Martyr Mohammad Ali Mokhtarnia

Mohammad Ali Mokhtarnia
Mohammad Ali Mokhtarnia

Father’s name: Hossein

Date of birth: May 4, 1955

Place of birth: Ferdows

Date of martyrdom: August 26, 1988

Place of martyrdom: Soumar

Burial place: Ferdows

Dispatch unit: Jihad chemical veteran

biography, diary

Martyr Mohammad Ali Mokhtarnia opened his eyes to hell in a religious family on 1/15/1334 and was raised in the arms of a kind parent. He succeeded in the early years of middle school and obtained a diploma in natural sciences. After graduating in agriculture, he considered agriculture to be a priority in his daily work. Roshani was a member of the Rural Deprived Children Center. During his military service, he was employed in the Department of Education and worked as a teacher to educate the children of this borderland.Martyr Mokhtarnia had a good moral blessing and was unpretentious. He lived a simple life and was well-groomed. In 1980, he married his beloved wife. As a result of his marriage, he had two sons, Ismail, Kazem, and a daughter, Batool, who will continue the path of their martyr father. At the end of his mission, his commanders, especially Sardar Shahid Kaveh, were dissatisfied with their dismissal. Rafi was martyred.The memories of Martyr Mohammad Ali’s parents were a religious boy and a man of secrets and need for God. Let’s follow because Imam Barma has a province. At the beginning of the revolution, he participated in demonstrations and marches and was a supporter of the revolution and the values ​​of the revolution. He considered himself a lover of the Ahl al-Bayt. It was believed that the word is divine and the order of the life of this world and the path of the eternal life of the Hereafter and that the Qur’an and Atrat are not separate and were two trusts that should be used in this world and the hereafter and ensure the eternal life of that world.Regarding the holy war and defense, he believed that the war of Radshman had imposed on us and that the spring war knew that the season would pass and they would win the battle of Raksani. Tests and tests.

Spouse’s memories

Martyr Mokhtari Nia was an educated person with a post-diploma degree and I am satisfied with his life. He tried to have a dignified life. Simple living was his good way. He said that he was a simple and ordinary worker. He had a religious and revolutionary spirit.

1) Patience 2) Faithfulness to the covenant and religious issues

His relationship with his parents, as well as my parents, was very intimate and emotional (especially with my mother). He was my friend and helper in household chores. He participated in Friday and congregational prayers and read the books of Martyr Motahhari a lot. He said that if a person wanted to know God, he should go to the battlefields and spread the word with the children who fought so sincerely and went to the front for the sake of God. It seems that there was a landmine under the bridge, which suddenly exploded and they were martyred. His soul is happy and his memory is full of wind

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