Martyr Gholam Hossein Imani

Father’s name: Mostafa

Date of birth: January 23, 1964

Place of birth: Ferdows

Date of martyrdom: February 10, 1986

Place of martyrdom: Bovarin

Burial place: Ferdows

Sending unit: Karbala 5 mobilization

biography, diary

Martyr Gholam Hossein Imani was born on the third of Bahman in 1342 in a religious family from Ferdows city. He completed his general education until 1983 in his hometown. After receiving his diploma, he decided to be recruited in the army of the Islamic Republic, which passed all the selection stages successfully, but at the insistence of his family and intolerance of his distance, he gave up going there and the next year passed the national exam and trained the city teacher. Ferdows studied. During his studies, according to his belief in the orders of the Supreme Leader of the Revolution, Imam Khomeini, he became a member of the 20 million mobilization and was sent to the right-against-wrong fronts in two stages. The first stage returned to the family for 45 days in good health. In the second stage, during Operation Valfajr 8, on 11/21/1985 in the island of Bavarin in Iraq, he disappeared and after ten years of waiting, his holy body was buried in the Great Paradise of Ferdows city.

Enough of the moral characteristics of the martyr, he was very humble and humble. He helped all the relatives and friends in all matters without any expectations. Witnesses to this claim are friends, neighbors, relatives and close and distant relatives of the martyr. Another characteristic was that he loved the Imam and the province and did not value the world and its resources. This is quite evident from the statements and recommendations he wrote in his letters to his family. Somewhere he says: the world has no value and these few days the world of man should be kind to each other and with feeling and love. great blessing and great memory.

Source: Documents and Publications Office of the General Office of the Martyr and Veterans Affairs Foundation of South Khorasan

Gholam Hossein Imani
Gholam Hossein Imani

The text of the will of Martyr Gholam Hossein Imani

Now that I am wearing a military uniform and going to the battlefields of right against wrong, I need to put a few words on paper as a souvenir that if, God willing, I was martyred, some people will be impressed by reading this will and will not let my weapons remain on the ground. I will start the sequence. “In the name of God, the Guardian of the sanctity of the blood of the martyrs” and
do not say that I am dead for the sake of God, but revive, but do not recite the “Holy Qur’an”
“Do not say those who are killed in the way of God are dead but alive but you do not understand.
All flowers and loves, all clothes and kisses, are mortal and dead. Death stands beside all the particles of the world, especially man, the meaning of all garments and loves, to everything, and everyone stares with anonymous eyes. Plants also die. But they have the hope of life again in their hearts, but a human being will leave the world of flowers, wine and love without any hope of return, and will humiliate himself forever in the heart of the dark soil. That the fronts need blood to be sent, of course, my pain is the pain of religion, and I wish the victory of Islam over world infidelity. I came to extinguish the drunken carts of arrogance that come out of the throats of the Saddamians and to stifle their voices in the throat. I came to be an ointment for the fathers and mothers and all the relatives of the martyrs and the disabled and the missing and the captives. تاریخ Bury the history and from there send it to the depths of hell and the lower and the lower, God willing. And in short, I want to implement all the rules of Islam on earth, and finally, that he is neither oppressor nor oppressed, because I mentioned the name of the oppressed, I remembered Imam Hussein (AS) who once told you that if you do not have a religion and you are not a Muslim, at least be a free man. The words of Imam Hussein (AS) created a revolution in us and I said to myself that I am a Muslim and a free man. I will help.

Any of you ask me or something else, go to my parents and get it. Finally, I ask my relatives not to leave my parents alone and try to always be aware of their condition, but mother, father And baby sisters message
Finally, I ask my little sister and other sisters to keep their hijab and do Islamic matters well and always pray for the leader until the advent of Imam al-Zaman (as) and I ask my family if I become a martyr for about three months. They should fast and pray for a year and bury my body in the Great Paradise, and do not forget to read the Qur’an, remembrance and prayers of God, and always pray for the victory of the warriors and the longevity of the Imam, and at the end I will write a word from Imam Hussein (AS). We have been raised in the lap of dignity and lordship, and sovereignty and majesty are rippling in our souls, and honor and dignity command us to embrace death.
(You should never be afraid of anything. You are fighting to preserve Islam.)

Hossein Imani

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