Martyr Gholam Hossein Zarei

Father’s name: Mohammad

Date of birth: September 27

Place of birth: Bidskan

Date of martyrdom: September 1, 1986

Place of martyrdom: Haj Imran

Burial place: Bidskan

Sending unit: Basij

The text of the will of the student Gholam Hossein Zarei

غلامحسین زارعی
غلامحسین زارعی

in the name of God

“And among the believers are men who are true to what they covenanted with God, and among them are those who have fulfilled their vows from me and have seen what they have changed.”

Since there is real life and transcendent life in the other world, and the properties of man appear there, and man is afflicted by them, and according to the Holy Qur’an, all beings will taste the syrup of death and migrate to that world, in this world their God Subjected to testing and examination.

My dears, our war is a divine test, and God says: We will guide those who jihad in my way to our ways.

After God, the prophets and after them, the infallible Imams (AS) have the right to rule, and after the Imams, the saints of God are the executors of the religion, and if they are not present, the one who has representation and life on their behalf should be responsible for it. But he is a jurist and obedience to his orders is obligatory on everyone.

He says: “If the enemy invades the land of the Muslims and its borders, it is obligatory on all Muslims to defend it by any means, whether by spending money or life.”

And today is also a day.

Since I have complete confidence in my God, I consciously go to the battlefield of truth against falsehood and accept any hardship, suffering and calamity because my goal is only God and I hope to use my tongue against the enemy as much as I can and from my homeland. Defend me baby.

I hope to fulfill the principles of Islam, to protect the Islamic Republic, and to achieve my great dream of martyrdom in the way of God, because I have nothing better than to sacrifice a friend who is closer to me than a jugular vein.

I ask God to make me end up as He loves me.

Yes, martyrdom is the highest stage of human development, and perfect human beings must reach the highest peak of human perfection, which is martyrdom in the way of God.

My message to the Islamic Ummah and my dear compatriots is that they should not leave the fronts empty and should not hesitate to help the Islamic fighters on the fronts, and that the dear youth should rush to the aid of the fighters and continue the path of the martyrs.

I ask my dear family to make me lawful and forgive me if they have seen something wrong with me, and I hope that all those who know me will forgive me.

I am not satisfied that anyone cries over my death and martyrdom, if you want to cry, cry for the master of the martyrs of Imam Hussein (AS). Because he was martyred oppressed.

Pray for the prolongation of the life of our dear Imam and the victory of the warriors of Islam on the battlefields of truth against falsehood and the freedom of captives and the missing.

I will bury my body in the tomb of the martyrs of Bidskan village of Ferdows city.

Dear father and mother, pray that God will accept your prayer. Inshallah.

Walsalam Gholam Hossein Zarei, Ferdows. Bidskan village. Quoted from Ferdows News

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