Martyr Ahmad Reza Saber

Father’s name: Asadollah 

Date of birth: August 9, 1968

Place of birth: Ferdows

Date of martyrdom: June 25, 1988

Place of martyrdom: Majnoon Island

Burial place: Ferdows

Sending unit: Basij

The text of the will of Martyr Ahmad Saber

In the name of the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, and may He
test you with something of fear, hunger, and a shortage of money, lives, and fruits, and give good tidings to the patient. Those who, when a calamity befalls them, say we belong to God and to Him we shall return. Those have blessings from their Lord and mercy, and those are the ones who are guided. Inspire, increase in my heart the love of Ali Ibn Abi Talib. Inspire, increase in my heart the love of Fatimah Al-Zahra.
In the name of the One who crushes the oppressors and the helper of the oppressed, and in the name of Him Who knows the secrets and accepts repentance and forgives sins. Greetings to the savior of the human world, the Promised Mehdi (as), and greetings to the great Imam and guide of the Mahdi nation, Khomeini, the idol-breaker, and greetings to the ever-living martyrs of history. O God, I call on you from the bottom of my heart to open the doors of your mercy on this sinful and rebellious servant, and to show kindness and care to someone who has no hope but you and sees no refuge except you. Baralha, I want to cry towards you and say goodbye. Until you reach my cry and keep me away from the wrath and torment you have intended for your enemies. God! I slipped many times
You covered me and I rebelled again, and God, you know very well that my wrongdoings were not out of stubbornness and arrogance, but due to negligence and ignorance. God, I did not understand anger and violence, and I hoped for mercy, forgiveness, and dignity, otherwise I would not have disobeyed your command. With a heavy bag full of guilt and while I can not carry it, I am scared of a little luggage and the difficulty of calculation and I enter you. And I ask for your forgiveness and forgiveness and I am afraid of justice. What beautiful words Mvlav Shfyman Ali (AS) said: I was born and Fdt Ali al-Karim al-Hassani and other pure heart
Vhbl Alzad Aqbh whole object inasmuch Kahn Fuel Ali Karim
As for the holy war and defense: Today, global arrogance has risen with all-round force against the Islamic Revolution and is trying to separate the people resistant to the glorious Islamic Revolution by creating divisions and creating economic and social problems and an atmosphere of doubt in public. And on the foreign front, with the invasion of the land, land, air and air borders, the arms embargo and the thought of ending the revolution and drying up the resilient roots of this Muslim and revolutionary nation. But the arrogant and his servant should know that the goal of this nation is to please God and fulfill the divine mission and defend the deprived and the oppressed, and apparent defeat and victory have no effect on their iron will. Yes, they are Husseins and consider God as their helper. They follow the original line of the great leader of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khomeini. Now our war is the defense of the oppressed and the deprived and the defense of Islam, and the fronts are the possibility of fighting and aligning the party and the Islamic Army against infidelity and hypocrisy. It is up to us to continue the uprising and battle to prepare the ground for the emergence of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and to eradicate the foundations of oppression and infidelity with his uprising and to replace the rule of divine justice. I ask all my friends (especially students) to listen to the Imam فرمان Be a nation and do not be lazy in implementing the instructions of the Imam and relying on divine power and self-cultivation, our Islamic country in the field of required religious, industrial and economic specialties. . Do not need to witness the realization of the original slogans of the Islamic Revolution in the not too distant future in order to defend the deprived and oppressed of the world.
Thank you, my dear parents, for your hard work and suffering, and if you have upset Ethan, you will forgive me. My father, I was not a good child for you, and I was lazy in acting on your advice, and I may have hurt your heart and that of my dear mother, so that, God willing, I may be forgiven. Days and nights passed and I was
not satisfied with your love, but alas, I could not express the feelings of my heart. As you know, because it was a blow, I could not say goodbye to you and see you again, that you will forgive.

My brother and sisters: Remembering your past memories and your love and kindness fills my heart with joy, and I am ashamed that I could not fulfill the right of brotherhood, may you be successful in the affairs of this world and the hereafter. I am fasting 26 days of the holy month of Ramadan and I am fasting for 19 days, which you will accept, and I ask you to pray for me on Friday nights to forgive my soul. My dear father will decide on the equipment or something else that I owned and donate the amount of money I have to the front. I apologize to all those who have a right on the neck of a lowly servant and, God forbid, have seen a bad servant or have neglected their rights, and I hope that they will forgive their greatness. ان شاء ا…

Ahmad Reza Saber

Memoirs: Quoted from Tashahda website

Ahmad Reza Saber
Ahmad Reza Saber

The first memory of
Ahmad Reza was injured, he could not go to the mosque due to the severity of his injuries. One day we were praying together at home. As soon as the prayer was over, I got up to go and look at the food. I was afraid it would burn. Ahmad Reza took my hand and said: Why did you get up so early and not read the prayers? There is not always time for prayers.
Narrator: Zahra Zakir

Second memory
One day after Maghrib and Isha prayers, when all the family members were gathered in my father’s house, we were talking about Ahmad Reza’s marriage. My older brother’s wife said to Ahmad Reza, “What are your conditions for marriage?” When do you want to take me out of my loneliness and bring us a place? Ahmad Reza said with a smile: What are your conditions for someone who wants to be my wife? Because the unlucky one who wants to be my wife has to go through a few refinements to be you so that it is my turn. Secondly, what I am saying, considering that I am a student, may not be your intention. Do what you can so that I can tell you the final result. Each of us was saying something and we were planning for the future bride. Suddenly, Ahmad Reza got up and said with a laugh, as you speak, to the result. When he arrives, he misses the opportunity and leaves the house. We insisted that we return him to find out what he’s talking about. But Ahmad Reza said:
Narrator: Talat Saber


Martyr Ahmad Reza Saber
Martyr Ahmad Reza Saber
Ahmad Reza Saber
Martyr Ahmad Reza Saber
Ahmad Reza Saber

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