Martyr Mohammad Bagher Kargar Mohebbi

Mohammad Bagher Kargar Mohebbi

Mohammad Bagher Kargar Mohebbi 

Father Name: Habibollah 

Date of Birth:January 21, 1958

Place of Birth: Ferdows 

Date of Martyrdom:May 24, 1982

Place of Martyrdom: Shalamcheh 

Burial Place: Ferdows 

Dispatcher Unit: Basij


Shahid Mohammad Bagher Kargar Mohebbi was born in Ferdows in the lap of a kind mother and a religious family and on the basis of islam familiar in February 1958, he was born into a family that was materially weak but rich in faith and spent his education alongside his faithful father in mosques and religious and religious meetings.

At the age of seven, he began his primary school with the arrival of Najafi Ferdows Elementary School, and since Shahid lived in a poor family, he went through primary school with many problems and began his high school career in the old education system at Fazel Tony Islamiyah High School, successfully spent the first few years and in the ninth year of the old system, due to his mother’s illness and the problems of accepting life. It is not that since then he will start studying in the new educational system, which is the end of his education, which is facing the rise of the revolution in 1979, which succeeds in obtaining a diploma in the same year.

Martyr Muhammad Baqir learned the recitation of the Holy Qur’an in less than three months because of his strong interest in Islam and the Qur’an, and from the age of ten, he began to perform prayers and other religious acts.

One of the moral characteristics of the martyr, who, while performing the obligations, was very committed to mustahabbat and tried not to neglect the night prayer, and he always encouraged young people to recite the Qur’an and prayers and other islamic obligations, so that during the education of all the teachers and friends and classmates were satisfied with his ethics and he was his teacher. But his attributes and behavior in the house cannot be described, he encountered all the people in the house with a treacherous and laughing, always doing something to keep the parents happy, he was a teacher for the whole family, teacher of ethics, faith, practice, etc. And he always insisted that we recite the prayer first.

Dear Martyr: Among their relatives, he was morally speaking, and he always emphasized mercy and was a step forward in this task.

The martyr’s activities before the revolution became more widely circulated, which distributed leaflets and leaflets of the Imam and participated in demonstrations against the degenerate Pahlavi regime, even several times when he was threatened by the agents from Islamia for protesting with several of his friends to Ferdows Maroud, but he continued his efforts in high school, which was to put the Imam’s proclamations in the middle of the children’s books and put them in the middle of the children’s books. He was encouraged to participate in the demonstrations on the night of February 11, with the victory of the revolution, this dear one was awake that night until morning and stood guard in the streets with sticks, and after a while with the arrival of the Imam in Iran, he said that the best moments of my life were when I saw our beloved Imam, who was exiled from Iran with a difficult time, and returned to Iran with dignity and glory.

With the imam’s order to form the 20 million basij, he also eagerly went ahead and was the founder of the Basij in Islamiyah, in the early years when the Basij had just been established, some nights he himself stood guard in the Basij alone.

The first time he wanted to be dispatched to the front, a number of brothers, including Mohammad Hamidi, left for Mashhad when Banisadr was president and when they had arrived in Mashhad, they had told them that we didn’t need the force, this martyr himself after returning from Mashhad said that whatever I cried and I wanted to fit myself as a turner, only Mohammad Hamidi was very upset. It is to this nation and the country because our brothers on the front are martyred by the lack of force and this traitor does not give them weapons.

This dear encounter with the hypocrites and the oppressor was very severe and always with the support of the combatant clergy sought to thwart their evil actions, writes in a letter to Mohammad Hamidi’s brother regarding the tragedy of the office of the Republican Party that martyred Ayatollah Beheshti and 72 loyal companions of the Imam were martyred: (The enemy hit his main blow to Islam and the world’s muslims, and this Islamic man was a martyr of Paradise who was one of the pillars of the islamic republic. Islam, according to the MKO, destroyed Imam Khomeini’s right eye and made the poor more disgraceful among the people, inshallah.

Because he was working in Ferdows, after a while for turning and working with better equipped machines, he goes to Mashhad and continues his work for 6 months in Mashhad near Ali bin Musa al-Reza, with the completion of the work to Ferdows returns a few days from his coming to Ferdows that a caravan of Ferdows will be the determination of the front and this great martyr will also go to the front with this urvan the day they wanted to move. It started raining so much that Razoud’s speech ended and they drove the car, and his words to his sisters and family were to have “patience for Zeinab var”.

