Martyr Seyyed Kazem Aghaei

Father’s name: Ibrahim

Date of birth: April 25, 1970

Place of birth: Sorond

Date of martyrdom:  January 14, 1987

Place of martyrdom: Shalamcheh

Landfill:  Sorond

Sending unit: Karbala 5 mobilization

biography, diary

Martyr Seyed Kazem Aghaei On 2/5/1349, in the village of Sarand in the city of Ferdows, a child was born whose whole blessed life was belief in school, creation of honor and epic, and defense of religion and presence in the front to confront the Ba’athist enemy. Martyr Seyyed Kazem Aghaei was born in a religious family and at the same time they had nothing more than the wealth of the world. Lessons and discussions followed. The same school that taught the lesson of love and knowledge well to the youth of this region. In 1986, with great insistence from his family, he became a member of the Basij and was sent to the front, where he faced the Ba’athist enemy. Finally, on 10/24/1365, during Operation Karbala 5 in the Shalamcheh area, he surrendered to a life-threatening blow from shrapnel and jumped towards his god and lover. Part of his will reads:

I go to the front and fight until I become a martyr. O youth! Do not die in a bed of humiliation when Hussein was martyred on the battlefield.

O youth! Do not die in neglect of prayer, because Imam Ali (as) was martyred in the altar of worship.

O mothers! Do not prevent your child from going to the fronts.

Brethren, do not forget to pray, which is the best cure for pain, and always remember God.

The text of the will of martyr Seyyed Kazem Aghaei

(In the Name of the Lord Alshhda and Alsdyqyn)
(La Thsbn Alzyn Qtlva the sake of God Amvata Bell resuscitation bed Yrzqvn their Lord), namely:
(Do not think those who are killed in Allah’s way as dead. Nay, they Zndgannd and the Lord provision And they will eat (in the slaughterhouse, do not kill love except the good, do not kill the ugly person in front of you. Al-Mahdi (AS) is the soul of our sacrifice and his rightful successor Imam Khomeini, the great leader of the Islamic Revolution of Iran and the supporter of the oppressed of the world and greetings to the martyrs of the beginning of Islam.
Now that God has granted me this success so that I can go to the battlefields, I am very happy and I hope that God the Almighty will forgive and have mercy on the sins of this humble servant.
Every human being lives in the world for a specific purpose from the beginning of his or her life, and as God created man, so he wants man and must go to God, and finally either die or be martyred in the way of God. He gets it, but it is best for man to choose death honorably, and for his death to be martyrdom in the way of God.
The front is a place that is nothing but war, martyrdom, self-sacrifice and self-sacrifice, and every Muslim who has the ability to go to the front must go and defend Islam and the Qur’an and be drawn to this university of self-improvement.
My goal in coming to the front is to continue the path of the martyrs, and I have set foot in this place of love, self-sacrifice and self-improvement university only for the sake of God, and I hope that God will grant me martyrdom in this way, and my goal is to respond to The voice of (I am Nasser) is Hussein (AS) who was bravely martyred with 72 of his faithful companions and was able to keep Islam alive.
And my message to you, the people of God, the atmosphere of Ferdows and the village of Sarand, is that you do not leave the Imam alone and treat the enemies of Islam severely and overthrow them, and if God grants the great position of martyrdom to this humble and small servant, I hope All of you attend my funeral and all the martyrs and do not let a counter-revolutionary attend my funeral and in this way let the United States and its supporters know that the Iranian people, from 14 years old to 80 years old, are sacrificing their lives for Islam. And they fight against the enemies of religion to the last drop of their blood and to the last bullet of the enemies of Islam.
And I call on the other brothers of the IRGC and the Basij and other military organs to protect the blood of the martyrs, and may God bless the Islam that is in your hands and from the blood of the martyrs, and they have protected this holy garment on your body. They relied on you to defend the sanctity of Islam and protect humanity. This weapon is a tool that has been given to you as a trust and through the blood of the martyrs, which should be used to preserve the achievements of the Islamic Revolution.
You should always whisper to yourself that the nation of martyrs blessed us and entrusted us with the protection of the blood of its martyrs.
Remember the respect that the Imam of the Ummah gave you and said these enlightening words about you:
“If it were not for the IRGC, there would be no country. I will kiss your hand, which is the hand of God Almighty, and I will be proud of this kiss.” Do not let your excellent record be tarnished.

And I ask you, the Muslim nation of Ferdows, especially the honorable village of Sarand, not to prevent your dear children from going to the fronts and to send them to the fronts with all your heart and soul and with trust in God.
O youth, do not die in a bed of humiliation that Hussein (AS) was martyred on the battlefield.
O mothers, do not prevent your children from going to the fronts, for tomorrow you will be responsible before God and you will not be able to give the answer of Zainab, who endured 72 martyrs. Therefore, this humble servant, who is too young to say anything in front of you, I ask you to encourage your children to the front until the sedition is removed from all over the universe, so that, God willing, the closed road of Karbala will be opened to all Muslims as soon as possible. And all of you go to the grave of Aba Abdullah Al-Hussein (AS) with complete pride and visit the grave of Imam Hussein closely, and God willing, wherever you go, remember all the martyrs and ask God for forgiveness for all the martyrs.
I also call on all the sisters of Hezbollah to fully observe the Islamic hijab, because the decoration of the hijab is faith. My sister, the blackness of your tent is more striking than the blood of a martyr.
Also, pray for the final victory of the warriors of Islam and the destruction of infidelity and the health of our great Imam.
I ask all my respected teachers and classmates: If, God willing, the great grace of martyrdom befalls me, they will forgive me and keep the school trench like a trench on the hot front.
But a few words with my
parents : Dear parents, I know you will be upset when you hear the sudden news of your child’s martyrdom, but I want you to be proud that my martyrdom will be granted to you and I ask you to resolve it. I hope that you will get rid of the evils and sorrows that you saw in me and make me lawful, and ask God Almighty to forgive my sins.
Mother John, I know, you are a grieving mother and if you hear the news of my martyrdom, you will be upset, but I hope, if you want me to be happy, do not shed a tear and shed a tear for the sake of Imam Hussein.
Blessed is the mother who gives her child as a gift on the path of revolution and is happy, and blessed is the child who is responsible and knows what he was born for and what he wants to do in the world, and finally be martyred in the way of God.
Mother John, in my testimony, practice Zeinab-like patience, for God is with the patient. Mother John, I hope I have made up for some of the trouble you have brought me here. I hope you, my dear parents, allow me and be satisfied with me. May God bless you, the toiling father and the suffering mother, with great patience, and I hope that my sisters Wajih and Umm al-Banin will forgive me and move in the path of Islam, and that my brother Saeed Agha will be healed, God willing.
In the end, I ask all my relatives for forgiveness and I hope they will forgive me.
I also owed some prayers, I hope my dear mother will do it.
Hoping that the road to Karbala will be opened for all of you Muslims in the world.

Wishing you peace and kindness of God and his blessings
or pilgrimage, or testimony dated 02/10/65

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Patriotic martyrs, Mr. and Mr. Zarei
Patriotic martyrs, Mr. and Mr. Zarei

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