Martyrs of Ferdows

Martyr Abolfazl Gholizadeh

Father’s name:  Kazem Date of birth: August 7, 1967 Place of birth:  Fathabad Date of martyrdom: November 8, 2010 Place of martyrdom:  Najaf Ashraf due to terrorist attack Burial place: Fathabad Sending unit:  Pilgrimage trip The martyr was born on the 16th of Mordad, forty-six in Ferdows, and because they were very interested in Hazrat Abolfazl (AS), they named him Abolfazl. Abolfazl …

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Martyr Seyyed Ibrahim Moeini

Father’s name: Hossein Date of birth: January 11, 1956 Place of birth: Mahvid Date of martyrdom: October 13, 2004 Place of martyrdom: – Sistan and Baluchestan Nikshahr – 17 km from Chan Chan to Kahir Burial place: Mashhad Behesht Reza Sending unit: police force

Martyr Alireza Mohebbi

Father’s name: Abdul Wahhab Date of birth: January 2, 1967 Place of birth: Ferdows Date of martyrdom: January 24, 2000 Place of martyrdom: Yazd-Kerman axis Burial place: Ferdows Sending unit: police force Biography of Martyr Alireza Mohebbi Major Martyr Alireza Mohebbi was born on the twelfth of December, 1345, coinciding with the night of the twenty-third of the holy month of Ramadan. His family …

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Martyr Ahmad Sharafi AbolKhazen

Father’s name: Imam Qoli Date of birth: July 16, 1932 Place of birth: Abolkhazen Date of martyrdom: December 8, 1996 Place of testimony: Hospital Burial place: Ferdows Dispatch unit: Jihad chemical veteran About the martyr Ahmad Sharafi was born on the 25th of July, 1311 in Bajestan section of Gonabad city in a weak and religious family. Due to his family’s lack of …

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Martyr Mohammad Hossein Mohebbi Baghestan

Father’s name: Shaban Date of birth: August 7, 1972 Place of birth: Baghistan Date of martyrdom: August 6, 1996 Place of martyrdom: Sarayan area Burial place: Baghistan Sofla Sending unit: police force Text of the will of martyr Mohammad Hossein Moheb Baghestan “In the name of God”text Will I Mohammad Hossein Mohebbi gardens – Shaban child – was born in 1351.(And …

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Martyr Mohammad Hossein Allah Verdi

Father’s name: Hassan Date of birth: July 16, 1973 Place of birth: Ferdows Date of martyrdom:  December 10, 1995 Place of martyrdom: Kavalan-Mahabad village Burial place: Ferdows Sending unit: police force biography, diary Martyr Mohammad Hosseinullah Verdi was born on July 25, 1973 in Ferdows. He was born in a religious family and a follower of the Ahl al-Bayt of Infallibility and …

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Martyr Ghorban Ahmadi

Father’s name: Hassan Date of birth: June 6, 1959 Place of birth: Mehrankooshk Date of martyrdom: July 31, 1994 Place of martyrdom: Rashtavand Gonabad checkpoint – Seh Kohak heights Burial place: Mehrankooshk Sending unit: police force biography, diary Martyr Ghorban Ahmadi was born on 3/15/1338 in the village of Mehrangooshk in the city of Ferdows, and was martyred on 5/9/1373 in the …

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Martyr Ali Ramezani Akbari

Father’s name: Mohammad Date of birth: June 5, 1959 Place of birth: Three castles Date of martyrdom: August 27, 1993 Place of martyrdom: Saqqez Burial place: Ferdows Sending unit: police force biography, diary Martyr Ali Ramadan Akbari, who was known as Ali Akbari among his friends, was born in 1338. He had a hard time in elementary school during the devastating earthquake in …

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