Martyr Yusuf Qawim

Father’s name: Mohammad Hassan

Date of birth: March 31, 1955

Place of birth: Ferdows

Date of martyrdom: January 13, 1987

Place of martyrdom: Shalamcheh

Burial place: Ferdows

Sending unit: Karbala 5 mobilization

Recommendations of a strong martyr

biography, diary:

Martyr Yousef Ghavim was born in 1334 in a religious family in the city of Ferdows. Along with the upbringing of the body, Yusuf benefited from the spiritual upbringing of this enlightened father, and the components of his existence, love and affection for God and the truth of the Ahl al-Bayt (as) grew. After completing his primary and secondary education, he continued his education at Quchan Elementary University. After completing his two-year education, he began his military service as a Knowledge Corps in the village of Qajarkhil in Sari, where he served for the first time. Bar met and became acquainted with the oppression of the oppressors and the suffering of the oppressed. And he turned his back on his efforts to fight against all oppression, tyranny and demons. And fell with the Khans and the Shah’s agents in that area and was even threatened with death. After completing this two-year course, he was employed in education and worked in one of the deprived and remote villages of Ferdows city. In the ears and souls of the innocent and deprived children of the village, he sang the song of love, freedom and faith. The third year of the martyr’s stay in that village coincided with the height of the Muslim movement in Iran. Martyr Yusuf Qawim in that village was the center of all activities that were carried out in order to enlighten the thoughts and incite the people against the Shah. He got married on 6/27/1358, which resulted in 1 son and 1 daughter.

In 1980, he was commissioned to establish a literacy movement in Ferdows with the help of another brother. During four years of day and night efforts, he was able to light the torch of science and knowledge in the dark nave of the most remote and deprived villages of Ferdows. In 1363, he played the biggest role in setting up, opening and organizing the Republican Party office in Ferdows, and as a member of the Central Council, he warmed up all areas of the party and its activities. In 1985, he continued his constant efforts as one of the two heads of the boarding school of Shahid Mofteh Ferdows Teacher Training Center. During the nearly two years he was there, he was surrounded by students who were thirsty for the truth. Bar witnessed closely the embodiment of all the divine values ​​and transcendent attributes they had read in the books. This time, they saw a teacher, a mentor and a guide, which is the proof of their authenticity. Martyr Yusuf Qawim gave them a heavenly taste of self-sacrifice, humility, love of the Qur’an and humanity, high nature and freedom, and struggle against darkness and destruction. Martyr Yusuf Qawim had a deep and comprehensive knowledge of the Islamic worldview, and this was the result of his years of study, meeting, and research, and yet he was more practical and social than anything else. He had a warm blood and a beating heart. He was never calm and did not know comfort. He had completely lost himself and his satisfaction in the pleasure of his idol, and finally, in the proud operation of Karbala 5, he made heroism and purity his motto, and he deserved an opening for him to the kingdom, and he set foot on the difference of these earthlings forever. And the souls of the angels become close to God. And finally, the ascension of his kingdom, his long flight can not break his body and the hen of his soul rests next to the divine grace.

May his soul rest in peace, and may too many people follow his way!

