Martyr Gholamreza Khorshidi

Father’s name: Mohammad Hassan

Date of birth: November 24, 1946

Place of birth: Ferdows

Date of martyrdom: February 26, 1992

Place of martyrdom: Isfahan

Burial place: Mashhad

Deployment unit: Army – Pilot Brigadier General

biography, diary

Martyr Gholamreza Khorshidi was born in 1325 in Ferdows city of Mashhad in a religious family and was the first child of the family and his parents are very good people. He visited Karbala twice as a child .

 He joined the Air Force in 1346. He went to the United States twice to pilot and was an F14 pilot . He was a very, very kind father and a selfless and selfless man.

The whole service was looking for work and flying.

Reza Mig Zan was nicknamed because their plane was a fighter. He flew across the border all night during the war, and because I myself was in the Air Force, I knew that he had a special flight.

He had sacrificed himself a lot. He does not eat with us at all. My mother tells him that Ababil is a bird that breathes and does not eat and lives.

He was a rare member of the Colonel Pilots who was very, very down to earth and kind. All the commanders, clerics, non-commissioned officers, and base workers loved him.

Air Force personnel still see me crying heartily and say that the solar martyr was an example of a human being .

In the last three years of the war, the F14 support commander was on the front. At the Bushehr base, the entire war commission was in the area with Shahid Babaei. Solar, you also have a share in his self-sacrifice before God Almighty, and now I see that they were right .

 In his absence, I now have three exemplary children in Firoozeh Palace. My daughter is exemplary in Shahid Beheshti Elementary School.

He was not sitting at a desk. Whenever he was given a car to go to work, he would hand it over to the office and walk all the way .

 A hard-working war pilot and a dedicated and hard-working staff, he was the commander of the Holy Defense Week in Isfahan all these years. From the first day of the war until the day of his martyrdom, he was a pilot who was loved not only by the Air Force but also by the IRGC .

All his friends told me that it was a pity that he did not become a martyr and that he would die elsewhere.

From the memories of the martyr, one day when he came from the flight, he saw a fire on the ground under the plane and a mouse tied to the bottom of the plane, and he immediately threw himself on the fire and extinguished the fire. All the new pieces that were installed on the plane. He was also the pilot of the aircraft test. The aircraft was newly repaired and the new part was closed. Isfahan fell and reached the level of martyrdom. May his soul be happy .

On the morning of the 7th of Esfadan, he made a test flight and then took off with another plane  . It was late and his umbrella would not open and he would fall to the ground.

Gholamreza Khorshidi was restless on the night of his martyrdom.

Martyr Khorshidi was with Babaei and did not fall for a moment of activity and activity.

According to  the Khaverestan reporter , following the introduction of the martyrs of South Khorasan province, this time Khaverestan , a martyr from

Gholamreza Khorshidi
Gholamreza Khorshidi

Introduces the pilot martyrs of the province.

Gholamreza Khorshidi, the son of Mohammad Hassan, was born in Ferdows in 1325. He had a special interest in the family of Esmat Taharat. , All of whose members were teenagers, took action and every Friday night held a lamentation ceremony in memory of the 18-year-old teenager of Imam Hussein (AS), and then in 1343, he succeeded in obtaining a diploma.

Passing specialized pilot courses in the United States

Participated in the Air Force officer entrance exam and succeeded in passing various specialized courses of this force in Iran and the United States.

Quoted from his friend: When I saw him abroad, he was in the same condition as in the first days I met him in Iran, and this martyr was in the United States for a few months. They realized that he was different from other children, and he organized parties for feasts and mourning ceremonies.

At the age of 25, Gholamreza Khorshidi married Ms. Aqdas Ranjbarkobutrkhani, and as a result of eighteen years of living together, they have three children named Arash, Ali and Setareh.

The busiest flight crew / was always the first to volunteer to do the job

According to his friends, he was one of the busiest flight attendants, and most of the time he was at work and rarely found at home, he had no desire but to save the country from foreigners.

With the start of the imposed war, he was one of the first flight crews to equip his plane with a mission and go to the western region and other required places and stay on the plane for about 9 hours, which was unprecedented until then and he was always the first to He volunteered to do the work and said: Count on me as many as three people.

Among Gholamreza’s activities, we can mention Flying Master, the mayor of Isfahan Air Zone, in charge of procurement, support and operations of Flight 14 in Bushehr, and performing the last stage of checking aircraft devices in flight mode.

He was sent to Hajj for his services and activities

He was sent to Hajj for his services and activities, and when he returned, he was still hardworking, and the martyr’s son said of his father’s courage: “My father’s friends said, ‘ “Fear did not speak, he joked about their mood in that situation, and sometimes, to do better, he would open his belt and look back.”

Major General Babaei: “I am relieved that despite the sun, we will not have a problem.”

According to Colonel Bagheri; “While he was in the Shahid Babaei air zone in Isfahan, the commander of Commander Atai’s base liked him very much, and whenever there was a problem, he immediately called the martyr and said: Do it yourself as you see fit. , Martyr Khorshidi immediately got dressed and followed the problem and did not sleep or eat until he did, and in the missions we went to, Martyr Major General Babaei first instructed Martyr Khorshidi to go to the mission site and solve all the problems. “I’m relieved that despite the sun, we will not have a problem,” he said.

Colonel Bagheri says about the manner of Gholamreza’s martyrdom: “In the operations in my area, we were Shahid Khorshidi, Colonel Tahmasebi and Colonel Mardani. And then I eat, in short, at our insistence, he came and sat down and ate two or three bites and got up.

Everyone was walking, we said sit down, what are you in a hurry? We still have time and it is a lot of time until 8 o’clock and you can have breakfast and bring extra time, Shahid Khorshidi did not fall out of activity for a moment, on this day he may have been indoctrinated or Hatef Ghaibi may have been with him. He had said that today is the day when you will say goodbye to the earthly world and fly to the highest kingdom, it was on that day that the solar martyr was restless and everything we said: What happened today? what’s up? He said: I do not know, but I think I have a different feeling and also that day he did not accept someone else to fly in his place.

He said to me: I will go and come back and come and sit and talk about the work we are doing. When he left, he said goodbye to the children. One of the children was saying goodbye, taking off his umbrella and helmet to turn on the plane for flight. Maybe about an hour after the flight, the emergency siren sounded and we were worried, and the children ran to the phone from the watchtower. “Ask the cause of the siren, which unfortunately informed that Shahid Khorshidi’s plane was training and preparing for the meeting, which had a technical defect and crashed.”

This incident took place on March 28, 1991 in the operational area of ​​Isfahan and his body was buried in the holy shrine of Imam Reza (AS).

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