Martyr Mohammad Kaloukh Hosseinpour

Father’s name: Hassan

Date of birth: June 26, 1965

Place of birth: Badamook

Date of martyrdom: April 18, 1983

Place of martyrdom: Fakka

Place of burial: Badamouk

Sending unit: Basij

Mohammad Klokh Hosseinpour

The text of the will of martyr Mohammad Klokh Hosseinpour

Our Lord, bless us with patience and record our actions and help us on the infidel people.
Greetings to the Imam of the Age (pbuh) and his rightful successor Khomeini the Great, and greetings to the martyrs of the beginning of Islam to the martyrs of Karbala in Iran.
Now that I am wearing boots and going to the front of truth against falsehood, I thank God that he succeeded in this humble servant of me to participate in this jihad for the sake of God. And I go to the front not only for the conquest of the country, but also for the sake of His pleasure (God) and in His remembrance, because I mean His soul and my goal and my love is martyrdom. I am leaving because God says: I will win and prove my action. And I call on the people of Hezbollah to support Velayat-e-Faqih and not let these hypocrites harm Velayat-e-Faqih, because it was Velayat-e-Faqih who woke the people from their slumber and saved them from the power of oppressors and tyrants, and you People should always be aware on the scene that if we fight the enemies of Islam on the front, you have a much bigger job than us, and that is to identify these hypocrites and not be fooled by those who are ignorant of God. And I advise the students to keep the school stronghold well, and my testament to my family is that if I get martyrdom, I ask you, mother, to be as steadfast as a mountain. Zainab, carry the burden of calamity and call and convey the mission of the martyrs to every dormitory and barracks. And I ask you, kind father, to walk steadily and steadfastly, do not think that the martyrs are dead, that the martyr is a witness and is an eternal witness to oppression, and I ask my sisters to be patient, and I hope that they are all in the line of Islam. And follow Velayat-e-Faqih and I ask you not to cry in my martyrdom, which is a sign of weakness and weakness of you and make the enemy happy. Rejoice that I am married to the beautiful bride of martyrdom and I have achieved my long-held dream and I hope that God will accept this sacrifice from our family. And I ask you that my testimony does not create any obstacle in your way, but makes you more resilient and steadfast in the way of your goal. And I ask my parents to bury my body wherever they see fit. I ask you not to forget to pray for the Imam and always have this motto:
“God, God, keep Mehdi Khomeini until the revolution

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