Martyr Khosrow Taghizadeh

Khosrow Taghizadeh
Khosrow Taghizadeh

Father’s name: Gholam Ali

Date of birth: September 11, 1966

Place of birth: Baghestan

Date of martyrdom: July 30, 1983

Place of martyrdom: Mehran

Burial place:  Baghestan Olya

Sending unit: Basij

Text Will a martyr Khosrow TAGHIZADEH
Name of God
((and Atsmva Bhbl God Jmya and La
Tfrqva)) Hello and greetings to the leader of the revolution, Imam Khomeini Baker hopes of the poor and greetings on the advent of Islam, especially the martyrs, martyrs The Islamic Revolution of Iran and peace be upon you, the heroic and martyred people of Iran, who continue the path of the martyrs.
Now, because God Almighty has put a test for us, the Shiites, and wants to test all the people, especially the youth, so, according to my responsibility, I am eagerly and willingly going to the battlefield so that maybe I can do a small service to my school of Islam and my book, the Qur’an, as well as a small service to the Muslim people of Iran, and I can respond to the cry (I am Nasser Yensrani) Hussein (AS) that I have been waiting for years and the slogan we promised to the martyrs. (Martyrs, I swear by your pure blood, your path continues) and I will prove it by action and make it clear to the cannibals and counter-revolutionaries that we will not stop fighting until the last drop of our blood and I hope that, God willing, we can successfully conquer Karbala and from there Let us go to Palestine and Lebanon and liberate dear Quds from the clutches of Zionism, and God willing, we will hold congregational prayers led by our leader Imam Khomeini.But there are some wills to my esteemed parents who were able to raise me to sacrifice my life for the sake of my Creator.
1- If I become a martyr, God willing, do not cry for me and do not shed any tears, because my soul will be hurt by your crying, and the counter-revolution may also be happy.
2- I ask you not to forget the Imam and pray for the Imam in your prayers.
3- Do not ask for any material help because of my blood, because the blood of a martyr is more valuable than material things.
4- I ask you not to offer condolences to my parents, because condolences are said when someone has lost his life by pity or compulsion, but the martyr chooses his path consciously, and I ask my parents to attend my funeral. To God Almighty and say, God, accept this incredible gift from us.
5- My dear and respected parents, as much as you can, train my brothers and sisters in the way of learning the Qur’an and Islamic rules, so that my brothers who grew up can continue the path of martyrs in the future, and in this way, spare no effort.
6- Dear parents, I am on the front and you are behind the front, you have more responsibility than me, so that you can fight against the revolution with more work and effort and production of agricultural products. My dear father, by producing more wheat, you can save the country from dependence and make a significant contribution to the holy religion of Islam and the oppressed people of Iran, God willing.

Wishing you peace and kindness of God and his blessings dated 04.04.61
Address: Paradise, Upper orchards, date of birth: 1345.

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