Martyr Ahmad Nademi

Brother of Martyr Mehdi Nademi

Father’s name: Abbas Ali

Date of birth: July 24, 1960

Place of birth: Ferdows

Date of martyrdom: March 13, 1985

Place of martyrdom: Horalhvizeh

Burial place: Ferdows

Sending unit: Basij

Ahmad and Mehdi Nademi
Ahmad and Mehdi Nademi


Biography of Martyr Ahmad Nademi

He was born in 1349 in the city of Ferdows and grew up in the lap of his faithful parents with the mercy of God and the Ahl al-Bayt of the Prophet of Islam. He completed his studies in Ferdows city and participated in the teacher training entrance exam in 1958 and was accepted in the Shahid Khorshidi Teacher Training Center in Mashhad. During his studies, he was one of the very active and religious students of that center. In 1362, he was employed by Ferdows Education and started working in education. And many innocent students, fascinated by Islam and spirituality, gathered around him, and he, according to his mystical state and special spirituality, ignited the flame of the love of truth in the center of the souls of these innocent children. One of the characteristics of this great teacher was his excessive fascination with prayers, supplications and worship, and he used every opportunity to be alone with his God and to whine and need.

May God help me now that I have taken a step in your path so that I can take a small step in the path of the ideals of Islam and always remember you and for you, and leave me to yourself immediately because your memory calms the hearts.

God, I have not moved in this way except for your pleasure and religion. .

In another part of his will, he says to his teacher colleagues: The teacher brothers, who are in charge of educating the children of the Islamic Revolution, should try to have Islamic morals and behavior. If we’s progress in the cultural arena, other nations will not go under the colonial influence of any superpower or any super-criminal.

Self-brothers who are in the field of education and training of the Islamic society should try to get acquainted with Islamic knowledge. Make students interested in reading Islamic books and do not do anything to lose the fruit of burning Raja’is and Bahonars. This heartbroken and mystic teacher rushed to the fronts of light in the winter of 1363, when he promised to pick up his fallen brother’s weapon on the ground. He achieved great martyrdom.

His soul is happy. And peace be upon you and your blessings and blessings.

The text of the will of Martyr Ahmad Nademi

Or end-user sites, self-propelled Almtmynh preferred to Rbk R. M. Fadkhly per Ebadi and domestic Jannati (last verse of Surah Fajr)
Greetings to pure soul and the souls of the pure Martyrs
Our Lord I Dmsty you wish and Mytlbm friends any action that promotes closeness And become your friend. God has blessed me that the spirit of trusting in you has become strong in me and I have entrusted my work to you and I am satisfied with your judgment and commands and destinies and I submit to your command.
God, in these critical and fateful moments, it is very difficult for me to be able to put what is going on on a piece of paper as a souvenir from my heart. Because I remember being somewhat confused and moving, with little time. May God grant me success so that I can recount some of the enormous responsibilities I have. O God, how kind and compassionate you are. I swear by your majesty, your greatness and your courage if you have not forgiven me and all my relatives and all Muslims until now. Because your attribute is forgiveness. God, if I could not overcome myself and sin, I will use the confession of my sins as a means of forgiveness. God, you know how much I loved my father and how much I loved them all, and he tried not to upset anyone.
Now a few words with my dear father. Father, I do not know how to describe and describe. I confess that I am incapable of your love and toil. The affections you gave me during my lifetime and you bought every suffering with all your heart and soul. I swear to God I am ashamed and I am ashamed before God Almighty that I could not compensate one for all that love. My father, now my hand is short of this world. I hope you will be proud of Imam Hussein (AS) in the hereafter and benefit from the intercession of Imam Hussein in the hereafter and pilgrimage in this world. My father, although I could not be a good child for you, but I promise that I am proud of this religion and this school, and I am proud of you, father, who raised me as I deserved so that I could rush to the aid of Islam with the last salutation, my blood.
And you, my brother Mahmoud, if I could not fulfill my brotherhood right, you will forgive me. Mahmoudjan, you and all of you dear ones have a great right on my neck that I could not compensate, and I ask God Almighty to grant you all the success of worship, obedience and righteous deeds.
My father, if they bring my body, bury it wherever you see fit, and make a grave for my brother Mahdi, who was more in love.
And again, I ask all of you dear ones not to be upset if I seem to have migrated from among you, because I have achieved great happiness. Although it is expensive for you to bear. I ask God to grant you great patience and a great reward.
I also have some money in the bank that you will get. And I owe ten days of fasting that you have to pay. And hold a meeting for my late parents. May God bless you all with a great reward and patience. I ask all of you dear ones, especially my dear father and brother, for permission. In the hope of Islam’s victory over world infidelity

God bless you Ahmad Nademi on 12/17/1363


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