Martyr Hashem Bakhshayesh

Father’s name: Hussein

Date of birth:  July 15, 1969

Place of birth: Ferdows

Date of martyrdom: December 25, 1986

Place of martyrdom: Shalamcheh

Burial place: Ferdows

Sending unit: Karbala 5 mobilization

biography, diary

Martyr Hashem Bakhshayesh was born on the 24th of July, 1348 in Ferdows city. This blessed day brought such sweetness and sweetness to his parents that no sweetness or honey could be tasted. His father was a confectioner and he understood this sweetness well.
Hashem studied until the third year of middle school and then rushed to his father’s aid. It was a source of hope and a beacon for my father’s house.
His interest in being on the battlefields and fighting the infidel Saddamists attracted him. After being sent to the front, he bravely fought with the enemy and the aggressor, until he finally returned to his homeland as a diver in the Shalamcheh area on January 25, 1986, and made everyone miss his visit. His immaculate body remained in the area for some time and was buried in his hometown on 12/22/1366 after a search and examination. great blessing and great memory.
Source: Documents and Publications Office of the General Office of the Martyr and Veterans Affairs Foundation of South Khorasan

Text of the will of Martyr Hashem Bakhshayesh  

“In the name of the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful
.” I go to the front and fight until I become a martyr
1- The first testament to my brothers and believers is that, O youth, do not die in a bed of humiliation that Hussein (AS) was martyred on the battlefield and lest they die in negligence that Ali (AS) in The altar was martyred and do not die in indifference that Ali Akbar Hussein was martyred by Hussein.
2- Brothers and sisters, as Hussein Sayyid al-Shuhada (AS) says, prepare yourself to endure sufferings, calamities, failures and inadequacies, and have a strong heart, which is your only supporter and guardian, and the only one who can save you from the enemies. And these calamities and hardships are fleeting and endable, but the reward of these sacrifices and sacrifices will reach the eternal and endless blessings of God.
3- O dear parents, I ask you to be patient, just as Zainab (PBUH) was patient in front of 72 martyrs, and God loves the patient.
4- O compassionate parents and my brothers and sisters, I ask you to forgive me if I have made a mistake and ask God to forgive me for my sins so that you, my brothers and sisters and parents, will not be sad about me. May God not forgive me.
5- Muslim brothers and sisters, keep your presence in the fronts of truth against falsehood, and pay more attention to the Imam, and try to find his greatness, surrender to him, and maintain honesty and sincerity, and if I have the grace of martyrdom, those who follow They are not the red line of Imam Khomeini and they do not believe in his guardianship.
6- O mothers and fathers, do not prevent your children from going to the front, because tomorrow, in the presence of God, you will not be able to answer Zainab (PBUH) who endured 72 martyrs, and send all your youth to the battlefields like the Wahb family, and even corpses. Do not take him either, because Wehbe’s mother said, “I will not take back the secret I gave in the way of God.”
7- I ask my brothers and sisters to forgive me if they have seen a mistake in me and ask God to forgive me so that God will forgive my sins.
8- I ask my parents, brothers and sisters not to shed a single tear for me if I get the testimony, because I do not want the enemies and hypocrites to be happy because of your crying, so do not cry so that they will be happy.
9- Send my greetings to the Imam and tell him that if I am killed thousands of times and resurrected twice, I will not give up the religion of God and I will fight under the banner of the Imam of the Age to eradicate the infidels.
10. Brothers and sisters, do not forget to ask for forgiveness and prayer, which is the best cure for relieving pain, and always remember God and walk in His way.
11- I ask my parents not to take a single dinar from the IRGC for me, because I did not go to the front for money or to open the country, but only for the sake of love for martyrdom.
12. Tell my brothers and sisters that I owe them 25 days of fasting if you can catch them, and that God will reward your good deeds.

13. Tell my parents not to be upset that their child has been martyred by the grace of God, may God give them patience. I know, dear parents, that you have suffered to raise your child in order to raise him, but know that he is the trust of God that he has given you and now he has taken back his trust, so do not be sad that God rewards you. And always help in your work.

Walsalam : Hashem Bakhshayesh 1/8/1365


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