Martyr Davood Mo’meni

Father’s name: Mohammad Ali

Date of birth: August 23, 1957

Place of birth: Tehran

Date of martyrdom: December 31, 1978

Place of martyrdom: march

Burial place: Tehran

Deploying unit: In the Revolution March

داود مؤمنی
داود مؤمنی
Memoirs of Martyr Davood Momeni Excerpts from the memoirs of my son, Martyr Davood Momeni, are as follows:In 1979, when the Islamic Revolution was coming to an end, my son Davood left a great love and affection for the leader of the revolution and the revolution that was bearing fruit.At night, the children started protesting all over the residential area where we lived, and they were attacked by the Shah’s regime, and they were martyred by hot bullets.One night, one of the same people, who was wounded or martyred and did not have an address, searched for the address of one of the places called Nick Club and determined the address and informed his family.Because this martyr was very interested in the revolution and knew his way, he went out to help the wounded again, and by helping the wounded in front of the oil company, he was wounded by a shot fired from the air at the demonstrators, and after being transferred to Hezar Hospital. The bed in Tehran was martyred due to heavy bleeding, which we were informed the next morning

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