Martyr Ghorban Ahmadi

Father’s name: Hassan

Date of birth: June 6, 1959

Place of birth: Mehrankooshk

Date of martyrdom: July 31, 1994

Place of martyrdom: Rashtavand Gonabad checkpoint – Seh Kohak heights

Burial place: Mehrankooshk

Sending unit: police force

biography, diary

Martyr Ghorban Ahmadi was born on 3/15/1338 in the village of Mehrangooshk in the city of Ferdows, and was martyred on 5/9/1373 in the village of Roshanavand, Gonabad, due to a clash with armed miscreants and was shot.

Martyr Ghorban Ahmadi, another martyr and martyr on the bloody and battle fronts, was born on 3/15/1338 in the village of Mehrangushk in the city of Ferdows. He was raised in a faithful and low-income family and then entered primary school and spent his time in the center of science and knowledge. After finishing elementary school in his native village, he went to middle and high school in Ferdows city and started studying. At the same time as the revolution, he actively participated in marches and encouraged others to do so. In 1982, at the age of 23, he entered the sergeant school and started working in the police force. He got married in 1363 and the result of his marriage was a son and two daughters. He spent a long time on the eastern borders of the country and in clashes with miscreants and smugglers, and he endured the very difficult conditions of this period, with his firm belief and faith. In 1988, he was transferred to Gonabad region and served sincerely at Younesi and Roshanavand checkpoints. Finally, while patrolling and ambushing around the mountains of Roshanavand checkpoint on 9/5/1373, he was involved in a confrontation with miscreants and armed smugglers, and as a result of being shot dead, he surrendered and his soul flew to the idol. great blessing and great memory .

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