Martyr Mohammad Akbar Raftari

Father’s name: Rajabali

Date of birth: December 11, 1966

Place of birth : Borun

Date of martyrdom: January 11, 1987

Place of martyrdom: Shalamcheh

Burial place : Borun

Sending unit: Karbala 5 mobilization

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The text of the will of the student of Martyr Mohammad Akbar Raftari

Mohammad Akbar Raftari

in the name of God

While greeting the presence of Vali-e-Asr (AS) and his rightful deputy Imam Khomeini and his spirit, sacrifice and peace be upon the rosy shroud martyrs of Islam from Imam Ali (AS) to Imam Hussein (AS) and from Imam Hussein (AS) to Martyr Beheshti and Bahonar and the martyrs of the altar and their loved ones up to the martyrs of Karbala 1 and 22 operations.

Once upon a time, Muslims in the Islamic world, this is the will of this despicable man and other martyrs of Islam to you, this is the saying of Imam Khomeini, who said: “War is war, until sedition is eliminated in the world,” strengthen the fronts as much as possible. You are trying to achieve that God is with those who strive.

I once advise you that what you always chant is the slogan of victory, but try to put it into practice and prove that you adhere to that slogan and help the religion of God as much as you can. God is with you.

O Muslims, especially those who know this humble servant, and above all, my family.

I will never be separated from the original clergy and followers of the Imam’s line, because our separation is the same as our destruction. The experience of 8 years of fighting of the Islamic forces in the Islamic Revolution has proved this fact.

Vigilant people, never abandon Friday prayers and congregational prayers, which are the strong support of the revolution of these congregations, which are composed of righteous and God-seeking people, and never forget who we were before these eight years and what we have become now. In the shadow of the prophetic leadership of the Imam of the Nation and the efforts of other officials and the help of God Almighty, nothing else has been done.

“While I am writing this testament, many people who seek God are ahead of them and, far from any hypocrisy, think only of God and only think of the progress of Islam and Muslims.”

In short, as you all know, the saplings of the revolution were planted by a great man like Khomeini the Great in 1342, and it was achieved in 1357, and overthrew the 2,500-year-old imperial system that founded this flood, terrifying the global arrogance and He thought of a way to control it, which, with the help of the great God, was thwarted one after another.

The last stage was the creation of an imposed war by mercenaries like Saddam and the dirty Baath party in Iraq, so that they might be able to make the revolutionary people and the fighters of Islam forget God.

But this time, they were stoned and I hope that in this operation, all the elements of the Ba’athist regime in Iraq will be understood and the final victory will go to the martyred people of Iran. God willing.

As for you, dear parents and dear brothers and sisters, according to the faith I have in you, I am sure that if God grants martyrdom to this sinful servant, your revolutionary spirit will increase.

Do not cry as much as you can, and if your heart burns, remember the martyrs of Karbala.

My dear father, I apologize to you because you have worked so hard for me, God willing, forgive me.

My mother, do not cry and pretend that your child was martyred in the way of Islam and on the Day of Judgment you will be white in front of Hazrat Zahra (PBUH).

Let my brothers and sisters make me lawful and forgive me if I hurt them.

I apologize to all the relatives and residents of the village of Borun who were somehow disrespected by me, and I hope that they will make me lawful.

Bury my body in the village of Borun and next to the other martyrs .

Walsalam, Mohammad Akbar Behavior; 1- 10- 1365 Date of birth: 1345

  Quoted from Ferdows News

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