Martyr Mohammad Parsa

Brother of martyrs Abdul Ali and Abdul Razzaq Parsa

Father’s name: Ali Akbar

Date of birth:September 6, 1953

Place of birth: Iranshahr

Date of martyrdom: February 11, 1982

Place of martyrdom: Chezabeh

Burial place: Ferdows

Sending unit: IRGC Commander of the IRGC


Biography of Martyr Mohammad Parsa

Mohammad was born on the 15th of September 1332 in the holy city of Mashhad. He was still a child who immigrated to Iranshahr due to his father’s mission and went to school in this city. He returned to Mashhad in the first year of high school after his father’s death; Although the family was under financial pressure, God’s grace and hope for His blessings gave him hope.
In the fourth year of high school, Mohammad started his political activity against the Pahlavi tyranny. In 1350, he received his diploma and went to Tehran to participate in entrance exam classes. In 1351, he was accepted to Tehran University to study economics.
Parsa expanded its activities at the university. In 1976, he received his bachelor’s degree and went to Isfahan to serve in the military for a six-month training period, where he was called to SAVAK due to his friendship with a member of the Mansourun group; But because he was the third person out of 700 trained undergraduates, he himself chose the city of Mashhad to continue his service and SAVAK postponed the interrogation. But he was not given the rank of second lieutenant, and after a year and a half of service, he was awarded this rank.
After the victory of the Revolution, he first worked in the Imam Khomeini Committee of Ferdows and then in the Revolutionary Guards and took command of the Ferdows Corps.
Parsa was appointed as the prosecutor’s representative after the arrival of Hojjatoleslam Ferdowsi in the city and the formation of the Islamic Revolutionary Tribunal, and was elected as the representative during the city council elections.
Shortly afterwards, he returned to Mashhad and continued his activities in the IRGC’s intelligence unit in District 4. He had a strange desire to be on the battlefield, and finally, with great insistence, he stepped on the battlefield, and on his first deployment, Homay Saadat sat on his shoulder.
Parsa received his sincere service from God on the 29th of Bahman, 1981, in Chezabeh, and at the age of 28, he became a martyr.
Muhammad’s two other brothers were martyred during the war years in defense of the homeland.A true dream

When he heard that his brother Abdul Razzaq had been martyred, he welcomed this divine gift with great courage and perseverance.
Some time has passed since this incident. One day he said: I dreamed that white doves were sitting on the roof of the house. He explained this heavenly dream to Hojjatoleslam Hakimi and he interpreted that a lot of good will come to your family, a lot of good will come to the pious family. After Abdul Razzaq, Muhammad and his other brother also flew, and all three settled near the Divine Mercy.
The martyrdom of Muhammad and his brothers, although good, was a heavy burden on us.

Narrator: Martyr’s wife

Will of the rebellious servant of God Mohammad Parsa, son of Ali Akbar

In the name of the Lord of the witnesses and the truthful
, the death from which you flee will meet you, and you will be brought back to the world of the unseen and the witnessed.
It is not more than three days since I entered the war zone and I have not yet written a will. Every day the sound of mortars and explosions of cannons and the roar of machine guns, which are the messengers of death and martyrdom, reminds me that death is near and you have not yet written a will. Today evening, an inner motivation made me stand up and make a will. I was thinking that while performing ablutions for Maghrib and Isha prayers, my brother Saburi, the commander of our battalion, announced that the enemy was going to attack tonight. I thought now was the time to make a will. I thought I had a lot to say to the survivors and those who have not yet taken this glorious path, but I see that I have already said something to say to the people, and certainly my voice resonates in their corners.
I ask God to forgive my sinful rebellious sinners and not to deprive me of His boundless sea of ​​grace and mercy. I am very grateful for the compassionate and tireless efforts of my mother, this brave lioness, who is like a mountain and the martyrdom of my brother Reza could not shake her, and I ask her to be patient with my martyrdom and advise others to be patient. I really apologize to them for the hardships I have inflicted on them and I assure them that I will keep my promise as they asked me to say goodbye. I promise that if I reach the great grace of martyrdom that has always been my desire, I will not forget my covenant with God in the sight of God, what is the divine destiny.
I also ask for forgiveness from my wife and I hope that just as the candle of her existence warmed my life and used the utmost self-sacrifice in my life, with the zeal of patience that I know in her, the movement and continuation of the Islamic Revolution led by the great Imam Let the revolution be the soul and purpose of Imam Khomeini. May he forgive me for my mistakes and slips and be pleased with me. From my dear sister and good brothers and other relatives and all the people who know me, I hereby ask forgiveness for the slips and mistakes they have seen from me. انشاءا…!
As I said in the tomb of my martyr brother, if we enter the paradise of God’s blessings through jihad, they will open the way to enter the paradise of God through patience. In relation to the property I have, my wife will act in any way she deems appropriate, and in terms of her dowry, she can provide the property I have as much as she owes me.
I greet my dear brothers in the Pasdaran, whom I have been serving for some time, and I advise them to appreciate this sacred garment that they are wearing and to try to become more and more qualified to fulfill the right of this garment. More than before, they should strive to acquire moral and human virtues and raise their Islamic and scholastic insights, and not let the less intelligent and ignorant elements create gaps, divisions and divisions among them. From the Basij brothers,

I also demand that these blessed souls of God and the revolution, who devoted their time to the survival of the revolution without any wages and sacrifices, never leave the IRGC and consider themselves soldiers of the Imam of the Age and the Revolutionary Guards as their commanders.

The IRGC will not do anything without mobilization and mobilization without the IRGC. I also say goodbye to the other dear brothers of the military and law enforcement forces of Ferdows police and gendarmerie, who have been guarding and defending the revolution side by side for some time, and I advise them not to separate from the revolutionary forces of the IRGC and Basij and to train them. Let them know the true Islamic ideology and their school of thought, and reciprocally teach them their military experiences, that today our most vital issue is the one spirit that has been seen in the body of the Muslim ummah, and it is the spirit of God that has revived the Islamic world. It should not be separated from the nation and other popular forces.
In conclusion, I call on all the loved ones to serve Islam and the Islamic Revolution as much as possible, and I advise all the lovers of the revolution and the pure lovers of God to know the value of their martyrs and not to forget the families of the martyrs. Therefore, in order to revive the memory of the dear martyrs of Ferdows region, I expect that photos of all the martyrs will be brought to my funeral. In the hope that we will crush the last survivors of the infidel enemy.
And we have succeeded now against you and against you, and you are not around and you are not strong except with the Almighty.

And peace be upon you and your mercy and blessings.

Mohammad Parsa


محمد پارسا
محمد پارسا

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