Martyr Seyed Hassan Mirrazavi

Sayyid Hasan Mirrazavi

 Sayyid Hasan Mirradavi

Father’s name: Seyed Mohammad 

Date of Birth: March 24, 1959 

Birthplace: Ferdows 

Date of Martyrdom: August 7, 1983

Martyrdom Site: Mehran 

Burial Place: Ferdows 

Dispatcher: Karbala 5


Shahid Seyed Hassan Mirrazavi was born on May 1, 1959 in Ferdows. He was educated in the loving lap of his parents and at the same time became familiar with the Islamic teachings of the Qur’an after his childhood and continued his education until the origin of his high school diploma, which suffered from the oppression and corruption of the Taghut regime, started his political activities in 1976 and was among the first revolutionary people in Ferdows. Martyr Sayyid Hasan broadcast leaflets and tapes of Imam Khomeini’s speech to enlighten his people and was present in the ranks of demonstrations and rallies, and was followed several times by the regime’s forces and even imprisoned once after the victory of the glorious Islamic Revolution of Iran with several of his friends, first formed the Urban Defense Committee, after which he gradually became active in the Basij and in Before the start of the Ba’athist regime’s war against Iran, Shahid Sayyid Hassan voluntarily went to Kurdistan for about four months and created epics in Saqqez and its surrounding axis. At the same time as the beginning of the imposed war, which had experience of being in Kurdistan, he fought valiantly in breaking Abadan’s captivity in 1981 and later served with the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). He married in 1981 and then served in the Office of Endowments in Mashhad from January 1983 and, while serving, he did not neglect his main goal of being on the front. He participated in the clearance operations of Kurdistan, Valfajr 3, Kaleh Ghandi, Dehloran and Ilam. Martyr Sayyid Hasan was in command of the Yassin Battalion of the 21st Imam Al-Rida (a) Division. In Operation Valfajr 3 in Mehran city, he went to the battlefield in the most sensitive stage of the battle to conquer the heights of Kaleh Ghandi as always with the forces under his command and successfully completed the operation until he was finally martyred on July 28, 1986 in the operational area of Mehran by enemy mortar shells and his body was lost.

