Martyr Mohammad Taqi Fayyazian

محمدتقی فیاضیان
محمدتقی فیاضیان

Father’s name: Jafar

Date of birth: April 21, 1962

Place of birth: Ferdows

Date of martyrdom: March 13, 1985

Place of martyrdom: Hoor – South

Burial place: Ferdows

Sending unit: Basij

The text of the will of Martyr Mohammad Taghi Fayyazian

(Date): 3/26/1362
(In the name of the Lord of the Martyrs and the Righteous) move)) “Imam Hussein (aS)”
and as a testament to the extent to make an order of Islam, I knew it necessary to say a few words as a testament to write and I hope that this servant of God Accept the lowly and Russia, God willing.
My compatriots and friends, if a war is like opening a country and taking land, it is not worth as much as a millet, and from the point of view of a real human being, it is not a war and it can be called a disgrace. But when there is a battle between Islam and infidelity, the war of an oppressive and oppressive country with an oppressed and oppressed country and the defense of the Islamic sanctuary of our country and our beloved homeland and the defense of our religion, that is where our great Imam is the beating heart of the oppressed. , Say that:
((War is a sufficient obligation and those who are obliged to participate in the war.)) Therefore, dear friends and compatriots, I hope that I can save the other Muslims of the world and the oppressed from the yoke of the arrogant and enemies of Islam with more unity and solidarity. Let’s do it, God willing.
The Muslim Brotherhood today America and other colonialists do not rest for a moment of conspiracy and discord among Muslims for fear of the Islamic Revolution. Therefore, our duty is to listen to the words of the Prophet Hussein Zaman, the great leader of the revolution, and to obey the orders of this great old man, and to come to the fronts more so that we can open the closed road to Karbala and then to the holy Quds of this qibla. First, let the Muslims go and, with the help of God Almighty, free the oppressed nation of Palestine from the shackles of Zionism in the world, God willing. In the hope of the day when we will offer the Friday prayer in the Holy Quds and under the leadership and Imamate of the great leader, our great Imam, God willing.
Signature of Fayyazian on 8/9/62 In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, the presence of my esteemed parents. My noble parents, you know that from the first years of the war, I always had a demand for the front, and you guided me every day with your words, and taught me the way of the struggle in advance, and made you more enthusiastic.
My dear parents, I hope that now that God Almighty has bestowed on this humble person that I was able to stand on the fronts of truth against falsehood, do not be upset, and if God Almighty answers the prayer of this humble man and achieves the grace of martyrdom, I hope that Do not be sad and if you want to cry, cry for the martyrdom and oppression of Imam Hussein (AS) and the son of Ali Akbar, because if you cry for me, you have made my enemies happy, because my killing is a blow to you and Your sorrow is the joy of your enemies. In conclusion, if I did not deserve a child for you in my lifetime, I hope you will forgive me, God willing.
At the end of the service, I greet my brothers and sisters and I beg everyone to pray.
Also, do not forget to pray for the Imam and help the government.
In the hope of the day when Muslims and the oppressed will be freed from the yoke of the arrogant of the world.
((And we are the life of this world except property)) ((Life of this world in front of the Hereafter is nothing but a small commodity))


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