Martyr Wali Allah Tajalli

Father’s name: Rajabali

Date of birth: March 22, 1967

Place of birth: Bidskan

Date of martyrdom: August 17, 1983

Place of martyrdom: Mehran

Burial place: Bidskan

Sending unit: Basij

The text of the will of the martyr Wali Allah Tajli

Name of God
((Lord Afrgh Lyna Aqdamna and Ansrna Sabra and recorded on Alqvm
Alkafryn)) << Lord to give us patience and endurance and help us to defeat those employed >>
Greetings to Leader And the health of the warriors of Islam and the destruction of Saddam’s universal infidelity and the opening of the road to Karbala, and greetings to our dear parents. I write a few words in the name of God:
Dear and kind mother, accept my greetings and make me lawful so that you do not cry in my absence. Mother, be proud that your child has reached this great position in the way of God, and I am also proud that I was raised in the arms of such a mother and achieved a high position in the way of God, and this news should make you happy like the day I was born. To blind the eyes of the enemies of Islam, the Qur’an, the Imam, the clergy and the heroic ummah, but dear father, I hope that you will allow me and forgive me and defend the Islamic Revolution with perseverance and patience, lest you lose your spirit and defeat the enemies of Islam. Rejoice and defend Islam and the clergy as much as you can, lest you shed tears for me because it upsets me.
O God, grant me martyrdom in your way and place me in the ranks of the martyrs of Islam and make us one of your sincere servants and believers in the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and one of the Shiites of the province of Imam Ali (AS) and one of the obedient guardians of the Mahdi A) and appoint a dear Khomeini as his deputy.
God: I ask you to liberate me from all friendships and love and affection except your friendship and love and affection and from all attachments except self-dependence in the moment when death comes to me, and now, dear Imam, I know that the deputy of the Imam of the Age and his son You are the holy Hussein (AS) and I know that you called for Islam (I am Nasser Yensrani) and I responded to the heavenly call and I am ready to sacrifice my last drop of blood to revive Islam.I ask you, dear Imam, to be my intercessor on the Day of Judgment and ask God Almighty for forgiveness for me, because we were sinners and ignorant in the past, and it was you who breathed new life into us from Islam, and now, dear parents and sister. And brothers, and friends and acquaintances, I hope that whatever evil and resentment you have seen in me, forgive me for your greatness and goodness, and allow me this humble and small servant, and pray for my forgiveness. I entrust all of them to God and wish you a peaceful life. I ask God Almighty to provide you with patience and I ask you to bury me next to two other martyrs (La ilaha illa Allah, Muhammad Rasoolullah, Ali Wali Allah) I hope you will forgive me.

Why God manifest

The will of the humble servant, but God is the manifestation of the
child – Rajab Ali, ID number 219,
date of birth 1346, place of issuance of Bidskan, 24/8/1361

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