He was deployed to the Southern Front in April 1982 and commanded a group of 26 people on the front, and in his last letter, he wrote to a parent:

(I have walked in the way of Allah, whatever my part will come, whether I thank the testimony or return to you and God, and I say, “God, I will go in your way, and I wish that this indefatigable blood will be shed in the way of God and the Qur’an, and if I am alive, I will walk in his way, I will only ask you not to grieve for me, and do not leave me alone.” Fill the front)

Perhaps he knew that sooner or later the song would extend a journey, and finally, on May 24, 1982, in operation Jerusalem after the bloody liberation of the city on the evening, due to his shrapnel with his other companions, Sayyid Mohammad Javad Mirradavi, Hassan Ayadi promised his most closest friend, who was also a bloodthirsty message, that Shahid Mohammad Javadi would follow him and what a good promise he made. His other actions were society.

  The text of the will of Bessam Rab al-Shuhada al-Sediqin or Ayha al-Dhin Amnou murderer and al-Dhin Yalonkum I al-Kafar and Lijdo Afikum Ghalza and Alamwa N.A. … Mu’taqin verse 122 of Sura al-Tawba a believer starts to wage jihad with disbelievers closer to you, and the disbelievers should feel coarse in you and strong and persevere (to fear the army of Islam) and you believers will never be afraid and know that God is always with the righteous. Vela Tahsbon al-Dhin Murder and Fi Moustache… Amwata bell revival of Andrbahm Yarrazqun do not think that those who have been killed in the way of God are dead but have not died and are alive and eat a day with their Lord in the name of A… That the lives of all beings are in his hands, I have with the love that I have in My God and the origin other than Him and the creed other than Islam and a school other than the school of the Qur’an and with the help of the spirit… And based on my mission and responsibility against Islam, the Qur’an, and the blood of Husayn b. ‘Ali (a), I am going to fight against the enemy of Islam and the Qur’an so that this incomprestable blood will be shed at the foot of the tree of Islam, I will be waiting with full knowledge of Islam and the Qur’an and the way of the Prophet and Mahdi… Transcendence is farajeh and with the help of the spirit… I hope that in the way of my God… He didn’t let me down and put on the dress of martyrdom on my body, inshallah… If I could not say yes to the oppressed call of my cardamom Nassera Yasrooni Imam Hussein (AS) now to call my cardamom Nassera Nasrooni this 80-year-old man who was from Salalah Pak Rasoul A… It is not based on the right of the rest of the… Al-‘Azm means That Ayatollah al-‘Azma al-Imam Khomeini has responded and participated in the right fronts against falsehood that the Mostazafin Front against global arrogance to have done my religion towards Islam and the way of Husayn (a) and from Aqa and Mulim al-Baqiyya… i want them to accept this valuable gift from me .                Inshallah… Excellence, because every person of Muslims and believers is obligatory to write a few words of will so that in the hereafter his soul is free in the sight of his God, I write a few sentences so that I am not responsible for him. The first will that I have is to my parents and it is that they do not give up the help of Islam and the Koran and the blood of the holy prophets and imams and defend it until the last drop of blood and proud to have given an incompetent gift in the way of Islam. Second, if I am martyred, do not write on my grave young person because of his long-standing dream of joining… I have arrived and I ask my parents not to cry for me, their crying for Imam Hussein (AS) and banging the enemies of Islam. Third, in my funeral, Sura al-Adha wa’a’at al-Ul-Ulqa is recited and in carrying my body, calling Lalah al-Allah and Muhammad Rasul A… resonate. Religious brothers and sisters, I want that the hand that has not stopped the help of Imam Ummah Khomeini, the idol breaker and the committed and combative clergy, and do not trample the blood of the martyrs in the envy… . I call on my brothers and sisters not to leave the mosques empty, and I also call on the brothers to participate in the Basij, the Revolutionary Guards, and other Islamic and revolutionary organs, and to throw a strong punch at the mouths of the arrogant and the hypocrites. I ask the brothers to remember Camille’s Friday night prayer and the prayer of nadba and to recite Naz first of all and not forget that the night prayer is their relationship with God and in the prayer of Camille and the prayer of nadba ask God to ask God as soon as possible the faraj of Prophet Baqiyya… He has put al-‘Azm in tahjil and keeps the eyes of those waiting and makes them hopeful. Waslam Alikum or Ansar Ababeda… Al-Salam Alikum or Ansar Rasool A… Al-Salam Alikum or Amir al-Momenin and Rahma a… And blessed is the flag of Laila Ala… And Muhammad Rasool… And Ali Wali… Over the world by the powerful Hazrat Mahdi Aj and his vice-president wins the School of Islam and the Qur’an 6/2/1982 Muhammad Baqer Kargar Mohebbi

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