The text of the will of martyred revolutionary guard Sayyed Hassan Mir-Ezavi bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim Islam Alik or Ansar Dinullah… Islam Alik or Ansar Abba Abdullah… Islam Alik or Ansar Khomeini Ruhollah. (Allah, Virgina Lagha Rebna) We are not hiding from the sight of Our Lord, and we have not turned a blind eye to this. We are friends with our friends and we are hostile to our tyrannical hostility. (From the words of Hilal ibn Nafi in response to Imam al-Husayn (a) on the night of Ashura. After greetings and greetings to the rest of Allah, the promised Mahdi (a.s.) and the Knight on his right, the hope of the world’s oppressed and the crushing of the Palace of Jabbaran and the tyrants of Imam Khomeini’s verse of Allah al-‘Azmi In the fashion of Zaleh al-‘Aali and greetings to the holy spirits of the rosy martyrs of the shroud of Islam and greetings to the warriors of Islam and greetings to the combatant clergy, these messengers of our age who deliver the message ofour martyrs and the people They are aware of the evil jeromes and say hello to the nation of martyrs and greetings to you kind parents. Now that I have succeeded again in calling my cardamom Nasser Nasser Nasrani Aba Abdullah al-Hussein (AS) who after 14 centuries from the throat of his son Imam Khomeini in this period of time is long to like the great grandfather. He attacked the Taghutians and the arrogant of the East and West and freed the oppressed of Darband from the clutches of the Jabbarans, and the Islam that had been going on for many years under the hands and feet of perverts and hypocrites and The world’s filth has been emptied of content and leaves only the name of Islam, the Qur’an, and the tradition of the Holy Prophet (pbuh), a new spirit has given his life to the calebdabi and goes on to practice it in the near future near the laws of divine tricks that were once forgotten, and Islam is exported to Jham and transforms a world full of oppression into justice, brotherhood and equality. I wished that one day and the opportunity to be able to serve Islam and the Qur’an, now is the time and with the love and passion I have in my head with The Convoy of Rahian Karbella from the corner of The Desert of Khorasan, I went to the battlefields of the right against falsehood to answer the oppressed voice of our Imam and say: Although I was not in Kirbella to buy on the Yazidis, I succeeded in attacking Saddamian and his bloodthirsty masters in Iran and giving my religion to Islam and the revolution. Inshallah. God, you bear witness that I have no purpose but for you and my purpose except the way that you have shown me by the Holy Prophet (pbuh) and your infallible Imams (a.s.) and I have no love but martyrdom in your way, and my love and hope for you and I have no refuge other than you, even though a servant of my sins weighs on me, but I am not disappointed in my grace and grace. I am sewn up and I hope that this time I will give you the gift you have given me, and our youth should appreciate this great blessing and welcome red death before the black death engulfs them, and whoever regrets this useful transaction knows that it has definitely harmed, since it is necessary for every person to make a will when graduating from this mortal world. Therefore, pay attention to some advices from a brother who is not among you and whose soul observes your actions and actions. 1- Practice God’s piety, stay away from God’s haraam and make him lawful, remember the material and spiritual blessings of the right to transcendence, and appreciate his endless blessings, consider God at all times, observe His actions, and do not sin him before Him, and know that you are a traveler and you are always on your way to Him. (Anna Laleh and Anna Elieh Ravon) ۲- Think of the world and its appearances as much as you can out of your head and put the world just a bridge to the eternal home, think about your hereafter for a moment and see what luggage and baggage for your grave and resurrection, rory that only good deeds are useful to human beings and the whole world, including women and children and children. Property and presidency etc. don’t work. ۳- Pay more attention to the nurturing of the soul than the worthless earthly body, read the Qur’an with meditation because what strengthens the tired soul of man is the verses of the Holy Qur’an. ۴- Do not forget to pray and from the secrets and needs with your Creator and God, because prayer is our relationship between the needy and the needy and the resentment of God, which comforts the beloved and anxious hearts of man.(Ella Mention Allah Ta’men al-Qulub). ۵- Stop the help of Ibrahim at the time of this idol-breaking history, the hope of the oppressed in the world of The Verse of Allah al-‘Azmi Imam Khomeini in the fashion of the conscious and conscious clergy led by that great Imam, and do not take the magnitude of this great blessing of God, which at this time since the time of The Prophet (s) gave us the right to take the booty and listen to His command and execute his prophet-like commands. 