Martyr Hussein Palangi

Hossein Palangi
Hossein Palangi

Father’s name: Habib

Date of birth: November 18, 1960

Place of birth: Ferdows

Date of martyrdom: July 29, 1982

Place of martyrdom: Shalamcheh

Burial place: Ferdows

Deployment unit: mobilization of Ramadan operations

Martyr Hossein Palangi, another heroic man in the field of self-sacrifice and martyrdom, established his appointment and ascension with his idol amid the smoke and fire and hot weather of Khuzestan in August, which brought a temperature above 50 degrees.

His birth took place on 7/8/1340 in Ferdows city and in a religious family. He spent his childhood in the warm embrace of his parents and their rich love. His other experience was entering the field of education and acquiring science and knowledge. Upon entering elementary school, getting to know the classroom and environment, getting to know friends and classmates, respecting teachers and elders, obeying parents and paying attention to rules and regulations were also among his other treasures. He studied until the end of high school, and perhaps one of the reasons he dropped out was his love for the revolution and his service to the Basij.

Hussein’s father was a salesman and they lived this way. Perhaps with all the shortcomings of life and the difficulty of the family’s economic livelihood, Hussein considered the preservation of the achievements and sacred ideals of the Islamic Revolution as the first priority. For this reason, she joined the Basij and after undergoing military training, she was sent to the front as a destroyer of Chi and RPG. But in the end, such an idea is definitely to be reunited with the martyrs and saints of God.

He went to war against the Ba’athist aggressors and, like other heroes, did not stop fighting them until the last moment of his life. Until finally, with the direction of destroying Chi and RPG, on 7/5/1361, he opened the plain of Shalamcheh with his own blood and opened its wings and feathers to his idol. great blessing and great memory.

Source: Documents and Publications Office of the General Office of the Martyr and Veterans Affairs Foundation of South Khorasan

The text of the will of Martyr Hossein Palangi

In the name of the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate, and to Nasta’in, and not to the slain of those who were killed for the sake of the dead
. Will I be or not. I have chosen a path that is conscious and I have come to the front based on knowledge so that I can respond to the call of Khomeini the Great and Hussein Zaman. Because Islam has been invaded by the Yazidis of the time.
My survivors, this Islamic Republic, which is the blood of thousands of martyrs and has been entrusted to you and me, we must protect it, and that can only be achieved by sacrificing blood. Let me dedicate the drop of blood I have in Karbala, Iran, to the path of Islam, Imam and my homeland, but know that your responsibility is heavier and that is to convey the message of the martyrs to the world and the Islamic world, be diligent in fulfilling this responsibility.
In the hope of the health and longevity of the great leader of the revolution, Imam Khomeini, and the victory of Islam over infidelity and global arrogance, and the formation of a single Islamic nation in all oppressed and oppressed countries.
May God protect the sincere servants of the ummah and destroy the enemies of Islam, and may God reward you and be patient. (Amen, the omnipotent )
In the end, I have some advice that I hope you will accept. From the amount of money I have, he paid 40,000 Rials for khums and zakat, and gave the rest to my brother Mohammad Hussein Palangi, because he also worked hard for me, although he could not afford it. But I hope he accepts this incredible gift from me. My good parents, if I return, I will come with victory. If I do not return, my brothers will come victorious. The one who fights for freedom is always free. I am happy and I have achieved my greatest wish. Also, do not write on my grave, young man, because I have reached my source and I have no desire other than martyrdom.
And this is the only message to the martyred and heroic nation of Iran to try as cohesively and stubbornly as possible to keep their country, which is an Islamic country, away from global arrogance so that we can export the Islamic Republic to all countries of the world as soon as possible. In the hope of victory of right over wrong

And peace be upon you and upon the martyrs and the righteous and His mercy and blessings.

Hossein Palangi

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