Martyr Seyed Hossein Dowlati

Father’s name: Sayyed Kazem

Date of birth: March 21, 1961

Place of birth: Sorond

Date of martyrdom: July 28, 1986

Place of martyrdom: Mehran

Landfill:  Sorond

Sending unit: Basij

Seyed Hossein Dolati

the memories:

The first memory:
“One day one of his colleagues was injured and said: ‘Let’s go and get news from home.’ We went to the house of the wounded man who had been injured in the leg and several other places. After returning from the injured house, he went into one of the rooms and started crying without his parents or anyone knowing. I did not bother him but I said outside why did you cry so much? “I do not know what sin I have committed that God does not forgive my sins and I can not even donate one of my limbs in the way of God.”

Narrator: Seyed Amir Dolati

Second memory
In 1365, my parents were preparing to go to the house of God when my brother said: I want to go to the front. Everything I told him: Dad wants to go on a trip. It was useless and even my parents did not accept whatever they insisted on leaving after our trip and said: The front needs forces like me now and I will be back by the time you return. In any case, he satisfied my parents and went to the front and was so happy that even after two weeks he was there, he wrote a letter to me and after a secret and need with God, he wrote this is the greatest kindness that God did it for me and he wanted to fly out of enthusiasm and taste, and thus began his last journey.

Narrator: Seyed Amir Dolati

Third memory
Another point is that he was not satisfied at all to use people’s property without complete consent. Do not be. »

Narrator: Seyed Amir Dolati


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State Martyrs-Leopard-Justice Seeker
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