Martyr Mahmoud Nikoodel

Father’s name: Mohammad Ali

Date of birth:  March 21, 1962

Place of birth: Ferdows

Date of martyrdom: June 25, 1982

Place of martyrdom: Kushk

Burial place: Ferdows

Martyr “Mahmoud Nikoodel”, the son of Mohammad Ali, was born on April 1, 1972 in Ferdows. He graduated and was able to obtain his diploma in the field of experimental sciences. The martyr “Mahmoud Nikoodel” was an active, hard-working and strong person, and for this reason he was one of the excellent students of the school. He, whose adolescence coincided with the shining sun of the revolution led by the great Imam Rahel (RA), participated in demonstrations and marches against the dictatorial regime and had a great hatred for the counter-revolution and the hypocrites, and always in various ways this hatred and He openly expressed his disgust. With the start of the war imposed by the Ba’athist regime in Iraq against Iran, Mahmoud left the teacher training center less than three months ago due to a sense of responsibility and rushed to the battlefields of right against wrong. He was sent to the front three times. He was present in Ahvaz for the first time for 45 days, but after completing his mission and returning to Ferdows, he joined the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. . After this period, when he returned to Ferdows, he went to Mashhad to continue his education. In the first year of his presence in Mashhad, he spent his primary education at the Shahid Khorshidi Center. After three months, he was sent to Khorramshahr for the third time. Took. Finally, the martyr “Mahmoud Nikoodel” was wounded in the leg on June 25, 1982, during the operation to liberate Khorramshahr, while participating in the Kushkak operational area as a Basij fighter. He was shot in the leg and was martyred. The pure body of the martyr was missing for 2 months until on August 1, 1982, after the Ramadan operation, his bloody body was transferred to his hometown of Ferdows and buried in Behesht Akbar of this city. Memory of my friend’s martyr “Mahmoud Nikoodel”: My friendship with Mahmoud dates back to the Revolution and the passionate marches of those memorable days. After the Revolution, Mahmoud and I were together in war zones. Mahmoud was a very compassionate and kind person. He loved others very much, I remember when we were on the front together. They wait until I return to the trench from Ahvaz while eating. Many times he washed the clothes of the warriors, and in short, when I was with Mahmoud, I did not feel the passage of time at all. Mahmoud always went to worship at night and in secret and in need of solitary confinement, and many times I saw him reciting the Qur’an or whispering divine verses. He often sat in the trenches and recited the roza of Hazrat Zahra (PBUH) and cried in the sufferings of the Ahl al-Bayt (AS). I do not remember that Mahmoud was shot in the leg during the Jerusalem operation to liberate Khorramshahr. He wounded his own leg with his own hand to start fighting the Ba’athist enemy again. The children, who were informed that Mahmoud was injured, urged him to go back, but he replied to his comrades, “I did not intend to return this time and I want to defend Islam to the last drop of my blood.” Mahmoud was martyred in the same operation and his body was later It is obtained from the two months that remained on the hot and burnt soils of Khuzestan and is transferred to Ferdows for burial. On the night of Eid al-Fitr, I took the news of Mahmoud’s martyrdom to his family until I entered the house, as if everyone knew about his martyrdom. They said: Did you bring us the news of Mahmoud’s martyrdom? He thanked God for giving this Eid on the night of Ramadan. On the day of Mahmoud’s funeral, I remembered the day I was injured and my foot was in a cast.

محمود نیکودل

The text of the will of Martyr Mahmoud Nikoodel

In the name of God, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate
, and
do not be afraid of those who are killed for the sake of God, but are resurrected in the presence of their Lord.
In the name of God, in whose name hearts are calmed, and in the name of the martyrs, the martyrs who, through their martyrdom, pass through the glittering world of perishing and go to a land that is immortal and will always be standing and immortal, because I intend to go to the front. I go and prepare it, I decided to write a few sentences as a will, because I am walking on a path that is not out of the question, it is either life or higher than martyrdom in the way of God.
I have consciously chosen this path and I go to the front for the sake of God Almighty, so martyrdom and being killed in the way of God is the highest gift that he gives to his army. So, in my martyrdom, no tears should be shed from anyone’s eyes, because I achieved my dream. I ask you, dear nation, to raise children behind the fronts so that they can continue the path of the martyrs, not to prevent them from going to the front. That this is a very great and unforgivable sin, be the path and follower of our dear Imam Khomeini the Great, who is following the path of true Islam, and this will be your worldly and eternal happiness.
Every human being is born once and we die at the same time, and how much better it is for him to go for the sake of God and in the way of God, which is the highest honor. If man is killed and resurrected a thousand times, he can not be thankful for a blessing from God, so we should never be lazy in giving our lives and property in his way, even though both life and property of man belong to God. The martyr chooses martyrdom and God chooses the martyr, so both martyr and martyrdom are chosen, and this election has conditions and degrees that not everyone can reach those conditions and degrees, and I ask God to help me and reach that degree.
I apologize to the Revolutionary Guards that I left the IRGC, but I will return to the IRGC sanctuary, which is the front, so write the word Pasdaran on my tombstone, because if I was not in the IRGC, my heart would be in the IRGC. If it were not for my brother, my dear brother, Mohammad Reza Modaber, would have buried it. Finally, I apologize to my parents if I was not the child they wanted me to be. I ask you, dear nation, to pray for the great leader of the revolution and ask God for help for the victory of the warriors of Islam, and ask for forgiveness for us martyrs.

Peace and blessings be upon you and
God bless you until the revolution of Mehdi Khomeini.

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