Martyr Hossein Ivani

Father’s name: Mohammad Ismail

Date of birth: October 23, 1967

Place of birth: Ferdows

Date of martyrdom: November 10, 1983

Place of martyrdom: Wal-Fajr

Burial place: Ferdows

Sending unit: Basij

biography, diary

Martyr Hossein Ivani was born on 1/8/1346 in Ferdows city and was martyred on 8/29/1362 on the border of Iran and Iraq.

حسین ایوانی

Martyr Hossein Ivani, another heroic man in the field of battle with the Ba’athist enemy, was born on the first of November, 1346 in the city of Ferdows. He was the fourth child in the family and the first son to be happy with the birth of all family members. He was not more than 5 or 6 years old when he stood in prayer with his small and childish body and created beautiful scenes of prayers with the Creator of the universe. Sometimes he went to congregational prayers and was among the worshipers. Therefore, with the familiar prayer and in adolescence, the first time prayer was given special importance. Sometimes his mother would tell him to come to the table for lunch so that the food would not get cold, but he would stand up to pray and say, “Cold food can be heated, but the first prayer is missed.”

He hated absenteeism and always advised to leave absenteeism. He read the Qur’an and advised you to read the Qur’an. “Sometimes you talk about the world, talk about the hereafter,” he said.

It was not obligatory for him to fast yet, but he intended to fast and closed his mouth to eat and drink. He also had an active presence in prayers and supplications, so that he recited the prayers of Kamil and Tawassul and also sang lamentations. Helping the poor and needy was another of his tasks. Sometimes he bought fruit and helped them. All this was provided by his own suffering and function.

He studied until the third year of middle school and during his studies, all his teachers and friends were satisfied with him and did not complain. Sometimes he would bring younger children home and help them with their homework and homework.

He never asked his parents to buy clothes or other necessities of life. Early in the Iraq-Iran war, he dropped out of school and worked in his father’s motorcycle shop. It was always heard that they were gathering through loudspeakers to be sent to the front. When he also registered to be sent to the front, due to his young age, he did not have the conditions to be sent. By any means and in any way possible, he prepared himself to go to the front and at the age of 16 he was eagerly sent to the battlefields of right against wrong.

Martyr Hossein Ivani was finally martyred on 8/29/1362 while performing a bath of martyrdom by the river, as a result of the enemy mortar shells on the Iraqi-Iranian border. great blessing and great memory.

Source: Documents and Publications Office of the General Office of the Martyr and Veterans Affairs Foundation of South Khorasan

The text of the will of Martyr Hossein Ivani

In the name of the Lord of the martyrs and the righteous

And those who were killed in the cause of God
will not be deceived, but will be resurrected with their Lord.

Do not think
that those who are slain in the way of God are dead, but they are alive and they are provided for by their

Greetings and
salutations to the great leader of Islamic Revolution Imam Khomeini heart of ¬ the
nation and greetings to the martyrs of the Islamic Revolution, the martyrs who sacrificed their blood
tree Islamic Revolution in Iran irrigated ¬ have
and greetings to all warriors Front ¬ Of the war of right against wrong and with
many greetings to the martyred people of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Hello dear parents’s service امیدوار I
hope to be worthy of a child for you during these 16 years. And
be satisfied with me. I hope my brothers and sisters and relatives of my friends to have a good solvent
and you kind of parent you ¬ want the trust to the Almighty
And the Almighty has given you 16 years during this period, whenever he asks you to deliver this trust
and you are ready for it, if I have the happiness and merit to become a
martyr, you, my dear parents, will never cry for me. do not, especially you, mom
kind at the top of the tomb, I do not cry and thank God keep you deserve to ¬ you are
a child of God and Islam’s manager as well as
your brothers and sisters and my family for me not to cry and instead Flag Black
asked to check out a house check flag vegetables and even sweets manager like Zyzyra in the way of Allah and the Islamic ¬ you.

And I have an order for you, the martyred nation of Ferdows. First, you should not leave the Imam alone in any way and appreciate this great blessing, and after your prayers, be sure to pray for the Imam
. And another issue is not to forget about the war and
send your children to the fronts as much as you can to implement the dear Islam for you sooner, and if a mother or father
was upset when his child went to the front, remember the mother who gave her four children in the way of
Islam. Be and learn a lesson from that brave and courageous mother, and
do not forget to pray for the warriors of the fronts and perform the Friday prayers as glorious as possible
. And in the prayers of Kamil and Tawassul for the warriors of the fronts, be sure to pray and from you
My fellow sisters, I want you to keep your hijab and definitely fight behind the battlefields so that dear Islam will achieve the final victory sooner. In the hope of the victory of truth over falsehood and the continuation of the Islamic Republic under the shadow of the Mahdi (pbuh) led by Imam Khomeini until the advent of the Guardian of the Age of Redemption.

   God, God, keep Mehdi Khomeini until the revolution, war of war
until victory, war of war until victory



حسین ایوانی



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