Martyr Mokhtar Ashrafi Moghaddam

Father’s name: Mohammad Kaloukh

Date of birth: September 8, 1966

Place of birth: Gastj

Date of martyrdom:November 20, 1983

Place of martyrdom: Panjwin

Burial place: Gastj

Sending unit: Basij

biography, diary 

Martyr Mokhtar Ashrafi Moghaddam, the son of Mohammad Klokh, was born on 6/17/1345 in a clean, simple and religious family in the village of Gastaj in the city of Ferdows. Childhood in the loving arms of the mother and

The afflicted hands of a toiling father were raised. He entered primary school when he was seven years old, and in the last years of his primary education, at the height of the Islamic Revolution, he and his classmates tried to destroy the image of the deposed king, thus expressing their disgust with the Pahlavi regime. From his childhood, he was a student with a religious spirit and listened to the messages of the Imam (ra) well and was active in religious marches and meetings. Due to his special interest in technical work, he dropped out of the fifth grade and started working as a cupboard maker in Ferdows city. With the start of the imposed war, due to his great interest in the menus of leadership and patriotism, he prepared himself to go to the front like others. After his parents agreed to attend the rank, he enrolled in the Basij and completed a training course in Kashmir. He was sent to the southern region on 11/1/1362 and returned to Ferdows after three months in the rank. It seems that the atmosphere of the front has made him another person and has made the love of God more alive in him. Therefore, for the second time, on 5/17/1362, after less than a month in his hometown, he said goodbye to everyone and went to the fronts of light against darkness. Finally, on 8/29/1362, during Operation Valfajr 4 in the Panjwin area of ​​Iraq, he was able to stay afloat and began the journey to his beloved. His soul is happy and his path is full.

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