یوسف قویم


Merciful, the Compassionate
God and we return Ana layer
after testimony and confession of the oneness of God and the mission of the Seal of the Prophets Muhammad and the province of Imams (AS), brothers and sisters, fellow citizens! Because the motivation of every Muslim to do a great work that also has a social reaction is better to be clear to his friend and acquaintances than to have a repetitive experience in front of him if he agrees with him to plan his life. Therefore, I will briefly explain my opinion and brief understanding of the purpose of life and choice, the hope that it will be accepted and considered and at least have a positive effect on the life of the honorable citizens who had a relationship with me.
I used to ask for forgiveness from all such brothers and sisters, and if they had a religion on me, I expect forgiveness and forgiveness, but then, my heartfelt belief was that God has subjugated man to this world and given him the possibilities of nature and thousands of forces. He has given the ascendant to him to reach a place where he does not know except God with the guidance of his messengers and intellect.
From all these verses of the Qur’an, which introduce wealth and children for testing, it introduces and guides right and wrong in every action and thought, and in the end, he is given the freedom to choose action and the touchstone (the action of the Prophet and the Imams). It is clear to us that man must submit to the Islamic commands and the Qur’an, which are expressed by the infallibles and the first, like the dead under the hand of the ghusl, and in our time, what the Imam of the Ummah says is like the duties of Islam. It is obligatory to listen and act, because God has given them victory and he implements what our scholars and our Imams (our Prophet and the Qur’an) have said.If our knowledge of Islam is such that we do not need to imitate, then reason rules, because human life is social, and we do not see a government that rules our society except at the beginning of Islam, if we do not appreciate it. And we should not obey and God did not want the order of the Supreme Leader to be carried out or the position appointed by the Imam of the Ummah to be disregarded and to weaken the companions of the Imam and to speak out against them, certainly against Islam, which has worked so hard to preserve Drawn we will be responsible and….
God did not create man to accumulate worldly possessions, but property is a means for man to obey God’s command, and it is not in vain that his life should not be questioned. Man was created for worship and everything in the world must revolve around this axis.
Whatever you do in the community, you do not want the law and the officials to advance your work, but you want yourself and your work for Islam and the revolution so that your action becomes divine. Always support those in whom you have seen more Islamic commitment. Do not forget the bittersweet experiences of the revolution, for which thousands of saints, such as Ayatollah Beheshti, are valued. The life and work of the world is repetitive, the people of the scene change. Just as now the same tribe that was at war with Imam Ali (as) is at war with the Imam of the Nation and Islamic Iran.
Consider this verse which says, “The jinn and mankind were not created except to worship God,” so that our business and our agriculture may be worshiped, and our teacher may follow the path of the prophets, and our student, instead of reading calligraphy, may become a calligrapher and our prayer may be ascended. May God be pleased with our mosque and the participation of our believers in prayer. If prayer is accepted, worship is valid, otherwise it is nothing. Brothers and sisters, congregational and Friday prayers are for all believers. Do the duties of God correctly, with importance and in a timely manner. Decorate public and private religious meetings with your presence. Understand the political issues of the country that khanas and devils are not dead

They will be as long as the world is. Do not hope too much for worldly comfort and peace, for the world is the prison of the believer. Accept the call of Hussein Zaman in every case that the good and happiness of this world and the hereafter depend on it. Be diligent in recognizing Islamic issues so that, God willing, action will be accomplished with understanding.

God, God, keep Mehdi Khomeini until the revolution,
and peace be upon you, and the mercy of God, and the blessings of
Yusuf Qawim

Memoirs: Quoted from Tashahda website

First memory
“Martyr Yousef Qawim was one of the brave Basijis on the right-against-wrong fronts. I was a colleague with him in training Martyr Mofteh’s teacher. I visited him in Andimeshk garrison mosque. Because he was working with the 106th cannon, he was sent to the front in Karbala 4. After the operation, I saw him in Khorramshahr washing his clothes with a dusty face and bloody clothes. He knew about Karbala 4 and was sweeping the mosque in the middle of the night when everyone was asleep, and it was very bright recently, which was a sign of his martyrdom. Unfortunately, we later heard about his martyrdom in Karbala V. After the end of Operation Karbala 5, when I returned to Ferdows, we slept in the teacher training center where Martyr Qayyim was also the head. When the martyr fell asleep, I asked him what happened to him after his martyrdom. The martyr said: I can not Let me tell you all the issues. Come and see, from the good and the happy, the war will end next year, and then you will regret that it did not take long for the war to end after a year. »
Narrator: Ali Asghar Bawaqar

Second memory
In a letter sent to me from the area, Youssef Qawim’s wife recounted a memory: The operation had begun. Saddam forces were still resisting and the road had not been completely cleared. We were stationed on the road and we were advancing. At the same time, we noticed the sound of a moan from the opposite side, which was asking for help. He was wounded and all his clothes were bloody. I asked him, “Your wounded brother, could you go back and get away from the battlefield?” The wounded brother said bravely: “I was the battalion commander. If I retreated, the morale of the other forces would be weakened, so even though I was wounded, I had to lead my forces. So I could not shake myself.
Narrator: Sedigheh Rezaei Zal


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