Martyr Parviz Sharafi

Father’s name: Jafar Gholi

Date of birth: February 20, 1968

Place of birth: Ferdows

Date of martyrdom: September 1, 1986

Place of martyrdom: Hajomran

Burial place: Ferdows

Sending unit: Basij

biography, diary

Martyr “Parviz Sharafi” was born at dawn on February 11, 1967 in Ferdows city. After his childhood, he started his education in Ghias-ud-Din Jamshid Kashani school and then went to Seyed Jamal-ud-Din Asadabadi middle school to continue his education. His late elementary school years coincided with the early days of the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, and Parviz, despite his young age, participated extensively in demonstrations and marches. After the victory of the glorious Islamic Revolution of Iran, he continued his activities and was a member of the Students’ Scientific Association. After that, and at the same time with the formation of the student resistance base in Jerusalem at the Shahid Bahonar Conservatory, he took charge of it. With the beginning of the imposed war of Iraq against Iran, in order to defend Iran and the revolution, after a training course in Marzavand garrison, he was sent to the war and operational areas for the first time on July 17, 1986, and in the Imam Sajjad Battalion The Special Martyrs’ Division served as a wireless helper. Finally, on the evening of September 30, 1986, in Operation Karbala 2 and in the Hajj Imran area of ​​operation, he was hit by shrapnel from a mortar shell along with Sardar Rashid Islam and the commander of the Kaveh Martyrs’ Division. The pure body of the martyr was buried after being transferred to his birthplace. May his happy soul cherish his memory and may his soul be full of joy. A memoir from the mother of the martyr “Parviz Sharafi”: The imposed war that started My son Parviz, along with some of his local friends and classmates, decided to go to military training. After training one day at home, my son expressed his enthusiasm for going to the front. I raised the issue of his lesson and in this way I wanted to dissuade him from going to the front because he was a student. But my son Parviz immediately replied to me: the treasury property has been spent for my training and now, after passing the training course, it is obligatory for me to go to the front. In any case, Parviz convinced me and his father with this statement, and we allowed him to go to the front. The martyrdom of one of my son’s friends had a profound effect on his morale, and he was eager to be on the front line. In any case, Parviz was sent and went to the battlefields to defend Islamic Iran. Later, I heard from Parviz’s comrades that the desire for martyrdom was so strong in him that he had written either pilgrimage or martyrdom on the back of his clothes.

The text of the will of student Parviz Sharafi

prayers and fasting, life and death are for God.
Greetings to the holy presence of Imam Zaman (AS) and his rightful successor, Ayatollah Imam Khomeini, and greetings to all the families of the martyrs, the disabled, the wounded and the missing, and greetings to all those who continue the path of the martyrs of the Islamic Revolution. Now that I was preparing for a relentless battle with the help of God, I felt the need to make a few points on paper as a testament so that I would not be burdened in terms of human rights, because God forgives his own rights but does not forgive the rights of the people unless Satisfy them.
The first thing that a person must determine and without which he can not be successful is the goal. The main of all warriors is only God, and to achieve the main goal, I take heart from all worldly material things and return the trust to its original owner so that on the promised day I can be white in front of the martyrs and the infallible Imams.
My first commandment to my parents is to be patient in the face of adversity and not to be saddened by the loss of their children in the way of Islam, and to be happy that they have been able to give birth to a child in the way of God. I am not satisfied that they shed tears for me, and if you want to cry, cry for the oppression of Hussein (AS), who was really oppressed, and if you are upset with me, I hope he will forgive your greatness.
But you, brothers and sisters, my dear brothers, try not to neglect the remembrance of God for a moment, because with the remembrance of God, hearts are calmed and man is removed from all sins, and he walks in the path of Islam, and waits in the face of difficulties and does not despair. According to God’s promise, the earth belongs to those who are pious. But you, dear sisters, who by keeping the hijab can punch the mouths of the superpowers of the East and the West and cry in the prayers for the oppression of Imam Hussein (AS) and do all your work for the pleasure of God, and if you are upset with me, to your greatness. You will forgive.
But my message to the martyred nation of Ferdows: May God protect you all, and I am too small to send a message to people like you, but as a reminder, I ask all of you to participate in ceremonies and marches as in the past, and follow the martyrs. And be a revolution and do not let the blood of the martyrs be trampled on.
As for the students: by studying well, they can turn the hope of global arrogance into despair, because the enemy of all hope is you, the students, and use this good time when it is the best time to study, and study hard and do not let the whole The irreligious people should infiltrate the important positions of the country, because such people do not think of anything other than achieving pleasure and luxury, and if you are lax in this matter, these people will take your positions and try to study for God, and Do not forget about social issues along with the lesson.
However, the war did not allow me to continue my studies and also to appreciate the teachers who really have a fatherly right to us. Finally, I apologize to all my classmates, teachers, and fellow citizens, and I pray.
War, war, until the end of sedition in the whole world
God, God, keep Mahdi Khomeini until the revolution,
and peace be upon him, and may God have mercy on him, and bless him, the
faithful or the Lord of the worlds.


Martyr Parviz Sharafi
Martyr Parviz Sharafi
Martyr Parviz Sharafi
Martyr Parviz Sharafi
Martyr Parviz Sharafi
Martyr Parviz Sharafi
Martyr Parviz Sharafi
Martyr Parviz Sharafi

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