Martyr Mohammad Ali Khadem Abolfazl

Father’s name: Gholamreza

Date of birth: January 31, 1957

Place of birth: Ferdows

Date of martyrdom: January 10, 1981

Place of martyrdom: Garbage Hill

Burial place: Tehran

Deployment unit: Army-Soldier

biography, diary

in the name of God

Or did you think that you would end the emptiness of Paradise, and when those who struggled for your security knew, those who were patient would not know.

Do not think that you will enter Paradise without trying to make known to the world those who have waged jihad in the way of religion and those who are patient and resist in hardships.

Martyr Mohammad Ali Khadem Abolfazli was born in Sabzevar in 1335 among working-class and Muslim families. He soon passed his childhood. He worked as a coppersmith and was assisted by his father, and because his family had seven people and they could barely make ends meet, he could not go to school, so he prioritized helping his father with education and continued to do so until he was 17 years old. He started working at night in Tekiyeh Mahal and always attended religious gatherings. He has long been known as a genuine Muslim and a diligent student in the Quranic school among his friends and relatives, until he was sent to military service. Until the revolution began, he stopped working for days and took part in demonstrations against the brutal Pahlavi regime, and even encouraged their friends and locals. MohammadAli was attacked several times in the fight against the Pahlavi agents and was wounded in the back and legs by a baton. He spent the night with his friends besieging the barracks and helping other Mujahideen of the Revolution until the Islamic Revolution flourished and won.Muhammad Ali continued his activities until the start of the Iraqi Ba’athist-imposed war against the revolution. Ali decided to get married 18 months before his martyrdom and made the marriage ceremony very simple. In the last meeting with his family and child, who was not more than three or four months old, he asked them to be patient after his martyrdom and never give up the fight against America. And in the middle of the night he prayed and prayed to his god to help him in the battle against the Ba’athists and always remembered the Imam and in his long prayers prayed for the great leader of the revolution and the victory of Islam over infidelity.

Mohammad Ali finally, after 6 months of fighting, while expelling the Ba’athist infidels from our Islamic land, on 10/20/1359, in the front of Kanjancham Shahd, his martyrdom fell on his thirsty mouth.

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