Martyr Mohammad Ali Kargar

Father’s name: Abbas Ali

Date of birth: November 22, 1968

Place of birth: Baghestan

Date of martyrdom: August 19, 1984

Place of martyrdom: Kurdistan

Burial place: Baghestan Olya

Sending unit: Basij

The text of the will of Martyr Mohammad Ali Kargar

محمدعلی کارگر

These wills shake man and wake him up Imam Khomeini

La Thsbn Alzyn Qtlva the sake of their Lord … Amvata Bell resuscitation bed Yrzqvn
thought nor those who were killed in the Way of Allah are dead, they are alive with their Lord and sustenance.

Greetings to you, the people of Baghistan, and greetings to my parents. Do not stop helping the Imam in any way, and let my brothers Hassan and Hussein continue their brother’s path, and I also thank my parents for forgiving me for all the bad things I did for them during the 17 years I spent with them, and never for Do not neglect their prayers and keep up the prayers on time, and do not forget to pray for the souls of the Imam and the warriors of Islam, and donate the amount of money I have at home to the front, and O awake nation, never forget the martyrs on the scene of the revolution. On Friday nights, go to the shrines of the martyrs and recite a praise and a surah, and if I become a martyr, I will not be satisfied at all that someone cries after my body, even you, mother, I have no choice.By the way, I have about 24 rak’ats of qada ‘prayer and I have not fasted for 10 days. Give them. I hope this will be done well.

محمدعلی کارگر

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