6. Be the helper of the revolution and protect its achievements to the extent of the warlords, because this revolution has not come at the expense of us, and until now the blood of tens of thousands of young people, men and women and children has been shed at its feet so that today you can cry out for your right to the world with complete freedom, be vigilant and be vigilant with the guidance of the Imam of the Ummah. And the influential officials of the country thwart the evil plots of the traitors and do not neglect the danger of desmankar for a moment, you who are wearing the holy clothing of the guard have a great responsibility and that is to protect the unjust blood of thousands ofmartyrs and disabled people try to know Islam first and be Muslim and then execute the orders of Islam. 7. Do the work only for God and do not expect to be thanked for this and that. My dear brothers and sisters, do not fear anyone in telling the truth, we should be afraid of indifference and to me, and from the scene of undue misgivings and expediency. However, some people do not like it. 8. My loved ones, our martyrs have not given blood that after the revolution, the same people who can say that they are the scum of the past regime or the revolution are in the process of being infinitive and still have the same bullying and power-seeking, and in low-paid offices or problems, ask prosecutors and judicial authorities to act faster than purge these traitors. 9- Dear parents, teachers who, in the continuation of the bloody line of martyrdom, have conveyed the mission of your blood to us and afterthe martyrdom of your first child (soldier of Imam Zaman) you were waiting for the martyrdom of your second child, while the promised day, the day ofmartyrdom of your second child, I ask you to be ready to move in this line like your companions of Hussein and hot one sighs on your heart. Let the enemy do so by the companions of Husayn (a). Finally, I ask you, my dear fellow citizens, to continue the path of the martyrs and know that our eyes are pinned to your actions and actions, if you neglect tomorrow, you should be accountable, in your prayers, ask God to forgive my sins. Wasalam Ali Man al-Ta’adi Sayyid Hasan Mirrazavi, son of Sayyid Muhammad, Birth Certificate No. 32, born in 1959. 2 Will of Martyr Sayyid Hasan Mir Razavi al-Amin Amenu Vahajro Jahed and Fi Moustache Allah with Mawalam and The High Anfsim of The Degree of And Allah and Olak are also the words of those who believe in their Lord And in order to establish the religion of Allah, they will hijra from their remembrance and fight for the survival and perseverance of the Qur’an with their wealth and their souls in the way of Allah, they have the greatest rank and position with the noble servants, and indeed they are the salvations of the two. Alamand Salam and greetings berto a martyr . You son of Hussein I, a veteran of the path of truth and truth. The blessings of the divine angels on the pure and holy blood and the corpse read the rubble and the head is severed and your body is burned. Dear siblings, take god’s piety and avoid the haraam of God and thank Him for his halal. The spiritual and material blessings of the right to transcendence and appreciate its endless blessings. Do not be faultful before God that He is your observer, take out the thought of the world and his manifestations as much as he can and make the world just a bridge to the eternal home. Pay more attention to the nurturing of the soul than the earth object. read the Qur’an with meaning . Don’t forget about your prayers, secrets, needs, creators and gods, and mention that dhikrs want to comfort the beloved and anxious hearts of human beings. (Ella Allah Ta’min al-Qulub)) Be the helper of the revolution and protect its achievements to the extent of its ability because the hope of the revolution has not come at a cheap price and to rub the blood of tens of thousands of young people and women, men and children in its place, my Guardian brothers, who are wearing the holy clothing of the guard, have a great responsibility and that protection is still the right of thousands of martyrs and solutions. Try to know Islam first and be Muslim and then follow the orders of Islam. And don’t expect to thank and praise this and don’t be afraid of anyone in the way of telling the truth, and finally, when the men of God wait for martyrdom and the last moments of his life, he whispers the verses of the Qur’an with him. After being injured when they want to go to the back of the front for treatment, he says in a crying state, “No, let all the enemy tanks pass over my body because I don’t want to go back empty-handed on this journey, but with the people in his trenches, he was put in an ambulance. They had not yet been a few meters away when the Baathist mortar falls on the ambulance and the body is injured and burns into the fire and achieves its long-standing dream of martyrdom. Because Sayyid Hasan was not worthy of martyrdom and truly caught the reward of years of his day-night efforts and also Beheshti Varja’i his body was torn apart, which was his dream.   His path is cheeky and his name is Javed.

