Martyr Mohammad Reza Dashti

Father’s name: Gholamreza

Date of birth: January 13, 1962

Place of birth: Bidskan

Date of martyrdom: February 3, 1983

Place of martyrdom: Shush-Chazzabeh

Burial place: Bidskan

Sending unit: Basij

The text of the will of the student of Martyr Mohammad Reza Dashti

محمدرضا دشتی
محمدرضا دشتی

Greetings to the pure souls of the martyrs of the beginning of Islam and to the great leader of the revolution and the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and infinite greetings to all the warriors of Islam and the companion and helper of the Imam.
That God has set up a test to test the Shiites of Ali (AS) and he wants to see how much we young people help him and I, Mohammad Reza Dashti, because I wanted this test, so I have gone to the front of truth against falsehood and No one has threatened me on this trip, and now I want to get to a place where all Muslims are eager. That is why I stepped on the front and longed for martyrdom, so now I am going to fly to my god and I have cut off all the attachments in the world. Now the word lesson no longer makes sense to me. Now that I have left my parents alone and it is only the word of God and what I am doing is only for the sake of God. Now that I have always dreamed of this great honor and I have achieved my dreams, and now that I have been able to fulfill this great responsibility and this expensive and heavy burden, I have several wills:
First of all, my will is that I should tell my friends that, and my friends that I will not forget you, and the teachers who were my teachers, I should tell you that the blood of none of us is better and dearer than the blood of 18-year-old Hussein (AS). It is not Ali Akbar, so pour this dear blood of yours at the foot of this withered sapling and water it. Secondly, my second will is that I should tell my parents not to cry, my dear ones, because the enemy may be happy with your cries, and I should tell you to address God when you are on my corpse and say, Lord, accept this gift of mine, and I must tell you to let all my devotees see me, maybe they will learn a lesson and not let a stranger invade their homeland. Let me say that:
And I must say here that, my dear parents, as far as I could, I have no right over anyone, and just ask my brother as much as he has, and give everything they have said in full, so that my soul may be happy and free. And here I am addressing my parents, dear ones, be satisfied with me because I have been your handmaiden, and if I have made a mistake in these periods, you must forgive your greatness, and I must also tell you to help The battlefields are more valuable and do not hesitate in this way until God reduces your sins.
I will not take my loved ones any more, and my only advice to you is: “Take a thought for your hereafter, because this mortal world is not worth a millet.”

Peace be upon you, mercy and blessings of
Mohammad Reza Dashti

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