Martyr Mohammad Reza Dehghan


Mohammad Reza Dehghan 

Father’s name: Mohammad Kalukh 

Date of Birth: March 21, 1962

Place of Birth: Bideskan 

Date of Martyrdom: July 30, 1983

Place of Martyrdom: Mehran 

Burial Place: Bidskan 

Dispatcher Unit: Basij

 From The Will of Martyr Mohammad Reza Dehghan Al-Rahman al-Rahim I, Mohammad Reza Dehghan, son of Mohammad Kalukh, born in Bidskan village on 07/07/62, I will write my will as follows: Be patient with God the Almighty. Ashhad n La Ilaha Illa Allah and Ashhad N Muhammad Rasool Allah and Khatam al-Nabiyin and Ashhad an Qur’an al-‘Azim Book of … And Ashhad n al-Mukabah Baq’ati and Ashhad an Amir al-Mu’minin Ali Wali Allah Emami and Ashhad an al-Hasan, al-Husayn and al-A’imma al-Mu’awiya I Dhariyah al-Husayn imams al-Muslimeen and Hajjah a… Ali ‘Ebadah and Ashhad n al-Mahdi, Sahib al-Asr, Al-Zaman Al-Imami, Phi Occultation, Al-Asr al-Khumini Qa’edi, and Anna Abd Dhalil Haqiqir, Maskin Andalah, Anna Laleh, and Anna Elias rakhoun are some reminders that I invite all brothers to be accepted before God. Avoiding occultation, thanking God for his blessings and observing politeness when speaking and patience and perseverance in disasters and hardships, trusting in God in all matters, helping and helping the oppressed and orphans and self-control and reflecting on answering friends, perseverance at work, fulfilling the covenant, first-time prayer, learning Islamic issues and rulings, taking away greed and greed. Always consider yourself and the thought of the Hereafter as the forefront of your life. Worship more so that on the Day of Judgment they will give your letter to your right and try to pray for this tireless old jamaran, try to move in straight paths and do not think too much about materials because this low world has no value. A market for dear guilds, businessmen, and administrative brothers, try to do your jobs according to Islamic criteria, treat the people who come to you properly, and dear brothers in Mellat Bank, if they have seen bad from me, these few months that I was in the bank, I will forgive all the Basij brothers and the guards of other organs, I ask you to use the right Muslims’ house that you against the blood Martyrs are responsible for the duty of all brothers in front of the blood of the martyrs to practice Islam and to preserve and protect the Islamic Front of the Revolution. Mohammad Reza Dehghan  Memories: The first memory before and after Mohammad Reza’s dispatch to the front inspired me to be martyred, so I was constantly thinking about the news of his martyrdom. Three nights before his testimony, I dreamed that I was in a big square, holding a black flag, there were a lot of bodies around me that were dismembred by the enemy, and the ravens were sitting on them, and I was yelling at them with the flag in my hand, yelling at them to take them away from our children and throwing stones at them so much that I yelled at them. I woke up dreaming, and I thought, “What was this dream I had?” After three days, they brought my son’s body with other martyrs when we went to see Mohammad’s body, and I saw the martyred mothers crying over their children’s bodies and I remembered my sleep. Narrator: Hajji Nisa Ahmadi

The second memory of my son, Mohammad Reza, had gone to Ferdows to continue his education and had allowed a house in 400 units. His other brother had gone there. We didn’t have any income, so we could give them considerable money. One day, my husband slaughtered one of the sheep and took some meat and bread and went to their house in Ferdows. But when we arrived, we opened the door of the house, and we went inside, and we didn’t see anything else but books. When the children came at noon, both of them were laughing and I asked, “Why are you laughing?” My son said: “My mother didn’t have anything to eat last night, I told Mohammad Reza, “Go and get money from my grandfather” to buy bread, but he refused to say, “We will read the Quran tonight and if we can’t sleep.” Tomorrow God will make it himself. Until we turned a blind eye to the foods you brought, we laughed. Narrator: Hajji Nisa Ahmadi

The third memory of one day sitting at the house around the table, eating. Mohammad Reza’s little sister showed a photo of a singer. My son took the photo from his hand and slowly hit the back of his hand. Because Tahera was our first daughter and her father was very fond of her, she treated Mohammad Reza for doing so. He turned to his father and said, “Be nice to me so I never do it.” He got up from the table without discomfort, and he got ablution, he left the house, and I followed him. I saw him go to the mosque and pray and attend the prayer and return home without any discomfort from the narrator: Hajji Nisa Ahmadi

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