Martyr Seyed Ali Adl

سید علی عدل
سید علی عدل

Father’s name: Seyed Mohammad

Date of birth: June 22, 1964

Place of birth: Ferdows

Date of martyrdom:  June 22, 1988

Place of martyrdom: Baneh

Burial place: Ferdows

Sending unit: Jihadist

biography, diary:

Martyr Seyyed Ali Adl was born in Ferdows in 1343. He successfully completed his high school education. Vatan means the city of return and participation in the entrance exam of the Islamic Azad University. The field of road and construction was accepted. He was attracted to himself and had a sincere and deep faith in his behavior.

As mentioned above, during the war, due to the need of the Urmia headquarters, he was sent to the war zone with a few engineers and began to build fortifications in the fortifications. The Ba’athists were finally paying a high degree of martyrdom in the camp of Hamza Seyyed al-Shohada on 1/4/67, as a result of the firing of an artillery shell by the Ba’athist enemy.

Moral characteristics of a martyr

He was a good-natured and humorous young man in every assembly that refreshed the people of the parliament with his own words.

He loved Imam Khomeini, he was a disciple, he was immersed in the words and deeds of Imam Khomeini.

Ali was a good boy. I loved him very much. He was dear to me.

a diary

Memoirs of the martyr father

Ever since God Ali’s mother, it was known from the very beginning of his movements that he was a brave child and my family had six sons and three daughters. And this disease had weakened him so much that we went to Imam Reza (AS) to cure him and Imam Reza (AS) healed him.

Ali was a kind and affectionate boy. He had a special respect for his parents, especially his mother. He respected his brothers and sisters. He had a good attraction. Everyone made friends with him. He had not yet finished his military service when he was martyred in the Kurdistan region (around Shahrbaneh).

Memoirs of the Martyr Brother (Seyed Jamal Adl)

Martyr Ali’s brother was obedient to his parents and never acted against their wishes

My parents are satisfied with Ali’s, God willing, he is also satisfied with Ali (brother cries)

Ali Agha was a good-natured boy. God had given him a larynx that could repeat the voice of all people, so he listened to the religious tapes and performed the same tape as the sound that was played from the tapes. They were coming to the city from distant cities to congratulate and condole with their families.

When Ali’s body was brought and I went to Ascension to visit and kiss Ali’s face.

Memoirs of Martyr’s sister (Mansoureh Adl)

I have many memories of my brother Ali. His love and humor will not be forgotten. He was very good-natured. Reaching the position of nearness to God, whose martyrdom fulfilled his desire for nearness. He took part in marches and revolutionary demonstrations. He advised his uncle about wearing a headscarf and a hijab. We will follow his advice, as my brother said.

Phrases from the will of the martyr

“It is the best time for me to write things as a will, because the survival and death of the Almighty is in the hands of the Almighty, and whatever the divine providence is, it will be.”

Last night, while I was miles away from my parents, I remembered my parents who had worked hard for me, and the teachers and teachers who have given me so much intellectual upbringing, in fact, have a great right on my neck, and I pray for all of them.

The special servant of God is the one who acts according to what he says and does not go forward with the pretense of religiosity and hypocrisy. »ف ۱۶/۱

Amen, the omnipotent

Ali Adl

The text of the will of martyr Seyyed Ali Adl

In the name of the Lord of the martyrs and the righteous
I have been on the front for several days, although every Muslim must have a will in any case, but the front has a different atmosphere, in other words, the front is visible and not audible. I feel it is the best time to write things as a will, because the survival and annihilation of life is in the mighty and powerful hand of revelation, and whatever the divine providence is, whether it is willing or not, it arrives without delay. Last night, I was reminded of the various thoughts that had invaded my mind, or of my parents, who are now miles away from me, and the hardships they had endured for my upbringing, so that I could ask them if I could I was martyred. If I could not serve them in the face of their many sufferings, I apologize, because this is part of it. I also apologize to my dear brothers and sisters who are always in my heart, and I ask them to make me lawful.
I have many friends, all of whom I am satisfied with, and I always wish to remember them. May they also forgive me and be pleased with me. May God reward all of them with good rewards. They went home to be alone with their God from the bottom of their hearts and to know what they were saying and doing. Because I think everything is action, not speech.
God Almighty pays attention to what we do, not what we say. Try to make our actions the same as our words. The special clause of God and the true Muslim is the one who does what he says, if not by pretending to be religious and pretending. Sooner or later, one will be rejected and even cause a lot of trouble. Therefore, I help my God to guide me in what is good and good in it, and I wish good deeds and a good end to all my survivors, as well as to my friends, fellow citizens and compatriots.
May God bless all the Muslims of the world, especially the patient and tolerant nation of Islamic Iran, with the success of righteous deeds, worship and servitude. ‹‹ Amen or Lord of the Worlds ›

Seyed Ali Adl from Ferdows Khorasan – 1988

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