Martyr Ramazan Hajari

Father’s name: Abbas Ali

Date of birth: March 21, 1961

Place of birth: Anarestanak

Date of martyrdom: March 22, 1982

Place of martyrdom: Shush

Burial place: Anarestanak

Deployment unit: Army-Soldier

The text of the will of Martyr Ramadan Hajari

(Name of God) wills greetings to the leader of the Islamic revolution, Ayatollah Khomeini, free lessons taught to this nation and say hello to the Islamic warriors who fight against imperialism East and West and the defense of their land and peace To the people of Iran who, with their unwavering support, support the fighting forces. Father John, I hope you are well and well, and if you have seen any sorrows in the last few years because of me, you should forgive me very much and I wish you a successful life, and I hope that my killing does not make you sad and that you can be by your side. Let each other, as in the past, have a happy life.

Mother John, the sorrow and suffering that you have endured and harassed me for so many years, and I did not listen to your words, you must forgive me very much, and I hope that my killing will not harm your life, and I swear to God, I swear. I had no desire for life, and the mother of a man’s once to die, whether now or in a few years, so it’s not different for me to die, it’s to die for a few more years, and I hope you do not grieve.
Brother Jan Mohammad Ali, I did not listen to your words, but alas, I did not understand, and you have been upset with me for several years, and I apologize a lot, and you must forgive my evils to your greatness, and I hope you can be with Zahra, the daughter of uncle and Hussein. Mr. Better than my life, I wish you a good life together and a warm greeting that comes from the depths of my heart.
Greet all the relatives, Uncle Ali Akbar and Qasim, their cousins, and Morteza and Mohammad Reza and their neighbors and cousins.
I greet the family of Mr. Abbas Ali, Mohammad Hussein and Gholam Hossein and the real gentlemen Gholam Hassan and Mohammad Hussein with their families.
Serving all the friends of Mr. Bazrafshan Gholamreza, Mehrparvar son of Aziz Ali Fekri and Abbas and Hossein Gholami and Hassan and Mohammad Ali and Messrs. Issa Borzoo, Morteza Azmoudeh Abbasi, Mohammad Abiri, Ebrahim Abiri and Mohammad Reza Azmoudeh and Hossein Modiri, Mohammad Ali Mohammadi, Gholam Hossein ?? ? I send a special greeting.
Brother John Yahya, I hope you forgive my evils to your greatness, and at that time when I did not listen to your words and now I regret it and you were upset with me, you should forgive a lot and the warm greeting that comes from the depths of my heart, I offer my life for you.
Brother Jan Mohammad Ali, I consider it obligatory on you to receive and encourage Baba and No and these few months left by Yahya’s army, and to encourage them.
Finally, I would like to greet my dear parents and brothers, Mohammad Ali, Ibrahim and Yahya, and especially Hussein, better than Janam and Zahra, my cousin.

Signed in the hope of the victory of Ramadan Hajri

Della was born this mortal realm into millet is not worth not worth the bother going
if you live a hundred years in the world of wine drinking is not worth a moment of bitter agony

I stay away from the Flower Garden What I write I am weak Moore’s mother what I write to
you, not passers me cry but you do not cry for me dissidents
in exile if his death and when his body is who I shrouded my grave
coffin beside me. let the wind take me long at home, the smell of my
mother’s blessed thee from the time I came to the center turn my head
I was recently involved in grass-mud pond suddenly collapsed wing death I
in time Let my friends and brothers read this poem over my grave.
Parents, brothers, friends and comrades, I hope that my death has made me able to serve Islam and my homeland, otherwise this death is nothing like suicide.
During these few months of the war, I went to the front with great enthusiasm, and because it was my small task, I hope that the next generation will be able to export the Islamic Republic to all countries and cut off the hands of the colonizers from the oppressed countries.
And God willing, the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran will cut off the hands of all criminals in the East and the West, especially American imperialism, the Soviet Union and the hypocrites, and Saddam, the mercenary, must know that we will defend our beloved homeland and our Islamic Republic. And in Saddam’s raw imagination, he calls the Iranian army a weak and broken army, and in the hope of the day when, all over the world, under the leadership of the Islamic Republic of Iran, under the leadership of the Supreme Leader, justice and the Islamic Republic will be established.

In the hope of the victory of the oppressed over the arrogant and the infidel Islam

رمضان هاجری

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