Martyr Gholam Hossein Mohebb Rad

Father’s name: Hassan

Date of birth: March 30, 1948

Place of birth: Ferdows

Date of martyrdom: January 29, 1979

Place of martyrdom: Gorgan

Burial place: Gorgan

Dispatch unit: In the demonstrations of the revolution

Martyr Gholam Hossein Moheb Rad was born in 1327 in the city of Ferdows. He was a hardworking and hard-working human being and was able to obtain a diploma while working.

After marriage, he moved to Mashhad and then to Gorgan to earn a living, where he was able to set up a shop for himself with the help of good people .

During the days of the revolution, he lived in Gorgan and, like most of the oppressed people of our country, took an active part in the marches against the regime .

Martyr Moheb Rad was shot while overthrowing the dirty statue of the Shah and joined Laqa Allah after 9 days in hospital .

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