Martyr Gholamreza Bahoush

Father’s name: Mohammad

Date of birth: September 4, 1949

Place of birth: Ferdows

Date of martyrdom: March 12, 1987

Place of martyrdom: Karbala 5

Burial place: Ferdows

Deployment unit: Operation Karbala 5 Jihad

biography, diary

He joined Jihad-e-Sazandegi, and the last step he went to the battlefields was through Jihad-e-Sazandegi, whose last word when he left was to always remember the poor and the oppressed. Do not leave the Imam and the dear leader alone and follow the orders of the Imam.

          Before coming to jihad, the intelligent martyr had gone to the front many times and participated in various operations, and once he was injured in the eye area. After treatment, he went to the front again and participated in the operation. She spent time in war zones and participated as a line breaker and female RPG. In the last operation that led to her martyrdom was Operation Karbala 5 in the Shalamcheh area, where she was in charge of one of the axes of the operation, which took place on 12/21/21. 65 were hit in the head by shrapnel from a Ba’athist enemy and were martyred to a high degree.

Moral characteristics of a martyr:

          He was diligent in performing his duties and participated in Kamil prayers, Nadbah, Tawassul and religious meetings with his other friends. He himself was one of the organizers of such religious gatherings and circles. He did not forget the poor and needy and helped his subordinates and the poor as much as possible. He was one of the believers and Basijis of the local Basij base and his heart was beating for the revolution and he was always fighting against the counter-revolution. He was trying to fix it.

Social activities:

          According to his brother, he was a multi-purpose force. He was a multi-purpose force. He was a welder on the battlefields. He was a pipeline driver. He was a bulldozer driver. Whenever he wanted to go to the front, he would satisfy his parents and family. He often wished for martyrdom. I do not have the success of martyrdom, but he was unaware that the fate of his martyrdom in Karbala 5 was decided in Shalamcheh, which achieved his long-cherished dream.

          The clever martyr is left with daughters and a son, who will hopefully continue their father’s path.

May his soul be happy and comfortable

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