Martyr Mohammad Reza MaidanDar

Father’s name: Abolghasem

Date of birth: January 19, 1968

Place of birth: Ferdows

Date of martyrdom: January 30, 1987

Place of martyrdom: Shalamcheh

Burial place: Zehr

Sending unit: Karbala 5

The text of the will of Martyr Mohammad Reza Maidan

محمدرضا میداندار
محمدرضا میداندار

In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful
(And those who were killed in the cause of God should not be deceived, but they should be resurrected under their Lord). (1) And do not think that those who are martyred in the way of God are dead, but are alive and are provided for by their Lord. In the name of the One who created us and gave us the power to express ourselves and the power to learn and be worthy to walk the path of truth, Khomeini the Great and greetings to the patient families of the martyrs, the missing and the disabled and the prisoners of war imposed by Iraq against Iran, whom I hope God will grant them great patience. Greetings to all the precious martyrs who left and when they left, they taught us the line of freedom and liberty, and they lit candles and became the candles of the circle of humanity, and by burning themselves, they learned to burn candles, and they sacrificed butterflies. With the hope that God will bestow this great grace on this humble servant, I will write a few words as a will:
O God, grant us all the success of martyrdom in the way and avoidance of sin and right and pure intention.
God: End my life with martyrdom and say so that my blood will be shed on earth in your way.
God: I am afraid that I may not be worthy of martyrdom and that blood will flow in my veins, which I hate myself.
God: I would like to fight in your way and kill and be killed and stand in front of the enemies of your religion until the last drop of blood that flows in my veins.
God: I am scared to death in bed.
God: At the time when the lightning of mortars and weapons illuminates the battlefield, take care of me with such strength of heart that I will be worthy to watch your beauty and be saved from all captivity with a single cry of God Almighty and meet you.
God: I have sinned so much and disobeyed your command that I am ashamed. Make me one of your forgivers.
God: You gave my life and you will take my life. Put me on the path to never be envious of the moment I die.
God: Release our souls from this heavy body that has trampled us hard in this mortal world, so that we may ascend by a long flight in the sky of your mercy and join your kingdom.
Lord: Now I witness you that I am consciously going to my Mashhad for jihad in your way, in the way of realizing the Islamic Republic all over the world.
God: Make me one of your soldiers, for your army is truly victorious, and place me in your party, for your party (Hezbollah) is always successful.
I thank God that He gave me enough time to know the true Islam and not to die in the silence of ignorance. The Islamic Revolution made me come out of my lock and look around and look at my life from a different perspective.
Yes, Imam did a great job, he woke up the world and reminded humanity. Yes, after 18 years of my life, nothing but martyrdom can quench my thirst. Now that I am on the path from resurrection to martyrdom and I want to follow the path from speech to the Spirit of God, and then to testify, there is nothing but martyrdom of my desire. It is hoped that the young tree of Islam will be watered with the blood of me and my brothers, and then it will sprout and bear fruit for my nation.
I have not done significant service to Islam in my life, I may have served Islam and my dear homeland with my martyrdom. My purpose in coming to the front is only for God and under the leadership of the Imam of the Ummah and the destruction of all aggressors and the full establishment of the rule of Velayat-e-Faqih.

