If you want to cry for Islam, cry for Hussein, because the tension was torn on the day of Ashura, and no matter how much he shouted, no one could hear him. I ask God Almighty for the success, patience and prosperity of all. If Islam will be irrigated by shedding my blood. So come down, O bullets, and split my heart, and pour out my blood like a roaring flood, but only in his way and for him.

Your servant Haj Gholam Hossein Adhami:


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