Martyr Alireza Saeedzadeh

Alireza Saeedzadeh

 Alireza Saeedzadeh

Father’s name: Habibollah 

Date of Birth: December 1, 1963

Place of Birth: Ferdows 

Date of Martyrdom: May 20, 1986 

Place of Martyrdom: Mehran 

Burial Place: Ferdows 

Dispatcher Unit: 

MobilizationText of Martyrs’ Student Ali Reza Saeedzadeh   Al-Rahman al-Rahim Vla Tahsab al-Dhin Murderova fi Moustache A… Amwata Bell Revival of Andrbahm Yarzaqoon Greetings and Peace be upon our leader Imam Khomeini and the vice-right of the rest of the… Al-‘Azam, the spirits of God, and peace and blessing of God on you, the Ummah of the Party… And the devoted followers of the spirit… Those who have burned the love of God have a word and I will go to my speech so that if my lover agrees to burn and burn me, it will be clear to those who want to go to him. Now that you’re reading this, I may not be anymore, and I’m out of the material state that I’ve had, because there’s no death for a Muslim, and it’s a transformational state, we don’t belong to ourselves, and we’re not created to be comfortable trying, we’re created to be tested, so we have to try to get out of this test. let’s come . Dear Father, hail to you like Abraham sent your son to God’s command and greet you my mother who finally won over your mother’s feelings and sent your child to the battlefield and I am proud of you my mother I was not a good child for you I hope you forgive me, mother I know you wished to dress me someday, but now with martyrdom and honor for me shroud me. I couldn’t see that every day some of my best brothers would be martyred and I would be busy with everyday tasks, so we and you should summarize our whole lives in one sentence and that obedience to the Imam. My dear parents, you should thank God that I became a martyr. In the end, I ask my brother and my classmates to forgive me for their greatness if they have seen me badly, and if they can come to the fronts and not leave the fronts empty, I ask all sisters to be Zaynab Zaman and put chastity at the top of their lives, and at the end, I ask all the people of Ferdows and Islamia to all of this Islamic revolution, this legacy of the blood of the martyrs of Siddiq and Amin. And do not take old jamaran and do not abandon any attempt to entrust this movement by our beloved Imam Mahdi (a.s.). i ask all brothers and comrades for solubility . Alireza Saeedzadeh from Kosar Battalion 17/04/1986

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