If I become a martyr, O living beings, know that I am not dead, but I will live forever, and it is you hypocrites who are dead and commit any betrayal for a moment of your life. I do not want to die, I am not dead, I will be martyred, I am full of life, my life is eternal paradise, I go to death with open eyes, I see my god on the fronts and I have to go and with my blood the anti-revolutionary conspiracies that he seeks Isolating the forces of the Imam’s line is to neutralize.
Now, after years, I think that the best and most fruitful moments of my life have arrived and I walk towards my beloved with firm and agile steps and I feel that the moments I was looking for have arrived and my God is calling me and I see something in front of me. Which I have been waiting for a while ago and that is the meeting of God.
I am happy that I have consciously chosen this path and Islam, and I know that one day I will be martyred in the path of Islam and the Qur’an, and if, God willing, I meet God, I have reached the happiness that I have been seeking for years. Yes, I am eager for my martyrdom because I feel that by shedding my blood, my consciences are awakened and my hearts are pounding for the sake of the revolution, Islam and the Imam, and this was the way I chose and finished myself, and I hope that my brothers and sisters Continue the path that is the path of Imam Hussein (AS).
As a person from the society who voluntarily and sincerely walked in the way of God and I will rush to him, and with my desire and consent, I came to the battlefield of truth against falsehood and oppression to confront the infidels, anti-Islamists, anti-gods and anti-human beings. Commit to the Islamic Republic and transfer from materialism to spirituality. I will get married here with my own blood and my wedding is the day when I will be in the presence of God Almighty and with the prophets. If by killing me, Islam and the leadership of the Imam and Velayat-e-Faqih are established, then, O swords, and mortars, and cannons, and bombs, and Russian and American rockets, take me and tear me to pieces, and, O Baathist enemy, if you tear me to pieces. My blood cries out (Allah Akbar Khomeini, the leader – (and their killers do not even incite sedition). “2”
My only wish is that the glorious flag of La ilaha illa Allah and Muhammad, the Messenger of God, led by Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) be raised all over the world. (
Insha’Allah ) Hussein is alone today, today Fatima’s son is helpless against the armies of infidels and superpowers, today Karbala of our revolution wants blood and I am going to understand Yazid and the Yazidis of the time that martyrdom is our highest wish, I am going to find Nineveh and maybe I will offer the Ashura of the time of an invaluable gift for the victory of truth over falsehood and Islam over infidelity in the presence of Mulayim Mahdi (pbuh) and join the eternal butterflies of the candle of the province. And I urge all those who are alive in this Islamic world after me to help the Imam and the Ummah in this revolution.
God: Friends left, friends left and everyone left.
God: I ask you to call me to you and ask for it, God willing.
As for Hezbollah:
Accept my message from a land that is reminiscent of the renewal of the history of Islam. Think in the words of the Imam, get to know the East and the West and its internal mercenaries better, lest our bloody Islamic revolution be issued, lest you stray from the path of the Imam and Velayat-e-Faqih, and the path of the Imam is the only way out of the bloody red tulip. You just have to follow the same path that if you are in the line of the Imam, you will be saved. We go to this square under the command of our Supreme Leader, Imam Khomeini (Ruh al-Fadah), to ensure with our blood the eternal victory of the oppressed throughout history. We are going to show the power of Islam to the world by winning (victory or martyrdom) and let those who are beating our clergy today know that we, the youth, have this revolution.

We have not gained cheap, we will not lose cheap. Know that we will stand against you until the last drop of our blood.
Hezbollah ummah, think deeply about the revolution and the way it is going and the martyrs you have given, the leadership you have, the obstacles you have overcome and the goals you have so that you can truly understand this revolution. Think at my grave, because “thinking” is the highest way to reach a destination.
Come to your senses, find yourself and prepare yourself, have an absolute belief in Islam Muhammad (PBUH) in your life, and do not hesitate to spend your life and property in order to revive this belief and to achieve the ideals of this school. ): ((ان الحياه تصیه و جهاد)). Those who do not accept Velayat-e-Faqih, those who insult the martyrs and clerics, those who insult Hezbollah, and finally those whose authority and leader is Shariatmadari, Qomi, so-and-so, come to your senses and think about the martyrs. And be ashamed of the disabled and the wounded and their families, and come to your senses and ask God for forgiveness, so that God may forgive you.
And you, young Iranian Muslim, who have the blessing of freedom, have a long way to go, lest you get tired of the little way you came, look away, where the white eyes of that black child turn everywhere with hope that you From which side of the spring will you bring him the weapon on his shoulder and the book of God in his hand, untie the chains of captivity from his small hands and feet to smell the flowers of the hadith like light butterflies and recite the verses of God and taste the sweet taste of freedom on your lips Feel dry and congratulate you on the existence of such a leader and scholar who is the heir of Adam until Khatam (PBUH).
O youth, do not die in the bed of humiliation that Hussein (AS) was martyred on the battlefield. O youth, lest you die in ignorance that Ali (AS) was martyred in the altar of worship. Do not die indifferently that Ali Akbar Hussein was martyred in the way of Hussein and with the aim.
And as for the honorable families of martyrs and prisoners:
I greet your service and promise you that the closed road to Karbala will soon be opened by the mighty hands of the warriors of Islam and you, the honorable families of the martyrs and prisoners, will visit Aba Abdullah Al-Hussein (AS) and this is the fruit of the blood of your loved ones and the same thing. Which led our martyrs and captives in this way (ie) was the liberation of Karbala, and God willing, with this victory, the ground for the release of our dear captives from the clutches of our Ba’athist strongholds will be provided, and I ask God Almighty to grant you patience and reward.
Dear Basijis:
I instruct all the sincere forces of the Basij that if they have not seen the military training, they should go and be trained and go to the fronts and do not leave the battlefields empty. For God’s sake.
Dear students:
And I instruct my students and my classmates to hold on to the bulwark of science and learn the expertise that comes with commitment. Your front and trench are the same as your classroom and your weapon is your pen, and according to our Imam, one day we will go to war with the Americans with the pens and one day we will turn the machine guns into pens.
A word to my
parents : My parents, brothers and sisters, I am finishing my argument now, although I trust you, but after my martyrdom, only the brothers of the IRGC, the Martyr Foundation and the brothers of Hezbollah can come home or talk to you, lest God forbid the hypocrites and those who are unaware of God write to you and say do not do this and do that. After my martyrdom, you do not have the right to have unreasonable expectations from the Martyr Foundation or any other organ, and you do not have the right to demand anything anywhere as a martyr’s family, because I am for