A martyr who achieved his dream at the last moment of his life

Sayyid Hasan Mirradavi

Martyr Sayyid Hasan Mirrazavi always said that God would die me like Heaven, Rajai, and Bahonar, wishing that his body burn like they did when God gave him his wish.

According to The Khavarestan Reporter:Following the introduction of the martyrs of South Khorasan province, this time the East introduces a martyr from Ferdows.

Sayyid Hasan MirRazavi, son of Seyed Mohammad and Khair al-Nassa Ta’ibi, was born on March 23, 1959 in Ferdows. He learned islamic education as a child in a warm and loving skirt of his mother and father

Martyr in childhood and adolescence with quran sessions, resorting to Hazrat Baqiyatallah and mourning sayyid al-Shuhada(AS) was the company of Vamanus.

He had admirable talent and intelligence and was one of the distinguished students of these assemblies.

Like the right-seeking people, Shahid considered sacrifices in the way of religion and the Qur’an necessary and began his political activities against the Pahlavi regime in 1976.

He successfully completed his studies in elementary, middle and high school in his hometown with a diploma in economic sciences.

With the arrival of Shahid Mir-Razvi in high school, the people’s uprising against the monarchy had reached its peak. Like the right-seeking people, he considered it necessary to sacrifice for religion and the Qur’an and began his political activities against the Pahlavi regime in 1976.

After hearing the songs of the struggle and the beginning of the revolution, he joined the ranks of the revolutionaries.

At this time, Seyed Hassan participated in the meetings of Shahid Mehdi Sabouri and attracting young forces, as well as reproducing and distributing imam Khomeini’s leaflets and tapes, preparing card plaques and chanting slogans on the wall.

Following the expansion of these sessions, ideological and political courses were also taught, which led to the prosecution of SAVAK.

He was long wanted by SAVAK for exchanging Dr. Ali Shariati’s books and imam’s treatises between youth and communicating with the clergy, and several times the martyr’s father’s house was searched by regime individuals who, under great pressure, were forced to go to Tabas city many times.Martyrs of Mir-e-Razvi and Ghorbani

Sayyid Hasan, along with martyr Sabouri, his longtime companion, comrades and other fighting brothers, formed the Islamic Revolution and Urban Defense Committee

After the victory of the Islamic Revolution led by Imam Khomeini, along with Shahid Sabouri, his longtime companion, his fellow combatants and other combatant brothers, he formed the Islamic Revolution And Urban Defense Committee and joined this revolutionary institution with the formation of the Revolutionary Guards.

In the Revolutionary Guards, he began to work for Islam, including in the suppression of the counter-revolution and the remnants of the Pahlavi regime.

Martyr Mir-Razvi spent a long time in the city of Saqqez fighting against hypocrite groups

In 1980, before the start of the imposed war and with the onset of the siege of kurdistan cities, Sayyid Hasan Mirrazavi went to Saqqez with a number of friends to fight against the counter-revolution, where they spent a long time fighting against the hypocrite groups.

In Saqqez, the alley-to-alley battles, house by house in the squares and in the hills, watching and martyring the best friends and the currents of Kurdistan were all factors that were destined to prepare him for the greater squares.Shahid Seyed Hassan Mirrazavi

Sayyid Hasan was elected as the commander of the Basij of Ferdows county from 1981 onwards because of his bravery and sacrifices.

Martyr Sayyid Hasan was serving the oppressed mass more actively every day than the previous day and dealt with issues in order to achieve the merits of more sincere martyrdom.

From 1981 onwards, he was elected as the commander of the Basij of Ferdows county because of his bravery and sacrifices, during which time he was deployed several times to the Abadan Front and the southern regions. His passion and purpose led him to send his brother, Sayyid Jawad, to the front through the Basij in 1982.

After a few days, Shaheed himself, along with other commanders, went to the front to see his brother, who realized that his brother had attaeen the grace of martyrdom.

He believed that if you do what you do for Islam, you should only consider the satisfaction of God.

He was a tireless man and the myth of resistance. In any case, he felt that he had to work and function without any expectations and eyes, he would work sincerely in that field and was not satisfied that anyone would know about his activities.

He believed that if you did what you do for Islam, you should only consider the satisfaction of God, and he would be upset that he would sometimes be complimented.

There was no quiet moment, and during his time in the Revolutionary Guards, he became less likely to go home one night, most of the time in the Basij.

The members of the house always wished to have a moment with them, but the same short time he was at home was a teacher for his family and others. He stood firmly against the MKO and had a strong stance on groups, organizations, and associations that opposed the revolution.

