Martyr Javad Nazeri

Father’s name: Ibrahim

Date of birth: September 19, 1966

Place of birth: Ferdows

Date of martyrdom: August 1, 1983

Place of martyrdom: Mehran

Burial place: Ferdows

Sending unit: Basij

The text of the will of Martyr Javad Nazeri 

In the name of… الرحمن الرحیم
Badrud and greetings to the holy presence of Hazrat Baqiyat… the savior of the human world and with greetings and greetings to his rightful deputy Imam Khomeini, the helper of all the oppressed of the world who freed us Muslim people from the burden of Taghut now that with God’s help Once he was sent to the right-against-wrong fronts, I needed to write a few words of will.
Brothers and sisters, know that I have consciously set foot on this path and I am consciously sacrificing my life for this dear Islam. I call on the martyred nation of Ferdows to be more and more in favor of the Imam and his helpers, as they have been until now, or to fight against any conspiracies planned by foreign and bloodthirsty superpowers, and for the brothers to go to the front as much as possible. Turn because the front is a place where man does not feel any barrier between himself and his God and it is the front where man learns the lesson of self-sacrifice and devotion and gets closer to God and I have a message for my dear students and brothers .
No matter how hard you try, it is still not enough and O fathers and loved ones of Iran, this water and soil is right on our necks to fertilize and try to preserve it and do not let it be destroyed by foreigners. I ask all relatives, friends and neighbors that if during this period I abused them in life or an ugly deed invaded me and upset you, please be pleased with me and forgive me, and in the end I am a sinful servant, I beg you to pray and I ask the people to never forget the prayer of the leader. Do not do it and always pray to him because everything we got was from the guidance and help of this devoted Imam. I owe 35 days of fasting and lend me prayer for 2 to 3 months.

God bless Mehdi Khomeini until the revolution, peace
and blessings be upon him… and blessings of
Javad NazeriMartyr Nazeri’s sister: My 17-year-old brother eagerly went to defend his homelandMartyr Nazeri’s sister said: My 17-year-old brother eagerly defended his homeland and left his studies to defend the system.

According to the correspondent of the Ansar al-Reza Corps information base in South Khorasan , on the occasion of setting up the first memorial for the province’s wireless and telecommunication martyrs, we went to a number of families of these martyrs and prepared a report on their martyrs’ memories.
“My brother was very careful in his morals, he was faithful, he never wanted to hurt anyone and he was very eager to defend the homeland,” Najmeh Khatun Nazeri told our correspondent.
He pointed out: Although my brother was a teenager, he insisted on getting permission to go to the front from his father and went to the front eagerly.
Martyr Nazeri’s sister stated: My brother always said that Imam Khomeini said in 1942 that my companions were still breastfeeding, and that I am Imam Khomeini’s companion today.
Nazeri pointed out: My father used to tell my brother to reach the age of military service and then go to the front, but he always said that the homeland needs me now, maybe the homeland will not need my defense later.
He cried and referred to his brother’s martyrdom and added: “What was my brother in the wireless front and three months after my brother went to the front in Sepah Square in Ferdows, they read the names of the martyrs and said that the bodies of martyrs Javad Nazeri and Hassan Mir Razavi will be buried tomorrow.”
The martyr’s sister added: Her brother was martyred at the age of 17 in the Karbala operation on September 22, 1983.
He stated: Martyr Javad Nazeri said in his will, my brother and sister, know that I have consciously set foot on this path and I am consciously sacrificing my life for Islam. My goal is to go to the front because of the responsibility placed on me to shed the blood of the martyrs. And the destruction of disbelief and helping other brothers.
Ms. Nazeri continued: In her will, she asked her parents not to lose your spirit with my martyrdom, to be strong like a mountain and to resist the problems and enemies of Islam, as well as not to neglect a moment of thinking and remembering God. Try and sacrifice the religion of Islam.
Martyr Nazeri’s sister reminded: In his will, my brother asked the people of Ferdows to be more in favor of the Imam and his helpers as they have been until now, or to fight any conspiracies planned by foreign and bloodthirsty superpowers. کردن.
He said: “My brother considered the front as a place where human beings learn the lessons of self-sacrifice and devotion and get closer to God, and asked students and teenagers of the same age to defend the homeland and not to spare any effort.”

Martyr Javad Nazeri
Martyr Javad Nazeri

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