I have not gone to the front of the world’s property and you will never sell me with the world’s property. So, just ask God and pray that God accepts my testimony and, God willing, unites me with the martyrs.
I urge all parents not to prevent their children from going to the front, mobilizing, praying and other religious ceremonies, and even entertaining your young children with prayers.
Dear father, make me lawful and try to fulfill your Islamic responsibilities with perseverance, patience and forbearance, and remember me with your good prayers as always and forgive me, because I was very annoying and I do not remember that he was a good child for you and a good deed. I did it for you. Father John, raise your head in society and thicken your chest and open your face and be happy and say with your tongue that you have a trust from God and now you have given that trust in the way of God.
O old father, who teaches resistance to the high and soaring mountains, O myth of resistance and courage, know that our enemies are not as zealous and masculine as a white beard. Father Jan, if I get this happiness (martyrdom), help the Imam like Habib Ibn Mazahir. Hardworking and suffering father, do not forget God because you endure the heat with all the hardships and greatness of these calamities, always remember God, we all go to the same place and God willing, eternal paradise will be our place. I know you are tired, you have seen hot, but also know that heaven is paid a high price.
Dear parents, if I become a martyr, you will be a good and great example for other parents. Participate in my funeral like a lion and like a real Hezbollah, and do not show any weakness, and with this act, punch the mouths of the hypocrites, infidels and compromisers hard.
My dear parents, do not hurry when you come to my grave, and before you imagine my grave and my rotten body in front of your eyes, remember my disobedience, how I attacked you due to ignorance, then pray to me that I need you. Your prayers. By your patience to the cordial hypocrites and the external and internal enemies who, according to the Qur’an, “3” Understand that Muhammad went to God with open eyes and conscious vision and was martyred.
Mother of John, my kind mother, accept my greetings, make me lawful, lest you weep in my absence, because I am moving in the direction of my desire, and my movement is divine and the path of God. My mother, you are suffering, you are in pain, you wish your children a happy ending. You asked God to end our destiny well, and God accepted. I swear to God, if I become a martyr, you should thank God that your prayers have been answered. my mother ! Ali Akbar Hussein was killed, the six-month-old Asghar was shot in the throat, the heads of the Imams were speared, Zainab was taken prisoner, Roghayeh was whipped in the corner of the ruin, a string was thrown around Ali (pbuh), Fatima’s side ( Q) They broke, Mohsen was martyred and a lot of blood of our elders was shed. In the face of this greatness and all this blood, this invaluable drop of blood from the body of a sinner like me, what will happen if it is shed, my blood has no value in the face of so much pain, so be patient, mother, I promise, by God’s permission, with Fatemeh Zahra ( Q) You will be gathered, God willing. Persevere and do not boast or object to anything.
Dear parents and brothers and sisters, I would love to be among you, but if I go, do not worry, he wants me to obey, he must go, there will be another opportunity to visit you, you all come to us. Soon your parents and all of you will be reunited with Hazrat Fatima (PBUH), may God give you patience. You are all interceded by God Almighty. Mother John, you were a good mother to me.
My mother and sisters:
I want you to continue the path of Zainab after my martyrdom and be like Zainab. Mother John, death is a wedding for me and this is my heart’s desire. My bride is a martyr and Safir will sing the bullet of our wedding and in a cover of fresh and red blood and

