Martyr Mahmoud Arami

Father’s name: Abdul Rahim

Date of birth: October 19, 1959

Place of birth: Ferdows

Date of martyrdom:  December 30, 1983

Place of martyrdom: Kurdistan

Burial place: Ferdows

Sending unit: Jihad Sazandegi

biography, diary

Mahmoud Arami

Martyr Ali Asghar Aram (Mahmoud Arami) was born on 7/21/1338 in a religious family in Ferdows city of South Khorasan province. After spending his childhood in the arms of his family, he successfully completed his primary and secondary education in this city, and during his vacations or leisure time, he worked in brick kilns to cover his school expenses. Since he was very good in terms of education and at a high level, and also interested in agriculture and serving the deprived, so he studied at the Mashhad Agricultural University and after graduating, he spent his military service in the Gendarmerie. At the same time, with great effort, he was able to obtain the approval of the commander to go to the front and to serve voluntarily on the southern and western fronts for 9 months. After completing his military service, due to his good performance and positive stances to serve the revolution and the deprived, he was invited to work in the construction jihad of Ferdows city and worked as the head of the ideological training unit. Because his specialty was agriculture, he transferred to the Agriculture Committee and carried out significant activities to improve the agricultural level of the region and to repair and develop flooded wells in the villages.

Among his outstanding moral characteristics, purity and trust, night prayers and his midnight needs with the one God, commitment to the Imam and the Revolution and Velayat-e-Faqih, advice to defend the ideals and goals of the Islamic Revolution on the fronts of right against wrong, good behavior and speech with parents And their relatives and people and ……….

Dear Martyr Ali Asghar Aram, with great insistence and insistence against the objections of the jihad officials, was sent to Mashhad through the Basij on 9/14/1362 and from there to Kurdistan. Turns out and is wasted. After that, after enduring many tortures, on 10/9/1362, the sweet chicken of his soul ascended from the body of the body and drank the syrup of martyrdom.

The text of the will of the jihadist martyr Mahmoud Arami

In the name of… the Most Gracious, the Most
In the name of the Creator of the universe and the crusher of the oppressors and the helper of the oppressed, and greetings to the great leader of the revolution, Imam Khomeini, this model of resistance, courage and piety. The one who guided us from error to light. Now that I have once again succeeded in going to the fronts of truth against falsehood and joining the ranks of Hussein’s supporters, I thank God and write a few words as a will. O God, until you have mercy on him, do not leave this world, O Star of Defects. I ask you to forgive my sins, because I need you so much and I am afraid of your wrath. Now that death is right, let me choose a death in which the happiness of this world and the hereafter lies. You yourself are a witness that I take steps only for your pleasure and to help Islam and the Qur’an, I have chosen this path with an open eye, not for the sake of status and revenge, O God, you have always given me more than I asked for, and I am ashamed and ashamed of what I have to do it, I have failed and now that I am very afraid of the Day of Judgment and even though I know that you have no other opinion about your servants except your mercy and grace, God, what will you do with those who have befriended other than you? What will you do to those who have been deceived by money, children and the world with all its deception? Have they ever thought about these young people who are having the best days of their lives and what kind of capital they are looking for? So, come to your senses for a moment and learn from these young people and know that you are responsible for the blood of these loved ones, and today, when the enemies of Islam target my heart and the hearts of thousands of dear young people, it is only for supporting dear Islam. If they provide all the calamities and troubles for our zealous nation to see our mullah weak and dumb, they will fulfill this wish, because the great God is the supporter of this revolution. And you, my kind parents and those who have endured hardships and hardships for me, be proud that you raised a child who one day, at the urging of me, Nasser Yensrani Hussein Zaman Labik, said that one day, when dear Islam needs blood, he rushed to the aid of Islam. Dear sisters, consider God in all your deeds and support Islam and the Qur’an with sincerity and unity, lest one day the enemies of Islam attack us and we are divided. O God, I have always succeeded in my endeavor to be a sincere servant. O God, I do not have any more precious capital than my life to give in your way, and accept this invaluable soul of mine in your way and in Khomeini and in the way of spreading dear Islam. Answer that Al-Razzani Tawfiq al-Shahadah fi Sabilak and Jalna I was smart and young, and in the end forgive all my brothers and relatives and friends if they see anything bad in me. Always pray for the health of the dear Imam. Hoping for the flag of Islam to fly all over the universe. Soldier of Islam: Always pray for the health of the dear Imam. Hoping for the flag of Islam to fly all over the universe. Soldier of Islam: Always pray for the health of the dear Imam. Hoping for the flag of Islam to fly all over the universe. Soldier of Islam:

Mahmoud Arami


Mahmoud Arami
Mahmoud Arami
Martyr Mahmoud Arami
Martyr Mahmoud Arami
Martyr Mahmoud Ara

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