Martyr Mohammad Amiri Mahboob

Father’s name: Haidar

Date of birth: March 3, 1966

Place of birth: Ferdows

Date of martyrdom: February 16, 1986

Place of martyrdom: Faw

Burial place: Ferdows

Sending unit: Revolutionary Guards 5

Will of Martyr Mohammad Amir Mahboob

Mohammad Amir Mahboob

By time, man is at the waist of those who believe and do righteous deeds, and advise each other to truth, and advise each other with patience.
In the name of God, peace and blessings be upon the presence of Hazrat Mehdi Rouhi, I offer redemption, and greetings to the great leader of the Islamic Revolution of Iran, Imam Khomeini, the great leader of the revolution, the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and greetings to the mighty warriors of Islam and greetings to the Islamic martyrs. I do . The Prophet of Islam says: Every believer who dies will die with the smell of heaven without a will. After you, my father, I ask you not to be upset, because it is the duty of everyone to write their will, I ask you to forgive me, I am proud of a father like you. And you are an honor for me, Father John, with all the hardships you endured for me, you sent me to the IRGC with a pure heart and said that from now on, my son is in the service of Islam. I want to serve Islam, and whenever you want to send him to the front, I am ready. Congratulations to you, Abu Dharr Zaman, O brave father, O model of patience. May God bless you, fathers and mothers, for the right of the Yasirs and the Somayas of the time. My dear and kind mother, the light of my eyes, I ask you that if I became a martyr, I would have achieved my long-cherished dream and make me lawful and do not shed a tear for me. I ask you not to show any discomfort on the day of my martyrdom. And spread sweets for me and rejoice that you had such a brave son who, like Ali Akbar, gave his precious life to serve Islam and to keep the Qur’an stable. So there is a place of joy that your son chose such a path that was the path of all our Imams. Parents of the light of my eyes, I ask you to answer what God did not say to the detriment of Islam and the Imam of the Ummah before God, and to bear these shortcomings. I ask you, my brothers (Reza, Ali and Mehdi), to serve in the way of Islam and, God forbid, do not seek the wealth of the world, and always obey your parents and grandfather, the old Jamaran, and do not be fooled by the counter-revolution, and from my sisters , Touba and Somayeh) The light of my eyes I want them to observe the Islamic hijab and do not let the hypocrites say anything against the Imam and the clergy and always follow the Imam and support the clergy. I have a short talk with the hypocrites. Rather, return to the path of Islam. O hypocrites, do not risk your life more and return to the warm embrace of the people. And stop plotting, one day by assassinating people and one day by selling expensive ones, one day under the pretext that there is a shortage and nothing, you say why did we make a revolution, what did this revolution do for us, I ask you what have you done for this revolution? Except that it hit the revolution. So, let us be brave and stop these crimes and serve this oppressed nation from now on, to be proud both before God and before the people, otherwise you will be both angry with God and angry with the brave and martyred people of Iran. O hypocrites, I, my eighteen-year-old youth, boldly declare to you that you are blind. We will serve God for the last drop of blood in my body for the people of Iran, Islam and the Quran, and I will always listen to the command of my great Imam and we will follow him until the last drop of our blood.

Help Shahid Parvar in the hope that one day all the misguided will find their true path, which is the path of Islam and the great Imam, and in the hope that the path of Karbala Hussein and dear Quds will be opened from the clutches of the criminals of the time.

Peace and blessings of God be upon you and your
little brother Amir Mahboob
on 9/15/1363

A film about the holy body of a martyr

Martyr’s funeral film


Martyr Mohammad Amiri Mahboob
Martyr Mohammad Amiri Mahboob
Martyr Mohammad Amiri Mahboob
Martyr Mohammad Amiri Mahboob
Martyr Mohammad Amiri Mahboob

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