Martyr Seyed Javad Saba

Father’s name: Seyed Khalilullah

Date of birth:  September 23, 1966

Place of birth: Ferdows

Date of martyrdom: February 10, 1986

Place of martyrdom: Bovarin

Burial place: Ferdows

Sending unit: Basij

The text of the will of the martyred student Seyed Javad Saba

In the name of God, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate
, peace be upon you or
Aba Abda السلام, peace be upon you or Ansar Aba Abda …, peace be upon you or Ansar Khomeini’s soul… Rather, they are alive and receiving sustenance from their Lord.
Greetings to the savior of the human world, Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and his rightful deputy, Imam Khomeini, the idol-breaker of the century, this beating heart of the Islamic Ummah, and greetings to the ruler of the martyrs, Hussein bin Ali, who watered the dead tree of Islam with his blood. And greetings to the pure souls of the martyrs from the beginning of Islam until now, from Adam to Khatam and from Khatam to the Day of Judgment, I will begin my speech. Now that I am going to the front of truth against falsehood, I am taking a step to the battlefield in the way of my God, and I am sacrificing my life for Islam and the Imam in the way of him. I am sending. Although I am too small to be able to serve this heroic and great nation. My first words as a testament are not part of the unity of the party’s nation. Because it is the unity and solidarity between all the different strata of the people that breaks the strong ranks of Islam, and God says:
The nation of Hezb-e-Iran, especially the heroic people of Ferdows, we, the followers of Hussein (AS), strive with our blood to continue the Islamic Revolution and offer our invaluable soul, which is insignificant in the face of God’s greatness, to Islam and the Qur’an. He drinks and makes a deal with God in which God buys and man sells. And this commodity is the soul of man, and how much we benefit in this transaction, and what a good buyer God is, who promises us the highest paradise in return for this worthless soul, and whoever neglects in this way, know that he has lost and may There is no such situation. Prepare the Ummah of the party, especially your esteemed family, to endure the sufferings and calamities and the failures and inadequacies.
And do not die in negligence and indifference that Ali Akbar Hussein was martyred in the way of Hussein (AS). O mothers and fathers: Do not prevent your children from going to the front, because tomorrow is late and you will not be able to answer in the presence of God on the Day of Judgment. Do not forget to pray and ask for forgiveness for the fathers, mothers, brothers, the heroic and martyr nation of Ferdows. Because prayer is the only weapon we have against our enemies. Do you not think that we use only weapons in the war against the enemy, but we have faith, and it is the prayers of the warriors in the trenches and their night prayers and the cries of forgiveness for the survivors all night that make us victorious in war because prayer is the best relief always Remember و and walk in his path and do not let the enemies of the Qur’an cause division and separation between you and the committed clergy, so that if such a day does not occur, God forbid.

It is the day of misery for Muslims and the day of celebration of the superpowers. The Ummah of Hezbollah بیشتر Be more careful in your leader, your Imam, and try to understand his greatness and greatness, and maintain your honesty and sincerity. If I received the great grace of martyrdom, those who follow
the red line of the Imam of the Nation, Khomeini, are not idol-breakers and do not follow his Velayat-e-Faqih and do not believe in him. Do not look at me and do not attend my funeral, the nation of Hezbollah… Send my warm greetings from the depths of my heart to the dear Imam and say that O Imam, I will not leave the stronghold of the Quran and dear Islam until the last breath and the last drop of my blood. I make a strong pact with my god that I will accompany Hussein bin Ali in all Ashuras and Karbala. And I will not empty his stronghold for a moment until the proud flag of Islam resounds all over the world and this revolution is connected to the revolution of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh).
The heroic ummah, I ask you not to give up the Imam of the ummah, Khomeini the Great, this deputy on the right of the Imam of the Age (pbuh), and do not leave the Imam alone, because it was Pir Jamaran who led us from darkness to light and ugliness to ugliness. Give back the beauties and I ask you to pray for the final victory of the warriors and the longevity of our dear Imam, this awake and aware leader. And here are some wills of service to my esteemed family on paper:
1- My noble parents, if I become a martyr, I ask you not to be upset with me, because I and all the martyrs have set our goal and are on the way to the first step. I have taken
2- If I become a martyr, I ask you to continue my path, because if you do not continue the path of martyrdom, the blood of the martyr will be wasted, and with the blood of more than hundreds of thousands of martyrs, the superpowers of East and West and the great devils will dominate this Islamic country. They find and dear Islam and the Qur’an are attacked and destroyed. Dear parents, if I have not been a good and worthy child for you during my many years of life, I ask you to forgive me for your greatness. Dear father and kind mother, I apologize for not being able to compensate for your hard work, but the front is more important than these words, and as long as there is a front, you must fight and sacrifice your life for the Creator.
3- I owe a month of fasting and I hope my families will lend me this month so that my soul will be free.

علیکم و رحمه ا… و برکاته سیدجواد صبا ۵/۵/۱۳۶۶

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