Martyr Sayyid Ali Hatami

Father’s name: Seyed Hatem

Date of birth: March 21, 1970

Place of Birth: Boroun

Date of martyrdom: Friday, July 4, 1986

Place of martyrdom: Mehran

Landfill: Boroun

Deploying unit: Road Of Khandagh – Basij

The text of the will of martyr Seyyed Ali Hatami

“Name of
God”) ((La Thsbn Alzyn Qtlva the sake of God Amvata their Lord Bell resuscitation bed
Yrzqvn)) Greetings and vice-deserved plenty of time before the sacred Imam Khomeini Great.
Thank God that I was able to come to the front to help the Islamic Revolution and I was able to accept the order of the dear leader, which is the same order of the Imam of the time, or in short, the order of God.
Thank God that my life is in the best times after the Holy Prophet (PBUH) (during the Islamic Revolution).
O youth, do not die in bed sick and at home that Hussein (AS) was martyred on the battlefield with the infidel enemy, do not say that I have a lesson or say that I have a job and I must study to become a doctor or an engineer and then serve my nation, Think for yourself, when you do not come to the front and keep the fronts empty, global arrogance will not leave you alone and you should go under the oppression of global arrogance, then what is the use of becoming a doctor or an engineer? What good is service to others then?
O mothers of your youth, do not forbid you to go to the front, because tomorrow, on the Day of Judgment, you will not be able to answer Zainab, who endured 72 martyrs in the desert of Karbala.
O mothers, do not tell your youth that now is not the time for you to go to the front, and tell them that you will go to the front for another month, that if this youth of yours dies or has an accident at home, you will not be able to answer him on the Day of Resurrection. Send your youth to the fronts to fight, and if they are martyred, do not even take their bodies, because Wahb’s mother did not take her child’s body in the beginning of Islam and said:
I will not take the secret I gave in the way of God, O people, be like the early Muslims. And consider obedience to the Supreme Leader obligatory, and if our dear Imam said you should go to the front, you should go to the front without Istikharah, and O people who do not go to the front, at least learn that if God did not make our country like Palestine, all of you Be prepared to defend at least your own family and not let the enemy invade your family and displace you in the plains and deserts.
O people, do not forget to pray and ask for forgiveness, which is the best cure for relieving pain, and worship and worship God in such a way that you think that God is in front of you and you see him, or at least he sees you. Cry while praying because the one who does not cry is the stone of the heart and God does not like the stones of the heart.
My dear mother, now that I am a martyr and I am gone, I hope she is satisfied with me and forgives me for all the evils I have done.
My dear mother, do not cry for the martyrdom of your son, if you want to cry, cry for Ali Akbar and Ali Asghar, and if you cry, you will not be able to answer Zainab on the Day of Judgment.
My dear mother, guide my brothers to the right path and never let them deviate from the right path and go to the path of the wicked people. When they grow up, send them to the front. It is not necessary for you to go to the front and become a martyr yourself, because (India) endured three martyrs and gave three martyrs in one war.
And, my sisters, I hope that you will not be impatient either, that you do not need to be impatient for these two or three days of the world; God willing, these two or three days will end soon and we will meet in heaven.

سیدعلی حاتمی
سیدعلی حاتمی

And, dear father, I hope that you will endure the martyrdom of your son, which is the end of all death, and be proud that your son was martyred at such an age.
And I hope that my brothers will continue my path and that no force will stop them from continuing their brother’s path.
“If the bad composition it is true that opportunities do not just do”
God, God, the Mahdi revolution, Khomeini

With wishing
to serve small: Syed Ali Hatami

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