I will embrace the bride of martyrdom in the trenches of lead in the trench. My mother, consider my last day to coincide with my fiancé, and the seventh day to coincide with the bridegroom, and the fortieth day to coincide with my wedding.
As for my dear brothers:
I shake your hands and in these crucial days of war, I entrust you to the One God and I emphasize the connection to the rope of God who is the Imam of the Ummah today. I ask you that if I achieve this great victory, do not leave the Imam and Islam alone, and as you have been on the scene of war and revolution, be from now on, and defend Hezbollah, which is the most sincere force of the Islamic Republic, and the filthy youth. Confront the hypocrites and anti-Islamists. (Good luck, God willing).
O dear sisters, put hijab, chastity and chastity on the plate of your life and always live and fight like Fatima and Zainab. My sister, let us go together, I am looking for the pure soil of Hussein (AS) and you are looking for the pure soil of Zainab (AS), you are like Zainab and I am like Hussein.
God: Support Jund Allah, who swears by Thar Allah and in the army of Ruhollah to defeat Adulullah and establish Hezbollah as the basis for the rule of Baqiyatullah. ( Amen, the omnipotent ).
God: Let a sinful servant like me, a Russian like me, remorseful and distressed like me, reach the great position of the Shiites of your religion for one time, and be part of “4”.
God: This time, turn our victory one hundred percent and bring our line breakers to the final victory and pilgrimage to Karbala.
Mabouda: Leader of our Islamic Revolution, take care of this old Jamaran for longevity, dignity and health.
O God, if it is expedient, forgive our sins and forgive our parents as well, have mercy on them, and forbid the fire of Hell on their bodies, and make the blessings of Paradise obligatory upon them, and provide for my father, a Muhammadan creature, and honor my mother, Zainab, and Provide for both of them great patience and a great reward, and be content with their sinful but remorseful son.
O God, take care of my brothers, longevity, self-respect, breadth of livelihood, and complete faith in the unity of Al-Hasnain, and take care of my sisters and mother to the infallibility of Zahra Athar, infallibility, chastity, dignity, longevity, patience, and great faith.
Now that I am writing my will, I am in one of the strongholds of the line. O God, I swear by this holy place and place of prayer:
O God, our captives are in prison in Baghdad and in the hands of the Baathists. God willing, provide the great prisoner of Islam, Imam Musa Kazem (AS), with the means of their release.
O Merciful God, O shelter of the helpless, O helper of the poor, I seek refuge in You from the oppression of my soul, I have wronged myself and Your servants, and I have disbelieved in You. Take refuge in yourself. (Amen or
Lord of the Worlds) O God of the mystics and O God of the lovers, take care of the success of the duties that You have entrusted to us.
God: With the tears of the orphans and the ruins of Sham and with the displacement of the two innocent Muslim children and the calamities of Karbala and the severed throat of the son of the Prophet, God, I swear by the feet of the oppressed children of Aba Abdullah whenever you forgive this sinful body and soul Earth separator.
I see a world full of pain, so that the good heart of the
world is fulfilled.
God: When I called you, I felt that the measure of my being was filled with your love, I remembered you everywhere, I saw you behind the embankments, there was nothing left to make sure that the measure was undoubtedly filled, it was only you there.

