Martyr Mohammad Reza Zein Al-Abedinzadeh

Father’s name: Gholam Hossein

Date of birth: July 14, 1965

Place of birth: Ferdows

Date of martyrdom:  April 13, 1983

Place of martyrdom: Fakka

Burial place: Ferdows

Sending unit: Basij

Text of the will of Mohammad Reza Zein Al-Abedinzadeh

We are the children of monotheism and we have no fear of martyrdom
. Emma: I swear by the blood of the martyrs of Paradise that I will not die as long as I live in my body.
Imam: By the blood of your God, I swear that I will always be your friend and supporter, because your help is the help of Islam and the Muslims of the world.
Help me to fulfill this great responsibility that I have to fight the infidels as befits your position.
God willing: I thank you for giving me such power that I can do something obligatory. God, I am going to the front of truth against falsehood. In order to sell my life, I hope that you will be the buyer of my life and no one else.
Repeat the slogans of death to America and death to Israel in my funeral. . I ask you, the nation of martyrs, that if my funeral was on Friday, you should offer a complete prayer and recourse over my grave on Friday night.
But the message I have for my family is not to cry for my martyrdom because they will be happy with their cry against the revolution. Be proud, O mother and father, that you had such a child with your powerful arms who was sacrificed for Islam, and the other request I have from my other three brothers, make me lawful first. Second, one piece of advice from your little brother is to empty the front. Do not let it go because it is an honor to go to the front. As I say, Hussein Hussein is our motto. My dear teachers, if you have upset them from time to time, make me lawful, and if someone asks me for money, ask my family, and the other message I have to the martyred nation of Iran is to maintain unity and the fronts. Do not leave empty. And I no longer have a cross

Mohammad Reza Zein Al-
Abedinzadeh 10/20/1361

Memoirs: Quoted from Tashahda website

The first memory One
day, Mohammad Reza went to the desert to fetch firewood. He brings the rest of the contents of the tablecloth, which may belong to someone but no owner can be found for him, and his friends tell him that the tablecloth came from somewhere else.

Narrator: Poor Shahrbanoo

The second memory was that
one day I was not in the hall of the house, it was evening and the sun did not shine inside the hall. The light disappeared.

Narrator: Poor Shahrbanoo

Third memory
Mohammad Reza was initially missing for about ten years, everyone was saying something, but what is more confirmed is that they were advancing during Operation Valfajr 1, and a number of children saw him being shot in the leg, and By tying Putin, he closes the wound. His comrades tell him to come back, but he does not return and says that Islam needs blood. He gets weak in it and shouts that some people think that his body will be moved back. Others say that his body is left, but what is certain is that after they were injured, he will be martyred there, even his body, which later For nine years, we saw his boots, as they had said, we saw him and we said to ourselves, he’s the same soul who is wounded, he will go back because he will not be captured by the Iraqi forces, and he will be martyred.

Narrator: Poor Shahrbanoo

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