Martyr Hassan Houshangnejad

Father’s name: Assadaleh

Date of birth: January 2, 1964

Place of birth: Ferdows

Date of martyrdom: March 14, 1984

Place of martyrdom: Majnoon Island

Burial place: Ferdows

Sending unit: Basij

Biography of Martyr Hassan Houshangnejad

In the name of the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Hassan Houshangnejad
Hassan Houshangnejad

Do you think that you will enter Paradise without being tested by God and those who jihad in the way of religion and resist hardships? May God make their position known to the world. (The Holy Quran )

At the time when Ibrahim shouted at the time to break the empty idols of arrogance. When the roaring cry of our late Imam shook the foundations of the golden palaces of the leaders of the oppressive imperial regime, And no one heard and Khomeini the Great was exiled at the height of his oppression and our strongholds asked him: So where are the supporters of Islam? Roh… replied: My soldiers are now in the cradle. At this time, Hassan was born in a humble house in the city of Ferdows and to religious families. Less than five years after his death, the Wyanger earthquake in 1347 occurred and he was miraculously saved from the dust. A few meters away, the blood of his younger brother Hussein Sanghara had turned pink. After the earthquake, he migrated to Mashhad with his family and started his education in one of the primary schools in this city. When the family returned from Mashhad to Ferdows, he continued his education. In 1978, at the height of the glorious Islamic Revolution, the cradle soldiers of the past 15 years had become young, with clenched fists and shouts of death against the United States, mocking the empty regime and throwing small stones at the statues of Pharaoh of the time. And they could have responded to Hussein Zaman’s outcry.

Until the enemies of Islam could not stand the rising sun of the Islamic government, they imposed war. Now the promised time had come and the young people had to step on their feet and draw their swords for justice. (Hassan) was no exception. He left the test of God’s servants on the ground to follow the great test that God was testing. They asked him, “What is your test?” Answered the main exam is there. He played an important role in the liberation of Khorramshahr along with many precious martyrs.

For the second time, he took part in the operation to liberate the heights of Mehran and showed his utmost self-sacrifice and devotion. It was a victory that he performed ablutions in the Tigris and prayed for love in this operation. “We want to stand here and resist,” he was quoted as saying. This is where the love for the pilgrimage to Karbala is manifested in his high spirit and his name is registered in the ranks of the lost in the Karbala desert of Iran. To be an argument against all those who have a great divine duty to defend Islam and the homeland. They evaded and, according to our late Imam, they have caused great damage that they will regret on the last day. He was martyred on 12/24/1362 and his pure body was identified after eleven years in Hoor Al-Hawizeh and was buried in his hometown. In the end, we ask God Almighty to keep the shadow of the Supreme Leader over us, and to have mercy on the families of the martyrs, patience and reward, and on the wounded and disabled, and to open the eyes of the families of the prisoners and the missing to visit their loved ones.

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