Martyr Ali Dadkhah

Ali Dadkhah

Shahid Ali Dadkhah

Father’s name: Ibrahim

 Date of Birth: ۱۶/۱۲/۱۹۷۰

 Birth place: Khankouk

 Date of Martyrdom: February 2, 1988

 Place of Martyrdom: Mawt

 Burial Place: Khankouk

 Dispatcher Unit: Golbahar Village


The text of the will of Martyr Ali Dadkhah Bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim and La Tahsib al-Dhin Murderova fi Moustache Allah Amwata Bell Revival of ‘Anand Rabham Yarzaqun do not think that those who were killed are dead, but that they are alive and eating with Their Lord. By offering greetings to the only savior of humanity, Aqa Imam Zaman and vice president of his right Khomeini, the idol-breaker of the spirits of God, tell Muhammad (pbuh) his followers are creating epics, tell Ali that his Shiites have risen the Day of Judgment, yes, tell Hussein that his blood continues to boil in the veins, tell Hussein that from the bloods, the heads of the oppressors have cut off the heads, but do not let us know again. What do you think that because the candles do not melt, we are not afraid to die, but we are afraid that after us they will lose faith, if we do not burn that both the light will wear and put its place in darkness again, then what should be do on the one hand to be martyred in the future, on the other hand, we must be martyred so that the future remains, we must be martyred today so that tomorrow and also tomorrow. We have to stay until tomorrow became a martyr, what a pain we would have been martyred today and we would live tomorrow to be martyred again. Yes, all the helpers went to death while they were worried about tomorrow. And a few more wills to brothers and sisters: I ask forgiveness from my parents because I had a trust in your hand and God took this trust back from you. I ask my brothers to forgive me if they have seen me badly and continue my path and ask my sisters for forgiveness if they have seen me badly and Zeinab will continue my path and I have another will to my wife if you have seen my discomfort first, forgive your greatness and raise my daughter like Zaynab and if my wife wants to. Don’t stop him with someone and pay whatever he deserves, and if there’s anything left for my daughter, and I also ask my brothers and sisters to be on the scene all the time, and those who can help Islam with their lives and those who can’t help islam with their property behind the front, and I also ask my brothers and friends to forgive me if they have seen me badly, and always ever. be on the scene. I have no width anymore, and I am Allah al-Tufiq Ali Dadkhah


‏ Shahid Ali Dadkhah Shahid Ali Dadkhah

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