This martyr went to the front for the last time in June 1983, and in Operation Valfajr 3 in Mehran city to conquer the heights of Kalleh Ghandi with his forces under his command, he went to the battlefield at night and after passing through the valleys and climbing the peak, he was placed in the heart of the enemy and reached near the summit.

After the clash and the successful completion of the operation, Sayyid Hasan Mir-Azavi and his friends return to the line to rest. At this time, suddenly with the Ba’athist enemy’s patak towards the Forces of Islam, Sayyid Hasan returns to the line with the same fatigue, while he removes the RPG and attacks the enemy.

After a fight, he is injured in the head, one of his fellow warriors puts his head on his knees and tells him that you have to go back to the back for treatment.

Sayed Hassan weeps and says, “No, let all the enemy tanks pass over my body, I don’t want to go empty-handed, but with great insistence his fellow combatants are sent back by ambulance.

It was not far from the scene that enemy mortars targeted the ambulance and burned its wounded body in flames, and on 6/5/1983, he achieved his long-standing dream of waiting for him for years.Shahid Seyed Hassan Mirrazavi

Martyr Sayyid Hasan Mirrazavi always said that God loved me as heaven and rajai and bahonar died and wished that his body burn like they did, which God gave him his wish.

The body of Martyr Sayyid Hasan Mirrazavi was buried in the golzar of the martyrs of Ferdows after his funeral.

Part of the will of Martyr Sayyid Hasan Mirzavi:

Al-Dzin Amnova, Hajarova, and Jahedova, the moustache of Allah, bavalham, and the high anfsim of the rank of ‘Allah and the First, are also the elfaezons of those who have believed in their Lord and for establishing D. Allah will hijra from their remembrance and fight for the survival and perseverance of the Qur’an with their wealth and their souls in the way of Allah, they have the greatest rank and position with God, and indeed they are the salvations of the two worlds.

Greetings and peace be upon you, O martyr. Son of Hussin, a veteran of the right path and truth, the salute of divine angels to the psyche of the holy soul and the corpse in the blood, the severed head, and your burned body.

Dear siblings, please do good lord and avoid the holy shrine of God and make his lawful and thank him and make spiritual and material blessings of the right of teaching and appreciate his endless blessings. Do not sin before God that he is the observer. Take out the thought of the world and its manifestations as much as you can and make the world just a bridge to the Jock’s house. pay more attention to the nurturing of the soul than the earth object of the earth . Recite the Qur’an with meaning. Do not forget your prayers and secrets, and your Creator and God, who mentioned that he wanted to comfort the beloved and anxious hearts of man.” Ella Zakrullah Tetwen al-Qulub”

Be the helper of the revolution and protect its achievements to the fullest extent possible, because the hope of the revolution has not been given to us under the pretext of cheapness and until the home of tens of thousands of young people, men and women and children in the place of the poured brothers of the Revolutionary Guards, you who have put the holy clothing of the Guards, you have a very big responsibility and that is the protection of the blood of thousands of martyrs and soluble. Try to know Islam first and be Muslim and then follow the orders of Islam. Do something for God only. Don’t expect to appreciate this and that and don’t be afraid of anyone in telling the truth.

Finally, when the men of god’s path sit in the expectation of martyrdom and the last moments of his life, he whispers the verses of the Qur’an with him. After being injured when they ask him to go to the back of the front for treatment, he crying, “No, let all the enemy tanks pass over my body because I don’t want to go back empty-handed on this journey, but with his trenches, he falls into an ambulance and the body burns and burns into the fire and achieves his long-held dream of martyrdom.” Because Sayyid Hasan was not worthy of martyrdom, his path was filled with monks and his name was javed.