I was not there, I was waiting every second for me to answer whatever I tried was in vain, it did not come to fruition, it was at that moment that I realized that the measure of love is still empty and I have not yet fallen in true love.
God: If you deem it expedient, make us your lovers and give us the pleasure of witnessing in your own way. God willing,
Basijis, your body shows the wounds of Saddam and the perpetrators of global arrogance. It is repeated, what bloody shrouds who will die oppressed under the enemy tanks.
God: It is obvious to me that sooner or later I will come, I do not believe that you will be satisfied if I die desperately on the bed of death. O my God, what a commotion there will be, this time which soil we will pollute with blood and on which ground bloody prostration should be performed.
The smell of Hussein comes from Karbala, the promise of victory and ultimate victory will be obtained from our relentless battle, tomorrow bodies will be laid to rest on the bloody plains of the south and west.
God: The palms speak, the breeze of the desert combs their hair, everything speaks, the earth and time see that we go oppressed but we do not submit to humiliation and humiliation (“My staff is humiliated”). ((And their killers do not even incite sedition)). “5”: This is the Qur’an, we go anonymously, but one day they will hear our cry of silence, O God, I will soon be martyred and I will be separated from the earth forever.
O people, you are the inheritors of the achievements of the revolution, you made the revolution, you gave blood, and now do not give up your life and property, and attack the fronts manfully and travel with the caravans of Karbala and the armies of Muhammad (PBUH) to Aba Abdullah Move, victory be with you. God is pleased with you with self-sacrifice, forgiveness and almsgiving of wealth and life. Never separate from the line of the Imam and the original clergy. Do not be deceived by these so-called revolutionary organizations, the snakes that breed the hands of the United States will eventually humiliate and humiliate and use Islam as a means to an end. Be vigilant, be on the scene and be present regularly, attend political, religious and devotional gatherings.
O brothers of the army, O brave ones, your blood-colored clothes are proof that you must move, never make yourself so happy in the mortal world and its things, you come here, your lovers are shouting, the Basijis are asking for you and you need You have, you should be an example and a model, the holy dress you wore is blessed for you, you can only wear it with blood, try to meet the truth with the same bloody dress.
Brave Basijis, every weapon that falls on the ground demands you to come, come and take me, every body that is covered in blood, its cry is loud to continue my path, remove the veil of ignorance and misguidance, sincerity itself with sincerity and Let go of self-reckoning, let us work for God, consider no one else, be kind to one another, have unity and solidarity, be obedient.
Shout out to your enemies, not to your boss and friends. Be sure to attend political devotional gatherings, attend lectures and mourning ceremonies with a pure heart away from hypocrisy and hypocrisy, and ask God to provide whatever is in your best interest. Let us be the guardians of all human values, not just the guardians of a handful of soil. Continue your education in the fields required by the country, the universities must be taken over by Hezbollah, always remember death, and remember the hereafter, remember death a lot to be safe from sin. Hopefully, God will help us to continue the path of the martyrs, God willing.

I am finishing my wills and I wish all of you legitimacy. Hopefully, you will make this humble servant of God lawful and you will be satisfied with me.
A will to my parents:
Dear parents and brothers and sisters, I am very afraid of the rights of the people and I have a lot of rights.I ask you, if (God willing) I am martyred and if God grants this great victory to this humble servant, I ask you to write a piece of paper and write it in a good place and write that according to the will of Mohammad Reza Maidan, everyone will ask for this humble Or he has something in my hand, let him take it from home and not be ashamed, and it is obligatory for him to do so, because I am very afraid of the rights of the people, and I ask my parents, brothers and sisters to give him something if someone wants it. On my behalf, you should apologize to him and ask him to be lawful for this despicable person, and I ask all the relatives. The right will remain on the neck of this humble servant of God and they will keep us in that world until you are satisfied or receive it.
In conclusion, I ask all my relatives, especially my dear parents, brothers and sisters, and all the friends and acquaintances I have ever met and have had, and I hope that they will be satisfied with me and I beg them to pray.
“1” Al-Imran / 169
“2” Baqarah / 193 and Anfal / 39
“3” Baqarah / 171
“4” events / 10 – 11
“5” Baqarah / 193 and Anfal / 39


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