Martyr Barat Amini Khankuk

Father’s name: Gholamreza

Date of birth: October 2, 1959

Place of birth: Khankuk

Date of martyrdom: July 6, 1983

Place of martyrdom: Gilan Gharb

Burial place: Khankuk

Sending unit: Golbahar village

Barat Amini Khankok
Barat Amini Khankok

The text of the will of martyr Barat Amini Khankok

Name of God
who you knew what the lives of the children and the wife and the homeless, whether the
mad thou both his universe crazy part of the world you both what to do

Endless thanks and gratitude to God Almighty, who has included His grace in me, so that I can become like this from a small object and live in this sacred time and place, and be able to take a small step in His way and for His sake.
Greetings and thanks to the Prophets and Imams (AS) who saved the people from darkness and invited them to light and honorable death.
Endless greetings to the great leader of the revolution, Imam Khomeini, who brought this country out of the mud and corruption and raised it to a level that became the base of the angels of God.
Endless greetings and greetings to the shrouded martyrs who watered the seedlings of Islam with their blood sacrifice and created such a tree of strength that all superpowers must submit to it.
Now that I am being sent to the front for the third time, I ask God Almighty to forgive my sins and grant me that final stage and the ultimate desire, which is martyrdom and the desire of every believer.
Now, for the sake of God, I turn my heart away from my children, my wife, my mother, my brother, my relatives, my property, and my wealth.
I hope that these commandments will be read to the people:
– O you who have not yet woken up and are going astray, come to your senses before it is too late and think about what you are doing and working for. Fear the day when God will The Holy Quran, Surah Al-Ma’arij says:
On the day which is equal to 50,000 years, and all the naked people come out of the graves and know what they have done. That day is the day of regret and regret, but it is of no use.
– I ask my brothers and friends to go to the front more and not let the other fighters on the front get tired and do not give the enemies of Islam a respite for a moment, wherever they are.
– I always ask the people on the scene to be more diligent in supporting the Velayat-e-Faqih and helping their children (IRGC and Basij) in taking counter-revolution and helping the front and preventing rumors, because your help, people Is that day by day victory is given to your children on the front.
– Do not forget to pray for the release of Imam al-Zaman (as) and the health of the great leader of the revolution after each prayer, especially the brothers of the IRGC and the Basij.
– Bury my body in our own village of Khankuk.
– My mother and all my relatives and friends should not cry at my funeral because the enemies of Islam are happy with this act.
At the funeral, let everyone see my body to learn more about American crime and its perpetrators.

– At my funeral, repeat the slogan of war until victory and the blood that is in our veins, the gift to our leader.
– Sing a prayer in my grave and pray for the warriors.
I ask my fellow citizens who have attended my funeral and you hear my message that when the road to Karbala is opened and you enter the courtyard of Imam Hussein (AS), say a greeting to me and pray for the Imam there again.
– Do not pay too much attention to the world, property and children, because in addition to not being useful to you, they are only a few days away from you.
– Brothers, you live in a time when God has given you many blessings and wants more responsibility for you. Now that he has given you the Islamic Republic, should you just sit and talk about the shortage, should you say that there was a revolution and a job was found for someone and someone and they reached a position? Or to say that if everything was closed to us from all sides, if our young people donated their blood to this tree, which was first irrigated with the blood of Hussein (AS) and now needs blood, we are still happy that Islam was revived and We were granted freedom, and the ring of slavery and servitude of the super-criminals of the East and the West was opened to us.
Whoever has the first belief will be led astray day by day, and whoever follows the second belief will be led to the light and to God.
– My mother and my family, do not be influenced by anyone and do not be discouraged by the fact that I became a martyr from this Islamic Republic, but defend this revolution as in the past and better than before, and help if they want help.
My friends and comrades, now that the voice of Hussein Zaman is loud from the corner of Jamaran:
Push me, Nasser Yensrani, hurry up and say goodbye and go so far that none of these criminals on earth can stand up, that is when The ground is being prepared for the advent of Hazrat Mahdi (as).
– Wake up and stop these expensive criminals, at this time when the honest sons of the nation are going to the front in love and sacrificing their dear lives for Islam, and punish them in public and in the presence of the fighting people, because They are always thinking of more benefits, fraud and conspiracy, so that nothing can be found in this country.
A few wills to the family:
If my wife wants to leave the house where she lives, she can receive the dowry and property that legally belongs to her, and the rest of my property and life belong to my son Ali and possibly if I had another child. has it .
Sell ​​my motorcycle and donate the amount of 10 thousand tomans to the front and take the rest with the money I want and put it on the amount of money I have in the bank, and if you do not need it until my child reaches adulthood, do not give it to him. .
I owe 500 tomans to the Khankok delegation, give it.
I do not owe anyone, and if anyone says I want, give it.
Never take anything from a place where I will not be satisfied, as I am on the front and I was martyred.
I ask my family, my mother, my brother, my sister, my other relatives, and my neighbors, if you are upset with me, to forgive me, and if you do not forgive me, I will not be able to answer you on the Day of Judgment.

draft Amin – Signature

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