Martyr Gholamreza Mozdestan

Father’s name: Gholam Hossein

Date of birth: January 10, 1965

Place of birth: Ferdows

Date of martyrdom: July 24, 1988

Place of martyrdom: Shalamcheh

Burial place: Ferdows

Sending unit: Pasdar

The text of the will of the Revolutionary Guards, Martyr Gholamreza Mozdestan

Name of God
verse: those who believe and Hajrva and Jahdva sake of God Bamvalhm and Anfs·hm a large degree by God and Uhlik the Alfayzvn)
those who believe, and the home migration settled in the way of Allah with their wealth and their lives fought as long and they Especially the successful and the prosperous are both wise.
Many greetings to the Guardian of the Age (pbuh) ‌ and his rightful deputy Khomeini Ruhollah and many greetings to the holy souls of the martyrs of Islam and endless greetings to the great families of martyrs, prisoners, the missing, the disabled and the always victorious warriors of Islam.
O God, I thank you for granting me the success of participating in this holy jihad, this humble and sinful servant, and for your infinite grace, you have given me death on your way. I thank you for being in a time and place, which is nothing but remembrance. It is not you and your name and everything is for your satisfaction. O God, forgive me my sins with the honor and glory of this sinful servant in passing by the grace and dignity of me.
God, I ask for forgiveness and I defend Islam and the Islamic Revolution with all my heart and soul with all my being, with love, and may I be able to do a service, however small, for your pleasure.
Now I see John Barkafan of Party A moving towards the deity and I feel the moments of divine test and trial.
Dear brothers and those who hope for Islam in the Islamic Revolution to you, do not forget to pray and ask for forgiveness, and be very careful in your actions and behavior, and practice the piety of God.
Imam of the Ummah, help this model of good sincerity and piety, and always pray for its honorable existence.
Make Friday and congregational prayers as glorious as possible, which will frustrate the enemies of Islam and the Islamic Revolution. Today, the words of the Imam of the Nation are a proof for all of us, to see what is our human duty and faith in the face of pure blood, the best and most worthy children of this God-seeking nation that is filled every day from the flower garden of this country?
Let us try to fulfill our personal duty to the extent of our commitment to Islam and the Islamic Revolution. They were martyred on the battlefield with infidelity and atheism.
And you, my kind parents, kiss your hands from afar, I apologize for not being able to be a worthy child for you so far and to make up for the hardships you have caused me. Forgive me, I ask you to be patient and resilient, for God is with the patient. God will reward you. Thank God that you had this great success when you sent your child to the front to please him. God took his trust from you, is it not that we are all from God and. We turn to him and the return of all of us is in his hands, so how much better to be in his way and for him with love. I ask you for forgiveness and forgiveness once again, and I ask God Almighty for your health, happiness and dignity.

And you, my very good brothers and sisters, forgive me for not being able to compensate for your hardships. I pray for the good of all of you. I pray for all of you, dear brothers and sisters.
I have been fasting for 22 days and I did not have the opportunity to make it up. I ask my dear parents to make it up.

Date 20/10/1365

Reza Mozdestan


Martyr Mazdestan and Martyr Mohammad Taghi Fayazian

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