Martyr Yadollah Zende Del

Father’s name: Assadaleh

Date of birth: 11/20/1344

Place of birth :Borun

Date of martyrdom: March 19, 1984

Place of martyrdom: South Majnoon

Burial place : Borun

Sending unit: Basij

Yadala Zande Del
Yadala Zande Del

A corner of the biography of Martyr Yadale Zande Del

The great martyr was born in 1344 in the village of Borun. He grew up in a rural environment and was highly educated and very patient. He read his lessons well and had a special respect for his teachers, and this great martyr was very fond of the Qur’an and the remembrance of God, and always attended Qur’anic meetings during the holy month of Ramadan. He attended prayer meetings and never forgot God in the midst of the war. At the beginning of his youth, he married a relative with the opinion of his family, but he has no children left from the great martyr.

This noble martyr went to the front when he heard the message of the Imam. His presence on the front was so deep and effective that for the second time when he wanted to go to the front, he seemed to know that there was no going back. Although he had a married wife, he still chose his way to the front. Martyrdom was for him a flight to heaven and a shortcut to God. He was missing at first, but after 18 years of family ignorance, a plaque was brought to him as a sign of martyrdom.

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