Martyr Mahmoud Nazeri

Father’s name: Ali Akbar

Date of birth: June 11, 1965

Place of birth: Afghoo

Date of martyrdom: October 21, 1984

Place of martyrdom: Meymak

Burial place:  Afghoo

Sending unit: Basij

Martyr “Mahmoud Nazeri”, the son of Ali Akbar, was born on June 12, 1965, in the village of Afgo, in the city of Ferdows (South Khorasan Province). Sali entered primary school and continued her education until the fourth grade in Bozorgmehr primary school, and then went to Najafi Ferdows primary school to continue her education and spent her secondary education in Seyed Jamaluddin school. After finishing middle school, he entered Shahid Beheshti High School and enrolled in economics and continued his education until the fourth grade of high school.

Mahmoud Nazeri

Eventually, he was sent to the operational areas by tampering with his identity card. After completing his training in Bojnourd, he first went to the southern front as a Basiji and participated in the liberation of Khorramshahr and Jerusalem for 4 months, until finally on October 20, 1984. In the operational area of ​​Memak, he was martyred by a mortar shell and drank the carpenter’s cup.

The pure body of the martyr was buried in his hometown after the funeral. May his soul be happy, his memory be cherished and his path be fruitful.

The text of the will of Martyr Mahmoud Nazeri

In the name of the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful,
and I
seek my conscience, and I seek mystical conscience, whoever seeks me will find, and whoever finds me will know, and whoever knows me will fall in love with me, I will kill him and it is obligatory on me to kill him, so I will be his blood…
Many thanks to the One God who created us and taught us how to live and how to die, and greetings to Akhtar Velayat and the Imamate of the Promised Mehdi (as), and greetings to his rightful deputy, the Imam of the Nation, and endless greetings and peace to all the warriors of Islam. Who irrigate the seedlings of the Islamic Revolution by sacrificing their blood. O God, you are the witness that I have no intention other than defending your Islamic law, and this path that I have chosen is the path that Hussein (AS) walked and Ali Akbar walked, Abbas Delavar walked, all the martyrs took from the beginning of Islam. They have passed so far, so my blood is not better than the blood of other martyrs, so I ask God to testify in your praise.
I, Mahmoud Nazeri, son of Ali Akbar, based on my responsibility to defend the sanctity of Islam, went to the front to defend the political borders of Islam. I hope that God will forgive me and leave me alone for a moment, and while forgiving and forgiving all my friends and fellow citizens, I hope that God will accept everyone’s worship in His way, and I hope that God will be patient with you, my dear parents, and I believe I have that Father John, according to our Imam and the Spirit of God, if we kill or are killed, we will win in two ways. I will not accept life under the burden of oppression and I prefer the Red Death to this life. I was inspired that I would achieve my long-cherished dream of martyrdom, but I regret that I am 18 years old and still in the bend…
My dear father, peace be upon you that by signing my consent, you actually signed my testimony.
In the end, I had an account with the brothers whose names were written down. And I owe a month of fasting, I hope you will pay for it.

With wishing
Mahmoud observer 07/07/63


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