And salaam Sayyid Hasan Mair Razavi


After the martyrdom of my son, Sayyid Hasan, he had dreamed one night and narrated it and said: “In the world of dreams, I saw that Sayyid Hasan and Sayyid Jawad were riding on a white horse. Bode Wu, each of them was holding a green flag and they were on their way to Khankok-Aliabad, when they reached me, I asked, “Where are you going, Hassan Aqa?” Hasan Aqa said: “We go to the front and this horse and banners have been given to us by Imam Al-Husayn (a). Ali Akbar Gholizadeh: In Operation Valfajr 3 (Liberation of Mehran), his battalion (Syed HassanMir Razavi) was a breakaway line. after the line has been established . his troops were transferred to the line post for rest . and during this time , the enemy patked and again myer brother rezvi brought his troops to the front . He had testified ghusl and wore a new uniform and was injured during the repulsion of the enemy’s patak, considering that a lot of blood had gone from him, he resisted and we put them in an ambulance with great insistence to be transferred to the hospital. After a few moments, the mortar shell hits them and they reach the rank of martyred friend. Ali Akbar Gholizadeh: In one of the attacks that the enemy had made, he failed and was forced to flee. One of the enemy’s vehicles was left behind, but due to heavy enemy fire, no one could go beyond the embez. Sayyid Hasan Mirozoy cold-bloodedly ran all out of the khakeriz incorrectly and drove himself to that car and moved it to this side of the khakhriz. Sayyid Abd Allah Mair Razavi: Before the revolution, Martyr Sayyid Hasan Miar razavi brought home the posters of Imam (a) and made them with Otto in the form of an iPad and sewed them on the shoulders of his clothes and transported them to other cities by the same means. Sayed Abdollah Mair Razavi: Once Syed Hassan Meir Razavi phoned me, I told him: Uncle John your friends are all here, why don’t you come even though 45 days have passed since you left? Hasan said, “Uncle John, I don’t care about others, as long as the region needs me, I’m here, if God wills, I will be a martyr, and if I become a martyr, I’d like my body to burn and melt my ashes.” during the presidency of banisadr , the damned Sayyid Hasan Miro Rezvi had been sent to kurdistan . When I returned, I asked him about the situation in Kurdistan, he said: “Kurdistan is very busy now.Hypocrites and anti-revolutionary groups have infiltrated there and the bureaucrats are there.Unfortunately, Banisadr has ordered us not to give us equipment and weapons, but anyway we are doing our mission even if it is empty-handed. Hassan Rabbani: In 1978, despite the announcement that Imam Khomeini had announced that instead of celebrating the birth of Imam Al-Mahdi (a) for the martyrs of the revolution, mourning ceremonies and mourning ceremonies were held once we were informed that a joint celebration for the birth of Imam Zaman (aj) had been offered in Ferdowsas Islam. We gathered a number of friends, including Patience’s brother and Myer Razavi’s brother, and we were scheduled to decide at a meeting how to deal with the celebration. On the pretext that we want to collect stones for the Mosque of Jawad al-A’imma, we all got into the commotion and headed to the Congress of the Mountain, known as The Cave of Friedon Zal, and we convened a meeting there and decided that a number of these brothers, including Myre Razi’s brother, would attend the celebration and break this parliament by turning off the electricity when the pulpit started addressing this ceremony. Our friends are doing their show and disrupting the Parliament, although then we were arrested by SAVAK and detained for a month. Majid Mesbahi: Syed Hassan Mirozavi was deputy of Yassin Battalion in Mehran Operations. On the first night of the operation, the Yassin Battalion lined up and achieved good success, and since it was to be replaced, they would turn the battalion back. On the other hand, they had put a lot of pressure on the Iraqi line so that General Qalibaf had ordered the Yassin battalion to return to the line. Because the commander of Qasim Heydri’s battalion had become a martyr, Sayyid Hasan alone had taken the battalion to the line. When battalion forces arrived behind the khakriz, they saw iraqi tank tubes on the khakriz. The pitched war with the Iraqis begins. Meanwhile, Sayed Hassan Mirovi was injured and taken to an ambulance to be taken back. When the ambulance moves, iraqi bullets are fired along the way, and Sid Hassan is martyred as half his body burns.

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