Martyr Mohammad Hossein Moradi

محمدحسین مرادی
محمدحسین مرادی

Father’s name: Hassangholi

Date of birth: May 22, 1963

Place of birth: Ferdows

Date of martyrdom: April 4, 1986

Place of martyrdom: Faw

Burial place: Ferdows

Sending unit: Basij

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Biography of Martyr Mohammad Hossein Moradi

in the name of God

Martyr Mohammad Hossein Moradi was born on the third of Sha’ban in 1342. He entered Ghiasuddin Primary School to study in the seventh spring of his life and successfully completed his primary education. At the same time as his studies, he went to Seyyed Jamaluddin Middle School and then entered the conservatory and studied in auto mechanics. Gonabad continued his education. The martyr had religious families and was committed to Islam and the revolution, and made a living by farming and also believed in the Imam and the clergy. The martyr was morally kind and honest and always thought of helping Muslims.

He mostly attended social gatherings for reciting the Qur’an and congregational prayers. The martyr’s political activities began when the Imam issued a fatwa to protect his people from the cities, and at the same time a base was formed in Sadat Hosseini’s delegation, of which this dear martyr was an active member. He opposed the gangs and the counter-revolution, and his logic was that he should oppose any party other than Islam, and his view on war was that a country that is being invaded and attacked by foreigners should be defended by every member of the nation, and so on. He participated in the fronts of Kurdistan, Faw, Kushk, Shalamcheh, Tangeh Chezabeh and Jazizeh Majnoon eight times. The last meeting of the martyr with his parents was that the martyr left for Mashhad with the intention of going to Torbat and after a few days he went to the front and from there he sent a letter to his parents and always insisted not to leave the Imam alone and performed missions in the front Who was diligent and active? During the conservatory, he went to the front four times. شد. At the last stage of his mission, he was sent to Ahvaz with some friends to return to Ferdows. It was in the middle of the night that the martyr said to his friends: My children, I can not stand to stay here and after a few moments he went to the front line. He woke up to perform the ritual of prayer and at the same time he himself came out of the trench to perform ablution and while performing ablution he was hit by a mortar shell on his leg and his heart rushed to meet the god. Dear memory and the path full of wind.

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